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TweakTown checks out Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare at E3 2013

E3 2013 - At this year's E3, Popcap announced a new version of their popular Plants vs Zombies franchise. Known as Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, the new game takes a twist on the older tower defense game. The new game makes use of the Frostbite 3 engine, which allows for excellent graphics. The trailer is embedded below, and I suggest you watch it before moving on in this piece:



In all reality, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is probably my official highlight from the 2013 E3 show. The graphics look great, the gameplay looks interesting, and it was probably one of the biggest surprises at the show. Everyone expected most of the other games, but I hadn't heard of this until EA's press conference on Monday.


EA and Popcap tried to merge the best of the FPS world while still keeping what people loved from the original: EA took "everything you love about action games and matched it with everything our fans love about Plants vs Zombies."


It will launch on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 first, with plans to bring it to PC coming sometime later. It's not clear if it will make its way to any other systems. We saw a demo of the online cooperative mode that allows you and your friends to play together to defeat the waves of invading zombies. It will also feature matchmaking, meaning those of us without friends will be able to still play online cooperatively.

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TweakTown goes hands-on with Battlefield 4 at E3 2013

E3 2013 - TweakTown got a chance to capture some extended in-game action of the upcoming FPS Battlefield 4 at E3 2013. Before watching the video, let me add a disclaimer that I am not much of a Battlefield player, preferring the older classic Unreal Tournament 2004. The graphics and "levelution" make Battlefield 4 an excellent game and I will soon become a seasoned veteran.



With that said, this is still an early build. I noticed various graphical glitches throughout the game that should end up being fixed by the time BF4 launches in October. I didn't get a good chance to experience the Commander mode, but it does look to be a nice addition to the game, especially since it allows the Battlefield 4 experience to be taken to tablets and mobile devices.

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CliffyB weighs in on the used games debacle, says that Sony is 'playing us'

The next-gen consoles aren't even here yet and boy are they creating some serious controversy, we here at TweakTown have been on the bleeding edge of all of it, delivering you up-to-date news on every subject and now we have CliffyB of Epic Games' fame weighing in on the used game debate.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31056_04_cliffyb_weighs_in_on_the_used_games_debacle_says_that_sony_is_playing_us.jpg


We've seen Microsoft pull out all the stops to slow down pre-order sales of their Xbox One (seriously, what are they thinking) and now we have CliffyB not impressed with Sony's ways, either. CliffyB said: "You cannot have game and marketing budgets this high while also having used and rental games existing. The numbers do NOT work people." CliffyB continued, saying that games have reached the point of being so big that there is no way that the next generation of games can survive if the used game and rental game markets continue to get hit.

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Planetary Annihilation hits Steam for $90, causes an outrage

Planetary Annihilation is something I've been keeping my eye on, which went live on Steam this week. The problem is, you can buy it and play it now all ahead of the full launch, but it'll set you back an insane $90 for the privilege.



The $90 does also give you entry to the Planetary Annihilation beta as well as the finished and polished version which is due in December. The final game won't cost $90, which is a sigh of relief. So alpha players are kind of funding the game on top of its Kickstarter funding, which isn't cool of the developers. Some gamers are up in arms over it, with some messages from the Steam boards as proof:


There should be actual benefits for investing time and money into an alpha game (and is released on Steam, this is not on Kickstarter), not get financially slapped in thn the face for actually supporting a niche game from an unknown indie developer.


90$ For alpha? What are we doing, paying extra for the privilege of testing your game FOR you? There is literally no reason to defend this. You want people to buy in early, get some extra money? You offer it at a DISCOUNT, you don't charge MORE (substantially so) than the final product. What kinda are you guys smoking?

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Sony dives deeper into DriveClub, clues us in on some more aspects of the game

E3 2013 - During yesterdays walk around E3, we got the chance to sit in on a talk about DriveClub, the social racing game slated for the PS4. We have already posted a hands on video of actual gameplay, but decided to post this talk as well to better help explain the game as a whole. Sony says that you can play aspects of the game across all of your connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, and your PS4 console.



"It is fully integrated into your life, you are connected to the game 24-7. There is always something to do and there is always a new experience" said a representative from Sony. "There has never been a console that focused on connectivity as much as the PS4"



Personally, I am pretty excited for DriveClub, but realistically with Forza 5, Gran Turismo 6, and Need for Speed Rivals all hitting the market in the coming year, DriveClub has some serious competition to overtake if it wants to be crowned king. What do you think about the game? Does it look like a serious competitor to Forza or GT?


TweakTown image news/3/1/31044_1_sony_dives_deeper_into_driveclub_clues_us_in_on_some_more_aspects_of_the_game.jpg

TweakTown goes hands-on with DriveClub on the PS4

E3 2013 - During Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement back in February one of the most talked about games was a new racing title called DriveClub. While the new racing game is nothing terribly interesting, what makes DriveClub unique is that is built around a social gaming premise.



In DriveClub their are set challenges along the tracks such as drifting a specific zone, average speed test, and best lap times. The game pulls in data from your rivals/friends and challenges you to best their accomplishments even if they completed the challenge significantly earlier than you did. It's kind of like Trackmania but with much better graphics.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31043_1_tweaktown_goes_hands_on_with_driveclub_on_the_ps4.jpg


As our Trace Hagan demoed in the video above each player has their image taken with the next-gen PlayStation Eye and that mug shot is then paste on the back of your car even while in ghost mode so your opponents can see who they're trying to beat.

TweakTown previews World of Warships at E3 2013

E3 2013 - Unfortunately we don't have a video to show you for World of Warships as they wouldn't let us record the pre-alpha gameplay. We can, however, describe the experience using words. We got to see two different recorded gameplay scenarios, both of which were pretty cool 6v6 sea battles. World of Warships will really round out's war-themed offerings.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31042_1_tweaktown_previews_world_of_warships_at_e3_2013.jpg


World of Warships will join World of Tanks and World of Warplanes as part of's line-up. In World of Warships, there is an aircraft carrier class that features planes. It'd be really cool if the WarGaming team could integrate World of Warships and World of Warplanes into a single game with planes being launched from the aircraft carrier. However, I inquired if they were planning to do this and at this time, they aren't.


There is still quite a bit of polishing to do--remember, we saw pre-alpha code running--but the models, gameplay mechanics, and overall game seem like they will end up being a hit alongside the current offerings. We'll share more details when they become available.

Ryse: Son of Rome eyes-on at Microsoft's E3 2013 booth

E3 2013 - While at the Microsoft booth at E3 we stopped in for a few moments to check out one of the launch titles for the Xbox One. Ryse: Son of Rome casts players as Marius Titus, a soldier in the Roman army who must embark on a brutal journey to defend the Empire's honor and seek revenge for the murder of his family.



Utilizing the power of Crytek's CryENGINE, the game promises to further enhance Crytek's reputation for creating groundbreaking interactive experiences, and will also work in conjunction with Kinect for Xbox One to offer new possibilities for immersive gameplay.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31038_1_ryse_son_of_rome_eyes_on_at_microsoft_s_e3_2013_booth.jpg

TweakTown goes hands-on with Razer's Edge Pro gaming tablet

E3 2013 - Today, during our visit to Razer, we got to go hands-on with the Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet. TweakTown reporter Trace Hagan demoed the tablet by playing Grid 2. He noted that the game seemed to have a low frame rate and things did not seem very fluid at all.



The tablet seemed light at first, but Trace was quick to note that he felt it was too heavy for extended gaming sessions where it must stay elevated at all times. He did try to exit out of the game to sample the devices tablet functions, but it appeared that Razer Edge Pro was locked into the game.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31036_1_tweaktown_goes_hands_on_with_razer_s_edge_pro_gaming_tablet.jpg

Lebron James holds conversation with virtual self to introduce NBA 2K14 at E3

E3 2013 - EA Sports have been hyping up there IGNITE engine for sports games all week at E3. The company is so convinced that the engine has revolutionized sports gaming that they have brought several major professional athletes in to endorse EA's games based on their particular sport.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31030_1_lebron_james_holds_conversation_with_virtual_self_to_introduce_nba_2k14_at_e3.jpg


NBA superstar and self-proclaimed King of the court Lebron James appeared in a video in which he held conversation with his virtual self from NBA 2K14. The game features a new physics-based drilling technique that unbinds the hand from the ball. 2K Sports says that this new feature makes the game more realistic as well as the most advanced basketball game ever.



EA says that the footage in the video above is in game footage that is not been pre-rendered. The video goes on the show Lebron doing some massive dunks.

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