Endless Studios Launches Its First Games that Challenge Kids to Hack

SAN FRANCISCO, May 8, 2019 - Endless has been cultivating digital agency among youth around the world for years. With the launch of Endless Studios and The Third Terminal today, Endless launched its first group of games designed to harness gaming to bring kids into coding. Built atop the Unity game engine, its collection of games, Dragons Apprentice, Aqueducts, Tank Warriors, The Passage, Frog Squash and Midnightmare Teddy are included in this first collection of coding games. All are focused on the goal to break down barriers, build confidence and spark curiosity to unlock the power of code.

"After realizing that so many engineers got their start by hacking games, we decided to build our own games with hacking as a core mechanic," said Matt Dalio, founder of Endless. "Our ultimate goal with these games is to break down the barriers around the language of code and make it fun!"

Endless Studios' goals are to spark interest in learning the language of code and become an incubator for "learn to code" games through a unique and global approach of leveraging multiple games studios worldwide. These games are built with a philosophy of releasing early and often, allowing Endless Studios to build the games with the early feedback of the community. Built by gamers, Endless Studio's titles are distinguished from traditional educational coding games by focusing on delight in gaming first and foremost. In this fun, trustworthy and safe environment, these games develop agency and autonomy to achieve Endless Studios' goal of enabling the coming generation to shape their technology instead of being shaped by it.

The group of coding games released today includes:

Dragon's Apprentice, Aged 8+

Premise: An evil force has spread its way across the land of Ovun and is threatening to destroy this peaceful city. Take control of this dungeon crawling adventure game and become the hero that Ovun needs. Unlock the secrets of the hidden Dragon Temples and awaken the dragon, Dalfur. Only this dragon will help you defeat the evil Shadow Warlord and his minions, the Shadow Fiends.

Coding Mechanic: Code Blocks

Aqueducts, Aged 8+

Premise: All the water has disappeared from your village and it's up to you to save the day. Go on a platform adventure to connect the water pipes and bring water back to your village. Solve puzzles and hack your way through 15 levels of fun and challenging islands. You may discover that you'll learn some things along the way.

Coding Mechanic: Javascript based

Tank Warriors, Aged 8+

Premise: Take charge of your own personal tank to battle your way through multilevel arenas, defeating the enemy, and completing objectives. Upgrade your tanks to be faster, tougher, and more powerful than your opponents! Hack your tank's AI to outsmart the enemy's tank to become reigning champion. Build your tank fleet with real code! Can you outsmart your own AI?

Coding Mechanic: Code blocks

The Passage, Aged 8+

Premise: You've landed on a mysterious planet with one mission; find the secret map to locate the hidden bunker. Can you find it? Hack the world to cross perilous lands and the obstacles within. Play to find out if can outsmart the passage.

Coding Mechanic: Javascript based

Frog Squash, Aged 8+

Premise: Do you have what it takes to cross these treacherous roads? You must dodge arrows, saws, and fire balls and not get squashed! Choose from eight different animals to cross these perilous roads. The key is survival to amass lots of loot and once you master the roads, hack your animal's AI and go farther than ever before!

Coding Mechanic: Javascript based & code blocks

Midnightmare Teddy, Aged 8+

Premise: You're in a dream ... or maybe a nightmare! All of the toys have come alive and are chasing you. Fight them off and run to survive for as long as you can. Want the ultimate challenge? Try out Math Mode and use your number skills as a weapon to fight back the evil toys! Then learn to build the game with Unity Tutorials.

Game Mechanic: Math & Unity

"These games are only the start for Endless Studios," said Dalio. "We have a lot of exciting things coming later this year as the games morph into something bigger than what they first appear! It is our hope that what we are building will help children learn to shape the software that influences their world."

This group of games from Endless Studios is available now. For more on Endless Studios visit http://www.thethirdterminal.com.

About Endless:

Founded in 2011, Endless is a collection of independent companies and initiatives focused on building technology that cultivates digital agency among youth. These projects, organizations and businesses share a common goal of enabling user agency. Endless aspires to build a network of creators sharing the same values and drive.

Endless is growing beyond its original product of Endless OS which has been focused on delivering digital agency in the most remote regions of the world. Endless is now bringing coding education to the United States through three initiatives: Hack uses Endless OS, a full operating system in which real engineering takes place, to teach kids to code through games. Endless Studios is developing a collection of coding-based games focused on inspiring the pursuit of learning in the next generation of gamers.

Finally, The Endless Mission is a sandbox-style creation game built in partnership with E-Line Media. In this epic game players journey into a world where they'll wield the power to hack and reshape everything around them, sharing their creations with friends. Collectively, these initiatives are built to be the most delightful way for kids to learn to code. For more information on Endless and Endless Studios visit http://endlessnetwork.com

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