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Social media being used to help identify Islamic extremism

US investigators are monitoring a resident in Michigan suspected of using social media to recruit - and inspire - Islamic extremism. Ahmad Musa Jibril, encouraging followers to "spread Islam by the sword," is a Palestinian-American living in Dearborn, Michigan. He is on probation after being released in 2012 for an insurance fraud conviction.




A federal judge restricted Jibril's Internet usage in 2014, but his following on social media has continued to grow. Investigators are searching through his Twitter followers and those who have "liked" his Facebook page, looking for digital fingerprints into possible extremist activity.


"There is nothing to suggest he has changed his views," said Peter Neumann, a British researcher, in a statement published by CBS News. "He has toned them down because he realizes that if he doesn't tone them down they will come after him."

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Facebook wants to integrate virtual reality into your news feed

Facebook, the No. 1 social networking website, wants to integrate virtual reality into user news feeds, and is creating demo versions to show off the new feature. To take things a step further, Facebook users also have the ability to share their virtual experiences with other members.




In the live VR demos, Facebook members can visit Mongolia, or sit in an F/A-18 Hornet cockpit.


"Not a lot of people are going to get to Mongolia in their life... I've never been," said Chris Cox, head of product at Facebook, while speaking at the Code/Media conference. "You can look around. It's beautiful. And you immediately understand it's like one of these things... the first time you're in it, you realize you're looking at the future."

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37 years in solitary confinement for Facebook posts is a real thing

The prisons of South Carolina don't mess around. Prisoner Tyreem Henry has been handed 37 years in solitary confinement for writing 38 posts on Facebook whilst incarcerated.




Whether these posts were him whinging about sleeping conditions, letters to his family or setting up connections outside - that is not clear. However what is clear that this man has not only lengthened his 15 year sentence to 37 years of solitary confinement, he's also lost 74 years of canteen, phone and visiting privileges.


Gizmodo explained that there has been over 400 cases in the last few years alone where inmates have subject to disciplinary action over social media use - being classed as a Level 1 violation, which is the same level as homicide, hostage-taking and rioting.

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Facebook, Twitter enjoyed a busy experience during Super Bowl

The New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks in a thrilling Super Bowl, and it looks like the game was a major success on Twitter and Facebook. There were more than 265 million posts, comments and likes on Facebook, generated by at least 65 million users, according to the company.




An interception to effectively end the game was the most popular Facebook discussion (1.36 million people per minute), while Katy Perry's halftime performance racked up 1.02 million people per minute discussing it.

There were more than 28 million tweets posted on Twitter related to the Super Bowl and Perry's halftime performance. Not surprisingly, Malcolm Butler's interception to seal the victory for the Patriots received 395,000 tweets per minute, earning the most generated Twitter moment of the event.


Throughout the Super Bowl, there was a large volume of Facebook posts and tweets related to every commercial during the game - and continues to show how important social media can be during major sporting events. Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott and Perry all saw a surge in Spotify song streams following the halftime performance, with Elliott receiving a massive 676 percent increase.

The British army has employed a whole batallion of Facebook Warriors

This brings the term "keyboard warrior" to a whole new level. The front lines are most commonly publicized, however what's going on behind closed curtains? Here's an insight - The British Army have just implemented a whole battalion of soldiers described as "Facebook Warriors."




Named as the 77th battalion, this number has some historical background. Claimed by the Financial Times as a "guerrilla unit led by the swashbuckling British commander Major General Orde Wingate, one of the pioneers of modern unconventional warfare. They operated deep behind Japanese lines in Burma between 1942 and 1945 and their missions were often of questionable success."


This new battalion will be responsible for implementing "'reflexive control', an old Soviet tactic of spreading specifically curated information in order to get your opponent to react in the exact way you want them to," as described by Gizmodo.

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The US Army takes down racist-interpreted Tweet

After tweeting about challenge posed thanks to "Chinks in special ops' digital and physical armor", the US Army has decided to withdraw this announcement due to it possibly implying "Chinks" as those of Asian decent.




The US Army has been applauded for taking down the possibly racial-insensitive tweet, but also received a lot of criticism from the pubic for there being no current apology issued.


It's obvious that the tweet shouldn't have happened in the first place, it's also sad to think that some social media manager has likely lost their job or are currently being severely reprimanded over this mistake. Justified or not, you decide.

Twitter has released Vine Kids - but it's a little different

Soon we'll be seeing 8-year-olds "doing it for the vine" as seen through the massively popular short-video broadcasting service, Vine. This app gives you the ability to record a small video and upload it to followers - often seeing people do crazy, ridiculous or just plain stupid things in order to get more followers, likes and e-fame.




Released for iOS on Friday, Vine Kids has been described by Vine as a fun way for young children to watch specially chosen six-second videos. Featuring creative animations, cute pet actions and more - this is seen by some as a 'gateway' into the full-version of what Vine has to offer.


This program is designed to give parents peace of mind, only allowing children to view the videos made available by the Vine team themselves - alongside no option to actually record a video yourself. See this service as somewhat of a 6-second YouTube, with children receiving bursts of entertainment and laughter thanks to the generated content on offer.

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Facebook posts strong Q4 financial results as smartphone ads fare well

With smartphones now accounting for over two-thirds of Facebook's total revenue, Mark Zuckerberg and his staff have just published some extremely positive Q4 2014 results.




Claimed by the social media giant to make up for roughly 69 percent of total revenue, their total number posted for this period was $3.85 billion. This exceeded the $3.77 billion consensus estimate by analysts polled by Thomson Reuters and is a 49 percent rise when compared to 12 months earlier.


Just one year ago, mobile advertisements made up for only half of Facebook's total revenue, showing that the rise of the smartphone has been sharp and expansive. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was impressed by the results, stating "we got a lot done in 2014. Our community continues to grow and we're making progress towards connecting the world."

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Facebook takes blame for outage, but Lizard Squad tried to take credit

Well, the Lizard Squad tried to take credit for the short Facebook and Instagram downtime Monday night, but Facebook admitted that the incident was its fault. The outage hit users in the United States, with members in Asia, Australia and New Zealand briefly losing access, with the problem beginning just after 12:10 a.m. ET last night.




"This was not the result of a third-party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems," Facebook said in a statement following the short down time Monday evening. "Both services are back to 100 percent for everyone."


Kudos to the Lizard Squad for trying to get itself some glory for something that it had absolutely nothing to do with. Not surprisingly, users logged onto Twitter and other websites to complain about the sudden and unexpected Facebook downtime.

Humor: Comemorative and funny Australian hashtag hits the big time

You've all seen the warnings, apparently everything in Australia is out to kill you - just not the friendly human population. First there's the snakes, then the drop bears, then the spiders, the weather, stingrays, sharks and a never ending list of sharp, ferocious or poisonous wildlife options.




In a some more lighthearted social media news, Aussies have taken to Twitter to share their #YouKnowYou'reInAustraliaWhen experiences, explaining their take on various Aussie-related things to do with sunburn, popular TV shows, local animals, online shopping and more.


Here's some of the best that we've picked out just for you - if you're not a native, you're unlike to understand all of them but there should be a couple that drag a chuckle out of you.

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