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Samsung will showcase its Smart TV Evolution Kit at CES 2013

Samsung has been teasing us with its Smart TV Evolution kit for a while now and it finally set to be unveiled at the 2013 CES next week.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27581_1_samsung_will_showcase_its_smart_tv_evolution_kit_at_ces_2013.jpg


The hardware kit will plug into the back of compatible Samsung Smart TVs and will effectively turn your 2012 model into something closely resembling a 2013 model.


The Evolution it will upgrade the TV by adding a new CPU, more memory and even GPU upgrades. Personally I have been waiting for something like this for years. To me it only makes sense that we can upgrade our existing TV the same way we can upgrade our PCs.

Intel Web TV project reportedly held up in content negotiations

Intel's big plan to create a Web TV service and set-top box has hit a major bump in the road as it negotiates with media companies for content licenses.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27580_1_intel_web_tv_project_reportedly_held_up_in_content_negotiations.jpg


We were hoping for a debut at CES next week but an Intel spokesperson has said that there will be no announcements or product demonstrations at the electronics show this year.


Intel is betting big on this project. Forbes has reported that the company's budget for the project is "significantly larger"� than Apple or Google's own set-top box efforts.

LG adding more games to its Cinema 3D Smart TVs in 2013

We live in a world where we almost constantly have video games at our fingertips, ready to play at a moments notice. LG's Cinema 3D units already have game apps, but the company feels that games like 2D Angry Birds is just not enough.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27513_1_lg_adding_more_games_to_its_cinema_3d_smart_tvs_in_2013.jpg


LG has announced that in 2013 it will begin adding more featured games such as The Sims Free Play, Air Penguin and Mini Motor Racing (amongst others) that you can control with the Magic Remote.


The above games also been tweaked to offer three-dimensional gaming, and, thanks to the company's FPR 3D tech, two players can battle each other without having to glare at a split screen.

LG's latest smart TV Magic Remote can control other devices, understand natural language

LG's Magic Remote is no doubt, already one cool remote control, and it just got cooler! LG has announced that a new improved version of the Magic Remote will be released at the upcoming CES.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27374_1_lg_s_latest_smart_tv_magic_remote_can_control_other_devices_understand_natural_language.jpg


The new version is said to keep all of the features of the current model and adds universal remote functionality, and improved software that adds Natural Language Support.


Natural Language Support allows you to simply speak naturally to control your TV and other devices. Simply speak the name of a channel, program or feature and the remote will do its thing. The actual remote itself has been tweaked with button re-positioning, and on high end models, backlit keys.

Sharp 60" 4k HD TV coming in February 2013

Almost everyone owns an HDTV by this point, lets face it, HDTV has become one of those must have things that we can't live without. Those of us who are not satisfied with a plain old run of the mill HDTV will be happy to hear that Sharp will be releasing a monstrous 60" HDTV with 4k resolution in February of 2013.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27259_1_sharp_60_4k_hd_tv_coming_in_february_2013.jpg


With a resolution of 3,840,2,160 pixels, it offers much more detail than current HD 1080p TVs and even besets Apple's famed retina displays. First previewed at CES 2012, the 60″ LCD dubbed "Integrated Cognitive Creation," (or by its product number, LC-60HQ10) is sure to wind up in the homes of early adopters world wide.


With a price tag of $31,000 (£19,000), Sharp is building these to order as no doubt it won't be expecting many to be sold. We are predicting that CES 2013 is likely to hold some much more cost effective systems at the same size or larger than this offering from sharp.

Redbox Instant to go beta this month

Redbox and Verizon are finally ready to launch their long-awaited joint venture dubbed Redbox Instant. The service will move into an invitation-only beta launch later this month with the official push coming sometime next year. Redbox Instant will have a lot of ground to make up if they plan on competing with existing services such as Netflix.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27228_1_redbox_instant_to_go_beta_this_month.png


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Redbox Instant, the service will offer streaming video, movies on DVD and the ability for its subscribers to purchase movies online similar to how Amazon and iTunes does things. For a small fee of $8 a month you get a selection of streaming movies as well as 4 movie rentals from a Redbox kiosk each month. This subscription also gets you access to the online store where you can purchase or rent newer movies. Redbox Instant will also offer a streaming only package for $6 a month and Blu-ray service is $9 a month.

Hulu Plus for Android rolls out children's section

Keeping your child entertained just got a lot easier! Hulu has released a children's section on their Plus service for Android devices. Hulu Kids launched this past November and features dozens of children's tv shows from Nickelodeon, PBS, Lionsgate, and many more.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27227_1_hulu_plus_for_android_rolls_out_children_s_section.jpg


Parents who may be worried about their children accessing shows that may not be kid friendly can rest easy. Parents can use the "Lock for Kids" button in the app to prevent anything outside the children's section from showing up. Parents are also able to search for shows based on children's age groups which should make finding the perfect show easy! Hulu Plus released on Android last year. Android users who subscribe to the $7.99-per-month service can use the app to stream TV shows and movies directly to their mobile devices although the app supports a handful of Android phones and tablets at the moment.

Man of Steel official trailer is here, Superman is back and better than ever

The trailer to the Zack Snyder directed Man of Steel is here, produced by Dark Knight Trilogy director Christopher Nolan. It is a complete reboot of the franchise, throwing to the side the four Superman movies, Superman Returns and every TV show that has been released.



It's a much more right-here-right-now Superman, in a post-9/11 world. The trailer shows off some great footage, a bunch of snips from the action in the movie, and a gist of the story line itself. I'm a massive Superman fan, and I think this movie will hopefully kick ass. This trailer is helping those feelings.


Henry Cavill plays the Man of Steel, but the supporting cast is nothing short of spectacular with Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner and much more.

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Ashton Kutcher as Apple CEO Steve Jobs in 'jOBS' promotional photo released

Ashton Kutcher playing the role of Steve Jobs in an upcoming film which chronicles the famous entrepreneur's life isn't exactly new news. But today, a new promotional photo was released that shows just how much Kutcher resembles Steve Jobs in the film as he strikes an iconic pose.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27093_01_ashton_kutcher_as_apple_ceo_steve_jobs_in_jobs_promotional_photo_released.jpg


The film, which is titled jOBS, will premiere next month on the final night of the Sundance Film Festival. The Sundance Institute not only released the image above, but they also released a synopsis of jOBS:

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Microsoft patent could use Kinect to price movies based upon number of viewers

People may want to stay away from the Kinect if they like watching movies on their Xbox 360. Well, at least if Microsoft decides to implement a patent that was just issued to them last week. The patent in question is titled "Content Distribution Regulation by Viewing User" and deals with adjusting prices based upon the number of viewers.


TweakTown image news/2/6/26574_1_microsoft_patent_could_use_kinect_video_to_price_video_based_upon_number_of_viewers.jpg


The Kinect, or equivalent, sensor could monitor the number of people in a room and adjust the pricing for movie according to how many people are there. The system could even, theoretically, detect when more people walk into the room and pause playback until more money was provided or some people left the room.


Another thought is that this could be used to control the owner of content so that the person who purchased the video must be present. This patent could also tie in with one Microsoft received last September, called "Parental Control Settings Based on Body Dimensions," which uses various body shapes and ratios to estimate a user's age.


In any case, people will surely not like this idea, so it's not likely that it will be implemented any time soon. After all, they'd either have to require a Kinect sensor for everyone, or people could just disconnect the sensor.

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