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nVidia girls with new Albatron GeForce FX cards

Before anyone spits the chips, the following pictures were sent through to us from Venny at Albatron in Taiwan. I am not sure where the photos were taken, but these are girls from nVidia holding Albatron's brand new GeForce FX 5700 and FX 5950 graphics cards.



Albatron Technology Co. LTD., a manufacturer and global distributor of high technology PC components recently announced the new GeForce FX5700U graphics card. The GPU (FX 5700 Ultra - NV36) on this board is currently being highly touted by nVIDIA® and contains impressive performance capabilities including a 475 MHz GPU clock speed and a DDR II memory interface capable of 900 MHz. The FX5700U has been equipped with a patented "2+1 Backup", triple-fan cooling system which has been upgraded from the previous "Wise Fan" and dubbed "Wise Fan ll". With the additional fans for this card, Albatron has also gone to great lengths to suppress fan noise down to about 25 dBA, almost 10 dBA less than most fans on the market today.


I have uploaded the .doc file concerning this product to our servers which you can download. Please right click on this link and "Save Target As".


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Gainward Water Cooled GeForce FX Preview

The Inquirer has posted a short preview of Gainward's unique water cooled GeForce FX 5900 Ultra graphics card. Costing almost a grand USD, it's an expensive gamble for Gainward.


The complete kit in our case was connected so all you have to do is to plug the card in a board, connect the 12V connector in the card, and connect the 12V HDD to your pump along with the three pin fan unit.


This installation takes only a minute or two. Placing a radiator and pump in a case takes a little longer...


The card boots exactly like an air cooled one with the exception that you will hear some water gurgling through the pump.

More information @ The Inquirer


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Nvidia Quadro FX Go700 - The 1st fully programmable mobile workstation GPU

Earlier today Nvidia introduced its Quadro FX Go700 mobile workstation graphics solution. Designed for professional users, the Quadro FX Go700 is the first mobile workstation solution to bring the power of full programmability to market-allowing engineers and artists to accurately represent real-world material characteristics, such as corrosion between metals or highlighted human hair, in real-time within application software.


The Quadro FX Go700 is available immediately from Dell in the Dell Precision M60 mobile workstation.


More information @ Nvidia


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ABIT launches GeForce FX 5900 and 5600 cards

Today ABIT launched their sexy new GeForce FX 5900 and 5600 cards with their patented OTES method of cooling which draws hot air from the GPU to the outside of the case with only 25 decibels of noise.


In the interests of raising the standards of silent computing, ABIT has been working to establish a benchmark with which to judge silent computing. The ABIT Engineers have determined that 25 decibels is the optimum noise level for a system. On the ABIT Siluro FX5900 OTES, the ABIT Engineers have reduced the sound of the VGA card to about 25 decibels. How quiet is 25 decibels? Consider that a garbage truck operates at about 100 decibels, you speak at around 60 decibels, your living room is approximately 40 decibels and a library is at 30 decibels. Sounds that most people cannot hear start at 10 decibels. With OTES, your VGA card will operate at the coolest levels and your gaming and 3D performance at the highest levels.
More information in our new Products Forum here and here


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ATI Radeon 9800 SE?

Gzeazy has posted a picture of what could be ATI's still unconfirmed Radeon 9800 SE. The existence of this card only came to light recently when it was mentioned in the Catalyst 3.5 Driver release notes.


If this photograph is authentic, then the lack of an external power connector would indicate that the SE operates at a lower core/memory frequency than the original Radeon 9800 Pro, positioning it somewhere between the 9600Pro and the 9800Pro in ATI's current product range.


Source: Gzeasy


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Albatron introduce new VGA cooling technology

Albatron let us know about their new patented multi-fan cooling system (Wise Fan) designed to provide efficient, fault-tolerant cooling.


Operating at only 25db and 14 degrees Celsius lower than lower than most nVidia GeForce FX cards on the market, Albatron seem to be on to something here. Using three fans in total, the Wise Fan system only activates the third fan if either of the two primary fans start spinning under 1800 RPM.



More information in our Cooling Forum


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Asylum GeForce FX 5600

BFG Tech are offering what appears to be the first mainstream graphics card with 256mb of memory. This is what they have to say about their latest product.


Dearest friends outside The Institution - I waited for the nurses…watching them under the door to my cell. They want to take away my latest creation, the Asylum™ GeForce™ FX 5600 -- but I won't let them! This card is for you, the gamer and multimedia enthusiast who wants the most! Besides a whopping 256MB of memory, this card has Video-In-Video-Out connectors so you can hook up your camcorder or VCR and edit your creations using Ulead VideoStudio™ 6 SE which comes free in the box! How about free NVIDIA® NVDVD™ 2.0, which flawlessly plays back your DVDs, MP3s, and other multimedia files? Not enough? It also features NView™ multi-monitor display capabilities so you can spread your work and fun across two displays! Built for the present and the future, I designed this graphics card to play the most recent DirectX® 9.0 games and applications with cinematic-quality visuals and blistering fast performance. Now go get one before the "nurses" take my equipment!


More information @ BFG


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ATI Radeon 9600 Reviews

Reviews for the new ATI Radeon 9600 were out today.
The 9600 is ATIs new is set to take over the 9500 in ATIs reasonably-priced mid-range cards.
The card will come in two flavours. The 9600 Pro and the the non pro version.
Both cards will be appearing in the retail channel in volume by the end of April. The Radeon 9600 Pro will come with RRP of $199 US and the non Pro comes in at $149 US.

With the next-generation games looming on the horizon with the promise of incredible details and obscene numbers of polygons, the performance level of the graphics card in your system is set to become more of a priority than we have seen in years. Given the sheer complexity of these titles, the graphics card of choice must possess support for the latest and greatest features as well as the raw horsepower to provide acceptable performance. Looking over the results seen within this review, we find that the new Radeon 9600 Pro is one of the few cards available today that can fit the bill. Whether it be running default settings or utilizing higher image-quality settings, the Radeon 9600 Pro has more than enough power to spare. Those looking to have solid frame-rates without a large price-tag are nearly forced to look at this card as it represents an excellent price/performance ratio.

More information @ Hardocp, Tech Report and Beyond 3D


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