Manage more of the beautiful game with Football, Tactics & Glory update Creative Freedom, Available Now!

Kyiv, Ukraine - June 18th, 2019 - Creoteam are proud to announce the launch of the Creative Freedom update for Football, Tactics & Glory; available now to players worldwide.

The critically acclaimed turn-based strategy football game is getting a big free update allowing a whole host of edits to footballers, clubs and whole countries so players can recreate real leagues or form their own fantasy worlds. Other improvements include: a new penalty system, Hotseat tournament mode in which you can play a whole season with any number of friends (1-32 players), 3-D grass, revamped game sounds, additional countries and many bug fixes and improvements.

Manage more of the beautiful game with Football, Tactics & Glory update Creative Freedom, Available Now! |

With the Creative Freedom update create the league and team of your dreams through altering every aspect of the player, team, league or country customisable down to the smallest detail. Specific weather conditions can be attributed to each country to create distinct playing environments; for example, it's harder to pass in the heavy rains of England or even more difficult in the Russian heavy snow.

Player faces from each country are created via templates which you can adjust by setting different probabilities to provide realistic regional appearances. The developers have also added in a feature whereby you can even import your own practically limitless list of names, defining the names given to players of a whole country. For example, if you want all the players in a country composed of names of football legends, simply import your dream list and the game will assign the names for you!

Every tournament in Football, Tactics & Glory can be renamed so you can play to win the World Cup or compete in the first ever Galaxy Cup. Team strengths can be adjusted to manage the balance of the league you're playing in.

Extra creation options have been given providing more team variations with 100 colors now available instead of 10, shirt templates have increased from 30 to 82, logotype patterns have more than tripled from 36 to 109 and now the Goalkeeper's kit can be customised. On top of this, every part of the player can be modified via their attributes, skills, specializations and even birthdays. Updates have been made to the game's already impressive face editor providing greater editing possibilities.

"Bringing turn-based strategy and tactics to a football management genre makes it appealing to everyone, not just hardcore football management aficionados", said Andrey Kostyushko, Managing Director at Creoteam. "Increasing the customisation options provides players with new ways to enjoy the game. Players who had access to the beta version have created so many wonderful mods and we are thrilled to be able to give them this creative freedom."

What the critics have to say:

"A beautifully engineered tactics title free of gimmicks and artificial grind" - Rock Paper Shotgun

"Turn-based soccer is (almost) as much fun as the World Cup" - Polygon

Football, Tactics and Glory with the Creative Freedom patch is available now through Steam for 15.49 / $19.99 / 19.99. To celebrate the Creative Freedom update, Football, Tactics and Glory will be discounted 25% until June 25th.




Last updated: Jun 18, 2019 at 06:55 pm CDT

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