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Sharkoon DriveLink Hard Drive Interface

The folks at Sharkoon in Germany have just come out with a new product which allows you to connect up most recent IDE or SATA hard drives directly to your system via USB and nifty adapter.


I've personally had use such devices many times before when needing to move data from a desktop hard drive to my notebook.



Sharkoon is presenting a simple solution for users who need quick access to the data on their de-installed hard drives, or who want to be able to alternate easily between several data mediums. The Sharkoon DriveLink lets users connect hard drives of all current formats directly to a PC or notebook without the trouble of having to first install them in an external HDD case. The external hard drive adapter offers an interface for both IDE and SATA drives in sizes 2.5", 3.5", and 5.25", and connects simply to a USB port to allow data access. The hard drive connected to the DriveLink is supplied with power by the included power adapter.


The Sharkoon DriveLink doesn't just provide a time-saving way to read out data, but also offers a convenient back-up function. Data can be saved and synchronized with the push of a button, and the back-up settings can be entered beforehand using the included software. So that the externally operated hard drive isn't left completely unprotected and users don't have to worry about accidentally damaging sensitive components, Sharkoon also delivers two sturdy silicon frames for 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives. The drives can simply be inserted into the handy cover, where they are securely protected against shocks and vibrations and easier to handle.


Under MS Windows ME/2000/XP the DriveLink functions with Plug&Play. Drivers for Windows 98SE are included in delivery.


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DEAL OF THE DAY - - Aluratek 120GB 2.5 5400RPM Portable External Hard Drive With Push Button Auto Backup for $79.99 after Rebate with FREE Shipping!

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: This 120GB 2.5" hard drive gives you easy 1 push backup capabilities. The $20 rebate expires 1/31/07.


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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Plextor Denies Rumor of Optical Storage Pullout

I had a feeling this was the case. Rumour spread quickly not long ago in relation to Plextor having decided to stop production of what they do best, optical storage. However as per this article over at the DailyTech today, they've confirmed it not to be true.


I'm sure many of you would be glad to hear this, given their solid reputation and quality of their drives.


Plextor LLC today announced it would not exit the optical drive market despite earlier confusion with a press release issued by its parent company, Shinano Kenshi. While Shinano Kenshi announced a new corporate reorganization plan, Plextor optical drives will continually be available in North and South American markets.


Toru Nakazawa, president of Plextor LLC's USA operations stated, "This announcement by Shinano Kenshi will have no material affect on the operations of Plextor LLC, as we already completed a corporate reorganization in North and South America last year. Our business will continue as usual."


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DEAL OF THE DAY - - Retail Boxed Western Digital Raptor X 150GB 10,000RPM S-ATA Hard Drive for $199.99 with FREE Shipping!

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: 65% OFF - Very hot deal on the fastest S-ATA drive out there! This retail boxed Western Digital drive is the one with the clear window. It's a 150GB 10,000RPM drive with a 16MB cache buffer and a 5 year warranty. It's now backordered, but you can still place your order.


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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Fujitsu paves way to 5 TB hard drives

This caught my eye over at Toms Hardware on the weekend; Hard disk manufacturer "Fujitsu" are claming that they've been working on a new form of technology which will allow them to reach HDD capacities of 5TB (5,000GB) or more on desktop models, and 1.5TB on notebook drives.


After rumour having surfaced recently from Seagate which indicated that they'd be reaching capacities of 300TB by 2010 (and it turning out to be a load of hogwash), this may well be more of the same, though at least its a somewhat more realistic goal to be reached.


Sunnyvale (CA) - Fujitsu claims that it has developed a key technology that would allow the company to quintuple today's highest commercial storage densities in hard disk media. If researchers will be able to transfer the technology into commercial products, we could see 5 TB desktop drives and 1.5 TB notebook drives in the not too distant future.


Fujitsu's news describes a one of first details and outlooks provided by one of the leading hard drive manufacturers about its patterned media technology research. So far largely limited to paper publications and simulation programs, Fujitsu claims that it was able to build a patterned media device with a one-dimensional array nanohole pattern with a track width of only 25 nm.


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A-Data shows off massive 128 GB solid state drive

First shown off at CES recently, A-DATA have broken new ground in solid-state storage, having presented a huge 128GB 2.5" Solid State (flash-based) hard drive!


PQI recently launched a 64GB SSD offering which was enough to earn the company much praise, but for A-DATA to DOUBLE it soon after is a real kick in the chin. It's great to see solid state storage technology starting to move forward at a faster rate these days. Bring it on!


Details at Nordic Hardware and The Inquirer peeps.


A-DATA is one out of many manufacturers at CES that displayed products using flash memory for storage. Flash-based harddrives, or so called Solid State Drives, is something we've been covering a lot recently and the interest for a mechanical harddrive is constantly growing. During CES A-DATA has presented its latest creations on the SSD market and among others you could find a 2.5" model with a 128GB storage capacity. In other words, four times the capacity of Samsung's and SanDisk's harddrives and twice that of PQI's recently launched SSD unit. The 2.5" model use the regular SATA-II interface and it is counting on starting the mass production during the first or second quarter of 2007.


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DEAL OF THE DAY - CompUSA - Iomega Silver Series 320GB External Hard Drive for Only $99.99 after Rebate with Flat $5.00 Shipping

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: Nice price on a big external hard drive that ships for a low $5.00! It spins at 7200RPM, has a 2MB cache, and is USB 2.0 so just plug in and archive all of the stuff you've accumulated over the year and clear out that computer! Rebate and instant discount expires 1/20/07.


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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Seagate Announces World's Fastest Hard Drive

Seagate have just announced a new 2.5" 15K-rpm enterprise class hard drive as a member of their Savvio lineup, which they claim to be the fastest in the world to date. Apparently the "Savvio 15K" has a seek time of only 2.9ms and is said to be around 10% faster then typical 3.5" sized 15K-RPM drives.


However, even with perpendicular recording methods, they've only managed to squeeze a maximum of 73GB into this drive (with an optional 36GB model also available), not that capacity is all that important when one opts for a drive in this class.


The Tech Report and DailyTech both have more info on it.


Seagate Technology has announced what it claims to be "the world's fastest hard drive" - the Savvio 15K with a seek time of a mere 2.9 ms. The new 15K-RPM addition to the Savvio family offers a number of advantages over 15K-rpm 3.5-inch drives including size and weight (due to 2.5-inch form factor), 30% decrease in power consumption (5.8 watts at idle), and reliability (1.6 million hour MTBF).


"Seagate is committed to delivering solutions that will meet the needs of today's demanding IT environment, and no product demonstrates this better than the Savvio 15K drive," said Sherman Black, senior vice president and general manager, Seagate Enterprise Compute Business. "The development of the 2.5-inch Enterprise form factor represented a new way of thinking. Now, with the added number of performance and capacity choices offered, many of the leading enterprise system makers are transitioning from 3.5-inch to 2.5-inch form factor enterprise solutions."


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PQI Gets Busy With 2.5" 64GB SATA Flash SSD

PQI have pushed the boundaries of solid-state storage capacity to new levels, having just unveiled a 64GB Serial-ATA solid-state drive. Apparently there's talk of them releasing one with twice the capacity (128GB) later on this year as well, that also being 2.5" in physical size.


More details over at The Dailytech.


While companies like Samsung , SanDisk and RiTek have been touting their 32GB Flash SSDs which feature Parallel ATA (PATA) interfaces, PQI has upstaged the companies by (re)announcing a 64GB Flash SSDs with both PATA and Serial ATA (SATA) interfaces.


We first saw PQI's 64GB Flash SSDs at Computex in June. At the time, PQI said that the drives would be shipping in August. Well, August came and went and not a peep was heard from PQI.


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