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MS Windows 7 product lineup revealed

Details have come out today in regards to Microsoft's SKU strategy for its next main Operating System; Windows 7. Microsoft PressPass has spoken with Windows General Manager Mike Ybarra in which he talks about how Microsoft plans to deliver to the needs of different users with varying builds of the OS.


Windows 7 product lineup revealed


To summerize, the full product lineup will look like this:


- Windows 7 Ultimate
- Windows 7 Enterprise
- Windows 7 Professional
- Windows 7 Home Premium
- Windows 7 Home Basic
- Windows 7 Starter Edition


You can view the full Q&A betweeen MS PressPass and Mike Ybarra here.


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Windows 7 Touch and Multi-Touch Demoed

The gang over at Gizmodo had the chance to try out Windows 7 on an HP TouchSmart PC to see if the new touch features are any good.


Gizmodo ran a good number of tests and filmed each one to show the actual performance. They even played a quick game of touch air-hockey. In all they found the performance of Windows 7's touch functions to work well on the TouchSmart.


I am wondering what will happen now that Apple has a patent on Multi-Touch. Will this mean the death of Multi-Touch in Windows 7? Or will we just see a rise on the cost of Windows 7 to pay Apple for the "right" to use it.


Read more

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Next step for Windows 7 - straight to RC1

With the first Beta of Windows 7 having just been released to the public, in usual fashion many expected the next milestone for W7's development would be Beta 2, but Microsoft's Engineering Windows 7 blog page says that's not the case this time around. The next big step will be the move to a near-final version, otherwise referred to as a Release Candidate (RC).


Next step for Windows 7 - Straight to RC1


To summerize the full development path:


- Pre-Beta - This release at the PDC introduced the developer community to Windows 7 and represents the platform complete release and disclosure of the features.
- Beta - This release provided a couple of million folks the opportunity to use feature complete Windows 7 while also providing the telemetry and feedback necessary for us to validate the quality, reliability, compatibility, and experience of Windows 7. As we said, we are working with our partners across the ecosystem to make sure that testing and validation and development of Windows 7-based products begins to enter final phases as we move through the Beta.
- Release Candidate (RC) - This release will be Windows 7 as we intend to ship it. We will continue to listen to feedback and telemetry with the focus on addressing only the most critical issues that arise. We will be very clear in communicating any changes that have a visible impact on the product. This release allows the whole ecosystem to reach a known state together and make sure that we are all ready together for the Release to Manufacturing. Once we get to RC, the whole ecosystem is in "dress rehearsal" mode for the next steps.
- Release to Manufacturing (RTM) - This release is the final Windows 7 as we intend to make available to PC makers and for retail and volume license products.
- General Availability (GA) - This is a business milestone and represents when you can buy Windows 7 pre-installed on PCs or as full packaged product.


A whole lot more information about Microsoft's researching and development methods for W7 can be found at the MSDN blog page here.


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Windows 7 Running on an Amtek U560 UMPC

Some has beaten a giant, oh wait that is from a movie...but someone has installed Windows 7 on a UMPC.


Over at Ultra Mobile PC Tips they managed to squeeze Windows 7 onto a Amtek U560. This device is run by an Atom A100 running at 600MHz and with a mere 512MB or RAM.


They did have to use an external DVD-ROM drive but in the end had a working version of Windows 7.


Take a look

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How do games run on Windows 7 Beta 1

When Microsoft launched Vista there were complaints of compatibility problems galore. People claimed that everything from their printer to their favorite game did not run right under Vista.


With Windows 7 on the near horizon many people are wondering the same things, will my apps and games work. Extremetech has taken a look at 22 games from old to new and has the scoop on just how much compatibility you can expect from Windows 7 if you are a gamer.


Read more

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Go grab the Windows 7 BETA before it's too late

Brandon LeBlanc over at the Windows Blog has announced that February 10th will be the cut off day for Windows 7 BETA downloads.


Go grab the Windows 7 BETA before it's too late


The shutdown of general availability for the Windows 7 Beta will occur in 3 phases over the course of the next few weeks:


• Starting January 27th, the Windows 7 page will be updated with a warning that time is running out on downloading the Windows 7 Beta and that we will be limiting downloads shortly. People will be encouraged to register and start the download of the Windows 7 Beta sooner rather than later.


• February 10th, new downloads of the Windows 7 Beta will no longer be available. People who have already started their Windows 7 Beta download and have not yet finished will still be able to finish their download and are encouraged to do so.


• February 12th, people will no longer be able to complete their download of the Windows 7 Beta. Anyone who hasn't finished downloading the Windows 7 Beta will be unable to do so.


Product keys for the Windows 7 Beta will continue to be available. So if you have the Windows 7 Beta but didn't get a product key you will be able to do so even after February 12th.


If you have not already downloaded it, you still have some time, but make sure you get it before that day.


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Kaspersky release anti-virus suited to Windows 7

If you're currently trialing the latest public BETA of Windows 7 and want some good anti-virus support specifically suited to it, Kaspersky have just released a new anti-virus suite for it which although is described as a "Technical Prototype", is promised to be a reliable fully functional piece of software which is built on a completely new anti-viral engine.


Kaspersky release anti-virus suited to W7


Kaspersky Lab's technical preview is a comprehensive solution, including not only an antivirus pattern-recognition component but also a heuristic analyzer which can detect and block as-yet-unknown malicious programs based on their suspicious characteristics, a firewall and an anti-spam filter. The prototype is intended to provide effective protection from all types of Internet threats - viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, hacker attacks and spam.


Further information about it can be found within the official PR here. You can download a copy of it for both 32 and 64-bit variants of the Windows 7 BETA here.


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Cheat your way around Windows 7 with this list

If you've a habit of of using Windows hotkeys to easily navigate your way around and are currently giving the new public BETA of Windows 7 a go, you may find this hotkey cheat sheet very handy as it is specific to W7 and lists only the unique hotkeys (shortcuts) and their uses for the OS.


Cheat your way around Windows 7 with this list


You can thank Microsoft's own Brandon Paddock for this very useful list. If you'd like to view the full list of generic hotkeys (also applicable to Vista), head over to this page.


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Software Glitches at the US VA to be investigated

There is nothing like going to the hospital and being given the wrong medication or none at all when you need it. That is exactly what has happened at some Veterans Administration Health Centers.


The incorrect treatments were all down to a computer glitch that showed erroneous information in patient's electronic medical records. Now this problem is bad enough but it seems that the VA tried to sweep this problem under the rug.


The problem goes as far back as August of 2007 and has prompted Rep. Bob Filner (D-Calif.), Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, to investigate what he calls a "dangerous lack of accountability"


Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald


VA Committee Chairman to investigate software Glitches

"VA continues to discover problems and attempts to fix them quietly and internally, and then downplays them as inconsequential and nonthreatening," said Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif. "No one expects new software to operate perfectly, but confidence must be inherent in any electronic medical records system."


The Associated Press reported Wednesday that patients at VA health centers were given incorrect doses of drugs, had needed treatments delayed and may have been exposed to other medical errors due to the glitches that showed faulty displays of their electronic health records.


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New Windows 7 feature found: Aero Shake

The folks at WinSuperSite have discovered an Aero based feature of Windows 7 called Aero Shake which many of you Windows 7 beta users out there may not know about as it hasn't yet been talked about in the open by Microsoft, nor does it appear in the official Win7 beta reviewers guide.


New Windows 7 feature found: Aero Shake


The feature is called Aero Shake and it allows you to quickly minimize all other open windows in the background of your primary focused window (when not maximized) by simply clicking and holding onto the grabbable area of the window and shaking your hand left and right quickly. When you repeat the process, the other windows resort back to their original open position.


To better understand how it works, WinSuperSite has uploaded a short video of it that you can stream here. If you think the feature would be useful to you but don't want to move over to Windows 7 just yet, you'll be glad to know a free utility is is available which adds Aero Shake to Vista as well as XP.


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