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ASUS planning large size/small screen Eee PCs

If anyone out there is missing the original Eee PC design which had a dinky 7" panel flanked by two black plastic borders, you may be happy to hear ASUS is planning to recreate the look with two new models, the Eee PC 904 and 905.


Both models will combine the larger 10" chassis currently available in the Eee PC 1000 (see here our exclusive inside look) with the 8.9" panel of the Eee PC 901. In effect ASUS is taking all the inconvenience of the bulkier form factor and spicing it up with the smaller 8.9" display, although to be fair you won't be losing any pixels as both the 901 and 1000 series have a resolution of 1024 x 800.


On the plus side, you will get the 1000's larger keyboard, and ASUS is also said to be considering upping battery life and storage capacity, although if they do that you can be sure pricing will go up as well.


Read more over at Digitimes.


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Dell colourises notebooks with Studio Series

Dell has kicked off a new line-up of consumer oriented notebooks today which they call the Studio Series. With design and aesthetics being the main motivation factor for this new line-up, you get a huge range of colours to choose from, with both 15.4 and 17" models capable of higher than usual native resolutions.


Dailytech has the full scoop on specs and options.


The new Dell Studio notebooks will be available in both 15.4" and 17" form factors and will come with a wide variety of color options for those that want to stand out in a crowd. Available colors include Jet Black, Tangerine Orange, Midnight Blue, Plum Purple, Spring Green, and Ruby Red, and Graphite Grey with Black, Red, Blue, or Pink accents.


The Studio 15 and Studio 17 notebooks come configured with a 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 processor, Intel 965GM/PM chipset, and your choice of either an integrated Intel X3100 graphics processor or a dedicated 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 mobile GPU. Both notebooks offer display resolutions of either 1440x900 or 1920x1200.


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Win Vista on Eee PC 1000H - will it work? (video)

Alright folks, we're back again!


Windows XP is so yesterday... we couldn't get really super downright excited about the new Eee PC 1000H until we installed Windows Vista Ultimate. So that's just what we tried to do...


With Lite-On's Blu-ray USB 2.0 drive in hand from a previous review, we set about trying to see if Vista will install on the new Atom 1.6GHz Eee. Play the video, will you?


Important note - After we installed all drivers and latest Windows updates, we re-ran the performance index and got a new score of 2.7 compared to 1.0. The graphics component score is now 4.0 with the gaming graphics component now scoring 2.7 - the other component scores are the same as the fresh install.


The actual real-world experience of Vista on the 1000H is surprisingly good - I expected it would be sluggish and slow but it's actually quite smooth and that's with ReadyBoost enabled we noted a slight improvement again. Keep in mind this is the Eee 80GB HDD version, the Eee PC 1000 with 40GB SSD should run even smoother.


As you can see from the video we recorded, Vista does work on the Eee PC 1000H but only the 32-bit version since the Socket 441 FCBGA8 45nm Intel Atom processor only supports 32-bit instructions. As far as drivers go, besides the GPU and INF driver (which you can easily grab from the Intel website) for the Intel 945GME + ICH7-MU chipsets etc, the rest of the drivers on the included Eee PC XP support DVD worked under Vista for things like networking, 802.11n wireless and so on.


After we installed the graphics drivers for the Intel GMA 950 chip, the Windows Aero interface was automatically enabled, without any issues to report. We can also confirm that the 802.11n wireless chip works flawlessly with a connection to our nearby office Dlink DIR-655 router at 135Mbps.


A quick note about the Atom CPU - it appears to have some pretty heavy duty power saving in place. It dynamically switches between clock multiplier of 6 and 12. If there is only idle activity, the CPU clocks down to 796MHz (6 x 133MHz FSB) and instantly switches up to 1.6GHz (12 x 133MHz FSB) when there is activity. We realize this isn't a new power saving feature in ACPI but the speed at which it switches seems to be.


I've got to say it was a surprisingly smooth install taking just over 30 minutes. Keep checking back for more Eee PC 1000 coverage including ripping it to bits and of course our full review now with Vista installed!


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TweakTown's VIDEO unboxing of ASUS Eee PC 1000H!

TWEAKTOWN EXCLUSIVE We got word that the ASUS Eee PC 1000 and 1000H was to begin selling on Wednesday this week in Taiwan and we instantly set about trying to buy one.


The new 10-inch Intel Atom powered sub-notebooks with 802.11n wireless were actually available from local retailers yesterday with a huge demand but we managed to pick one up today for an early look here at TweakTown. We preferred the Eee PC 1000 (40GB SSD) but from what we were told, the Eee PC 1000H (80GB HDD) has came out first.


Next week we will pull the sucker apart and take a very close look inside as well as complete a full review with benchmarks and so forth.


Take a look at the five minute unboxing video of the ASUS Eee PC 1000H black Taiwanese version:


(Sorry - it's Friday June 13th, you aren't seeing something in the future! And that was black not "bike"....)


Below are some shots...









Stay tuned for more coverage of the ASUS Eee PC 1000 next week at TweakTown!


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ASUS' new Eee PC 1000H goes on sale in Taiwan

The new ASUS Eee PC 1000H has just gone on sale in Taiwan and its already hot property here with everyone trying to get hold of one. Trust me, I know first hand.


It's selling for $18,900 NTD (or $623 USD) as you can see from the screenshot taken above.


From the comments on the site written in Chinese, most of these online sellers will be taking delivery on the 15th of this month with many already placed preorders.


We are trying to get our hands on one as I type this but it's going to be a bit of a challenge.


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OCZ talk about Fatal1ty RAM, DIY notebooks and MXM

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 We are back at OCZ for the second time and this time the new Fatal1ty RAM has been released some good specs and the man himself has put his name to them, so they must be good - right? The Fatal1ty RAM that was on display was 1GB PC2-8500 with timings of 5-5-5 at 2.2 volts.


We do look forward to testing them soon to see just what these modules offer over other memory from OCZ.


DIY notebooks are a great concept and can prove to be a great way to build a system using parts you want.


But far more interesting is what OCZ plan to do about the graphics cards in notebooks. They are going to start producing MXM graphics cards, which is good news for people who want to be able to upgrade the GPU in notebooks.


It will be interesting to see if this actually happens as NVIDIA first introduced this technology years ago and it never really took off.



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Atom Netbooks keep popping up - Medion Akoya 10.2"

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 German company Medion also had its rather tidy looking Akoya sub-notebook hidden away at the Microsoft booth in Hall 3 today.


It's another low-cost system to add to the list that want to take ASUS' Eee PC out of top spot.



It has been fitted out with an 10.2-inch WSVGA screen that provides a widescreen resolution of 1024 x 600. Like the Gigabyte Netbook 912 sitting right next it at the show like best buddies, it also fits in a new Atom 1.6GHz processor and was also installed with Windows XP SP3 - we weren't able to confirm if it will run Vista but it probably will since it is spec'ed close to the Gigabyte Netbook.



It gets 1GB DDR2-667 memory, also an 80GB SSD, optional 1.3MP camera, HD audio and is powered by a 3-cell battery. It is lighter than the Netbook 912 slightly and comes it at under a kilogram. As with most of these Netbooks, it gets three USB 2.0 ports and a card reader.




The big surprise with this little puppy is that it packs in not only a gigabit Ethernet port but also 802.11n wireless for faster transfers over the airwaves.


This is definitely one Netbook to keep a rather close eye on!


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GIGABYTE's Atom Netbook 912 exclusively right here

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Nothing can stay hidden forever.


We are not sure exactly what the marketing folks who in charge of GIGABYTE's low-cost PC are doing but by accident we stumbled upon GIGABYTE's Atom N270 based Netbook 912 today while chatting to Microsoft in Hall 3.


Our mouths started watering at all this new hardware goodness, Microsoft got nervous and things started to go wrong.



We have known that GIGABYTE intended on producing an Eee PC challenger for many months now but getting any type of details on it proved to be like getting blood from a stone. All that doesn't matter now - we bring you an exclusive look at the convertible tablet 912 in more detail than ever seen before.



First, it's important to note that the system we played with today is by no means finished but it is close. We saw it running Vista briefly but then it crashed. After trying to get it to boot back up, it failed and then we couldn't get it to POST at all. We can confirm though that it was running a 1.6GHz Atom processor - you can see that by the picture we snapped below. We got a screenshot of another 912 running XP and as you can see the single cored Atom 1.6GHz with Hyper Threading enabled and working just fine under the older OS.




If you like specs and that type of thing, this little sub-notebook baby packs in an 8.9-inch screen rendering a maximum resolution of 1280 x 768, it gets 1GB DDR2-533 memory, 80GB of SSD goodness, 1.3MP camera, 802.11g wireless, 10/100 networking and it will first ship with Windows XP but it will be capable of running Windows Vista, if that's more your style.




It comes with a 4-cell 7.2 volt 4500mah battery and it weighs 1.2kg. After picking it up, we were surprised at how cool it was on the surface. Compared to the other solutions in the vicinity, the Netbook 912 was very cool operating considering it has been running all day during the show - the Atom and SSD inside might have had something to do with that...


Interestingly Microsoft at their booth was pushing the marketing message that "It's better with Windows". Redmond says that is the operating that customers know and trust, that's easy to use and compatible with their world (ED: is this correct?!)


We got another new Netbook coming right up which liked hiding out, too.


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An up-close look at the Atom based ASUS Eee PC 901

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 We stopped by Intel this morning who had plenty of spicy hardware behind closed doors, all of which you are about to see.


We're going to kick off our coverage from the Intel hotel suite with a close up look at an Eee PC 901 from ASUS. We got a chance to play around with it briefly but weren't allowed to take any screenshots or run any sort of tests as at that stage it wasn't officially released.


Now it has been released in to the wild this morning here in Taipei, we can give you a good close-up look at it!







We have more very interesting shiny new products coming up from Intel in just a moment - stay tuned to this channel!


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ASUS Eee PC from Taipei - 901 and 1000 are alive!

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 With the major boost to the sub-notebook market with ASUS' release of the Eee 900 in 2008, they have to step up their game as the other sharks head in for the feeding frenzy.


The 901 brings us some newer features to the classic 900 design including the new Intel Atom processor, SSD storage up to 20GB (Linux) and 12GB (Windows XP).


One noted feature of the new Eee PC series is the super Hybrid engine concept that controls stepping of the Atom processor to increase battery life up to 7.8 hours.


The Eee PC 1000 and 1000H are the new 10-inch versions, sporting the Atom processor and SSD's of up to 40GB (Linux, Eee PC 1000) as well an 80GB standard HDD (XP, Eee PC 1000H).


The keyboard is purportedly 92% the size of a standard keyboard and the battery life has been increased using a 6-cell design that helps boost lifespan.


A quick boot comparison with the 900 and the 901 shows that the Atom is noticeably slower, which could be due to a number of factors and we hope to be able to bring you benchmarks in the near future.


ASUS still has one more ace up their sleeve with the E-stick! Essentially it's a Wii-mote for the PC... and that's it. Useful for navigation and gaming, it works just like a Wii-mote with an 8-way d-stick, 2 buttons and accelerometers to detect gestures.


ASUS brought out their CEO to speak to the assembled press and talked about developing the Eee PC as a family. They basically want everyone to have an Eee PC as a second PC in the next few years. An ambitious goal but they have show they are listening to their consumers by releasing the new models.


Also of interest is the multiple color-ways and designs available for each of the models. "Sakura", "Sweet Pea", "Urban Metropolis", "White Peony", "Pearl White" and "Fine Ebony".


More from Taiwan soon!


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