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The rumors of iOS 9 begin, which is currently in testing

Google may be pumping out Android 5.0 Lollipop, but Apple has been working on iOS 9 for a while now, and it looks like we could see Apple's next mobile OS unveiled at its WWDC 2015 event.




It looks like Czech language online site letemsvetemapplem says it has proof that iOS 9 is out in the wild, as they've seen Apple's new OS in its analytics. The screenshot above shows that iOS 9-powered devices have accessed the site at least three times since January 1, 2015. These would be very early builds of the operating system, since WWDC 2015 doesn't kick off until the middle of the year.

Microsoft has removed their free pre-patch Tuesday notices

For over ten years, Microsoft has run an advance notification service (ANS), notifying customers what is to be expected of their monthly security update, allowing for IT teams to prepare their systems and prioritize what needs to be installed in which order.




In a recent announcement by Microsoft's Chris Betz from their security response center (MSRC), this company is focusing on 'optimizing' the notices for their biggest customers only, no longer providing them for free to all.


Betz commented in the MSRC blog that "moving forward, we will provide ANS information directly to Premier customers and current organizations involved in our security programs, and will no longer make this information broadly available through a blog post and web page." He went on to mention that "more and more customers today are seeking to cut through the clutter and obtain security information tailored to their organizations. Rather than using ANS to help plan security update deployments, customers are increasingly turning to Microsoft Update and security update management tools such as Windows Server Update Service to help organize and prioritize deployment. Customers are also moving to cloud-based systems, which provide continuous updating."

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A glimpse at North Korea's Red Star 3 desktop operating system

The outside world doesn't know what type of computer hardware and software is used in North Korea, but there have been recent glimpses of what the reclusive government utilizes. Former Google executive Will Scott visited the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, and purchased a copy of the "Red Star 3" desktop operating system.




North Korea previously relied on Microsoft Windows for desktop PCs, but developed its own Red Star 3 OS. The OS looks strikingly similar to the Apple Mac OS X operating system - past versions of North Korean-made software closely mimicked Windows.


As the world begins to learn more about Bureau 121, the elite North Korean cyber hacking unit, there is still very little known about technology usage in the country. Internet use is heavily restricted, and is aimed towards military and government use - and for the elite of the country.

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Windows 10 Preview bricking boot drives

The ever-evolving world of storage has created an issue in the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Microsoft has incorporated a new feature into Windows 10 that enhances performance with SSHD's, but this has unfortunately led to widespread problems with all types of boot devices. Microsoft has added a new command to the drivers, Power-Up in Standby (PUIS), that allows SSHDs to remain idle when the system is powered up. The system saves power by only powering-up the SSHD when it receives a specific command from the BIOS.




The new driver isn't fully compatible with all BIOS revisions and the driver is also sending the SSHD-specific command to all types of drives. Non-SSHD drives do not recognize the command upon boot up or resumption from standby, which results in the computer freezing. Microsoft is aware of the problem, which is specific to Build 9879, and a new update is already available to resolve the issue. There is also a workaround available that allows users to simply disable the PUIS command, which resolves the issue.

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NVIDIA shield receives Android Lollipop update to great success

NVIDIA was one of the first companies to roll-out Android's 5.0.1 Lollipop Operating System to their devices, seeing this widely-acclaimed update work flawlessly on NVIDIA's tablet offering.




Said to focus on adding new features to the Android platform, with NVIDIA adding in a few extra's of their own to increase the updates potency, as per their usual practice.


Seeing their Camera Awesome App updated to include new FX features said to take advantage of the Tegra K1 chip on offer (for acceleration of live and preview recording), NVIDIA also brought back their acclaimed SHIELD power control menu. The feature is designed to help you pick your processor modes, including things such as Custom Battery Saver, Optimized and Max Performance, alongside giving you the ability to enable an auto-shutdown of your device.

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Apple releases automated Mac update to take care of OS X security bugs

Apple has issued a critical security update for Mac OS X users, plugging a Network Time Protocol (NTP) security hole that left users open to cyberattacks. The automated security update had a quick turnaround because cybercriminals could have gained remote access of machines through by exploiting the bug, according to researchers.




The US Department of Homeland Security and Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute recently flagged the bugs, and Apple scrambled to create a fix ahead of the holidays. Carnegie Mellon also found that dozens of companies are vulnerable to the same type of security bug, which should be fixed sooner rather than later.


Here is what Apple's support page notes: "The update addresses a critical security issue with the software that provides the Network Time Protocol service on OS X, and is recommended for all users. For more information on the security content of this update see:"

The first tease of Android 6.0 'M' starts, should arrive late 2015

We're starting to hear the first few rumbles on Android 6.0, or Android M. Before we see the next-gen version of Google's mobile OS, we'll see Android 5.1, which is something the Android team is already working on.




When should we expect Android 6.0? According to the latest rumors, Android M should arrive in October-November 2015, which is normally when Google releases the next iteration of Android. This means we'll hear about it in June at Google's annual Google I/O event, but now we have to guess what the 'M' stands for. Milky Way? Milky Bar? Marshmallow? I'm going with Marshmallow.

Cyanogen CEO: "Samsung couldn't build a good OS if they tried"

Shots fired: During the launch of YU Digital's new smartphone, the CEO and founder of Cyanogen Kirt McMaster attended, where he had some striking things to say about Samsung during a Q&A session after the announcement of the smartpone from YU Digital's new Yureka smartphone.



McMaster said that its competitors can't match them, and then said "Samsung couldn't build a good OS if they tried." He continued, adding that Cyanogen is all about "super optimizing Android and taking it to a new level. since they started. We believe that... there's an opportunity to be the first or second dominant version of Android on the planet."


He didn't only go after Samsung, he had some not-so-nice things to say about Mozilla's Firefox and Samsung and Intel's collaborative OS, Tizen, are "irrelevant" they have "zero user bases" and "it's meaningless." Don't hold back, McMaster, don't hold back at all, okay? You can watch him cut into Mozilla and Samsung at the 1:16:45 mark on the YouTube video above.

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Red Hat claims the 'grinch' issue isn't a Linux vulnerability

Alert Logic has recently informed the public of a "grinch" Linux vulnerability, but according to Red Hat - it's a perfectly normal thing.




The official reply noted that "this report incorrectly classifies expected behavior as a security issue," through a Red Hat Bulletin released on Wednesday just one day after the report being made public. This was in response to Alert Logic claiming that this Grinch issue may be as large as the previously seen Heartbleed bug, noting that they believe it is a serious design flaw in how Linux handles user permissions.

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Report: Windows 10 will include Xbox app, Cortana integration

The Microsoft Windows 10 leaked consumer build (9901) indicates users will be able to enjoy an Xbox app, giving them access to friends list, Store, activity feeds, achievements, and additional features. Microsoft previously promised increased gaming integration into the Windows 10 OS, and this early build shows what the company has in mind.




Meanwhile, Cortana in Windows 10 closely resembles the same orientation as Windows Phone, revealing Microsoft is serious about its efforts to make Windows similar across all platforms. Cortana was shown in early Windows 10 builds, but has been refined and looks significantly better in 9901, according to reports.


Microsoft will continue to promote its Windows 10 OS, as consumers and business users never truly jumped onboard the Windows 8/8.1 bandwagon.

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