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Facebook is fighting against fake content in news feeds

Users are being asked to flag bogus posts as fake, which will see Facebook limit the amount of news feeds that this content appears on - said to not have any affect on satire websites like The Onion.




Misleading news reports and advertisements are becoming a mainstay in this day and age, seeing click-bait articles often fill up our news feeds and side bars on numerous websites, emails, social media platforms and streaming services. Under new changes announced by Facebook, users will be able to flag misleading content that involve click-bait titles, misleading stories and scams.


Announced on Tuesday, Facebook will make a move to limit how many news feeds this information pops up on - rather than removing it completely. Stories that have been consistently reported and in great number will see an annotation to let Facebook users know that it might be non-legit.

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Facebook hires new designers - updates incoming?

The massive social media network Facebook has just hired Teehan+Lax, claimed as one of Toronto's most successful digital design agencies - seeing three of its top partners joining Facebook as part of a talent acquisition, claimed as not a company buyout.




With John Lax, Geoff Teehan and David Gillis joining the big blue F, their company has in turn decided to shut down. Some previous company employee's are also looking to join Facebook, whereas others are on the search for a new occupation. After the being founded in 2002 and working on large contracts such as Flipboard and some of Facebook's Atlas ad-serving services, these ex-employee's should have no issue moving to somewhere else.


Teehan+Lax's website contained a lengthy closure message, explaining the companies directions, the top three designers' thoughts and feelings and a glimpse into the future. Part of this announcement reads "We are incredibly excited about the future. The things we will be doing at Facebook are amazing new challenges. The scope and scale of them are simultaneously thrilling and scary. The opportunity to make things that will impact over a billion people is extraordinary."

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DoJ applauds Facebook for rolling out Amber Alerts to news feeds

Facebook and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have teamed up to bring Amber Alert messages to the No. 1 social networking website. The new alert system will post images to users in the same geographic targeted area, with users unable to opt out of the alerts - though they can be deleted.




"These alerts, which include photographs and other details about the missing child, are shown on mobile and desktop," a Facebook press release states. "People can share the alert with friends and link directly to the National Center's missing child poster, which always has the most up-to-date information about the case."


Amber Alerts were created as a method for law enforcement, wireless carriers, transportation agencies and broadcasters to share data on missing children.

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Twitter is launching a video service soon

Twitter is planning to roll out their native video feature in just a few short weeks, reports claim. This service is said to not be a competitor to YouTube, but to help promote a positive experience for users and keep them coming back to the social media platform - don't forget that Twitter own Vine, so this is certainly possible.




Rumors claim that 20 seconds is the possible video length to be available, which is a vast improvement on Vine's six seconds or the fact that every other Twitter-linked video would have to have been from an alternative source. However this 20-second limit isn't set in stone, Twitter are reportedly going to be 'testing the waters' over the next few weeks, months or years.


This feature will be coming to the browser and the app versions, seeing users gain the ability to record their video through the app itself or upload any pre-existing clip.

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Facebook doubles closest competitor - 58% of Americans are still on

There's been a bit of talk over the past couple of years that people are getting annoyed with the advertising and intrusive spying that Facebook has been reported on by various news outlets, with many user claiming to ditch this social media platform for good - looking to utilize other media entities or simply put down their smartphone.




In a recent data analysis released by Pew Internet, 58 percent of American adults are still on board with Facebook - with their closest competitor, Linked In, sitting at 23 percent and Pintrest bringing up third place at 22 percent.


Even more surprising is the fact that both Twitter and Instagram don't make the top three placements. With Instagram ranking fourth at 21 percent and Twitter straggling in fifth place, with 19 percent. All of these results are, once again, only of the adult population - meaning 18 years and older.

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Terrorist group leader reportedly using LinkedIn to network

A senior commander of the Jamaat-ul-Ahrar Islamic terrorist group, Ehsanullah Ehsan, reportedly is making contacts via the LinkedIn social business networking website, according to reports. Promoting his ties to Islamic extremism, Ehsan listed his skills to include "jihad" and "journalism" on LinkedIn.




The account had around 70 contacts before being suspended from the popular business networking website. The Pakistan government has a $1 million bounty for the capture or death of Ehsan.


"[I] can't say for certain that it is someone else... but I can say that our security team has a high degree of confidence that it is a fake account, which is reason enough to restrict it," a LinkedIn spokesperson told The Telegraph. "[I] also can't say for certain who might have set it up if it is fake."

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Foreign ISIS fighter accidentally reveals his location on Twitter

A New Zealand man suspected of fighting for ISIS in Syria accidentally revealed his location, because he simply forgot to turn off geotagging. Mark John Taylor, also known as Abu Abdul Rahman or Mohammad Daniel, realized his mistakes and turned off Twitter location services - while also deleting 45 tweets - but screenshots were already captured. The account in question, @M_Taylor_Kiwi, has been suspended.




Using Taylor's own tweets, iBrabo, a Canadian open source intelligence research firm, was able to track the militant's locations from Kafar Roma, into the desert, and into the Al Tabqah ISIS safe haven. As Taylor posted messages such as: "I've abandoned all international laws and only practice Islamic shariah laws! NZ laws are the worst of time. Sorry Johny, here to stay in IS," he was also revealing what house he was staying in.


"Taylor eager for the fame of being a violent jihadist took to Twitter to get attention for his exploits," iBrabo noted in a statement. "His statements and Twitter missteps have solidified his involvement with ISIS and will provide the evidence should he ever try to return to New Zealand."

Twitter implements their 'While You Were Away' feature

As Twitter displays user content as it happens, unlike Facebook, it's often quite easy to miss important Tweets and information unless you manually check each page of interest one by one.




Thanks to this new feature, Twitter are rolling out their 'While You Were Away' feature, which started its implementation as of January the 1st, 2015. It's set to help cover the important Tweets that you may have missed in between login times, giving you a short distinct list for you to mull over.


Twitter already emails their users with some "top" tweets as reminders, this new feature is quite similar but is located within the app itself. If you're like me and only check Twitter on occasion, you'll end up missing most of the action - here's hoping this new feature will help keep the social media platform relevant to the casual user.

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Twitter bug is signing you out of your account, won't let you back in

Has your Twitter application logged you out all of the sudden? That would be because Twitter's servers think the clock has reached 2015 already, when the new year is still days away.




A coder has noticed the Twitter for Android's login traffic, where it displays "Mon, 29 Dec 2015" with the last modified date being "Mon, 29 Dec 2014" which is obviously where the error is coming from. It shouldn't be long before this problem is fixed, hopefully.

The Year-in-Review feature by Facebook is under fire

Facebook is in hot water over their recent addition of a "Year-in-Review" feature for all users, with some claiming that their algorithm for choosing what to display was poorly designed. Grieving father, Eric Meyer, wrote on his blog that the "algorithms are essentially thoughtless. They model certain decision flows, but once you run them, no more thought occurs."




Meyer's daughter passed away earlier this year at age six, due to a brain tumor with this tragic occurrence happening on her birthday, June 6th 2014. Thanks to Facebook's "Year-in-Review" feature, Meyer was reminded of this heartbreak as her portrait appeared on his news-feed, being boldly displayed surrounded by partying onlookers.

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