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The building of a bullzoder PC project explained

A little while ago we published a story about the beginning stages of developing your very own PC project, showcasing one modder by the name of Ilija Dakic and exactly how he goes about the early stages of planning.



Dakic has now reached out to us with an update video on this project as seen above, showcasing the build in its near-completion stages, set out to symbolize the AMD Bulldozer chip located within.


After beginning with conceptual drawing, measurements and delicate stacking of materials, this video will further help accurately describe what might be going on in a modders head as a project develops through different stages.

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Modder runs Half-Life on an Android smartwatch

Tech modding expert Dave Bennett is a kind of emulation wizard who is responsible for many improbable wonders like running PlayStation 2 games on a smartphone as well as playing Valve's epic puzzler Portal on Android. Bennett's latest achievement let's you play Half-Life on a smartwatch. Not that most of us would ever want to play Valve's epic FPS on a smartwatch, but it's still a pretty impressive spectacle nonetheless.



According to the modder, the SDLash3D app is able to emulate Valve's old-school GoldSource game engine that powered classic titles like Team Fortress Classic (which is also playable on Android). While working on making Half-Life run on a phone, on a lark Bennett tried it on his Android Wear-powered LG G smartwatch.


And it worked. As you can see for yourself in the video, Half-Life's unforgettable monorail scene starts up and runs on the tiny 1.65-inch screen. The framerates flux anywhere from 2FPS to an impressive 30FPS, and of course, the game is practically unplayable in itself, but it only goes to show you how versatile Android really is.

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Modding made easier with CableMod's Cooler Master CM-Series kits

Announced recently is CableMod's custom-produced Cooler Master tailored cable kits, designed for any V Series build you might currently have in the making.




These CM-Series Premium Cable Kits are designed to spice up your Cooler Master V Series power supplies and come in a myriad of color options. Set out to not only offer cool color options to finish off your build, these cables also to offer more manageable lengths in order to keep everything neat and tidy.


Available in colors including black, red, blue, green, orange and white, there are also plenty of kits brandishing color combinations such as black and red or black and yellow for those a little more adventurous.

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BitFenix now offers reliable magnetic LED strips

Are you sick of your weak double-sided taped LED strips falling down every time a slight breeze blows onto your chassis? Maybe it was a bad batch, but I've had quite a few issues in the recent past with this type of mod. In comes BitFenix with its Alchemy 2.0 magnetic LED strips, set to provide an alternative.




Released in blue, green, purple, red and white, these Polyurethane substrate strips connect via a 4pin power plug and offer up to 50cm of cable extension for hard to reach areas. Utilizing TriBright 5050 SMD LED modules, the green option matches "the NEON yellow-green on High-End VGAs" as announced in a recently issued press release.


Covering tricky surfaces thanks to its magnetic back plate and flexible PCB, these strips come in 120mm, 300mm and 600mm lengths whilst all measuring 2mm thick and 10mm wide.

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EK Water Blocks has teased its AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Water Block

Set out to ensure your AMD Radeon R9 Fury X is single-slot in sizing, EK Water Blocks has designed and announced its new full-coverage water block.




Set for sale soon, this water cooling block is rumored to be released in two different materials according to TechPowerUp - exposed copper and nickel-plated copper. These materials will sit alongside clear acrylic and acetal covers.


Featuring a single-channel for the GPU and VRM, there's an included micro-channel lattice for the GPU and the extended option to purcahse a single-slot bracket for the Fury X display I/O.

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MSI adds to an amazing list of modded PCs with this mech warrior

Computex 2015 - Sitting around the MSI booth this year in Taiwan is another brilliant addition to the PC modding world, this time in some form of mech warrior design.




Complete with XPOWER decals and a brandishing a Cooler Master logo, the motherboard on display in this chassis has a seriously large amount of USB 3.0 ports.


Although lit up, it's unfortunately not plugged in and running which would be great to see - I wonder if it moves too?

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Joining the modding movement is GIGABYTE with some alternate PC mods

Computex 2015 - Complete with a G1 Gaming battle elephant and a GIGABYTE titan, this motherboard and video card manufacturer has joined the modding movement, adding a few alternate and awesome builds to its arsenal in Taipei, Taiwan.




The Elephant offers a Z97-XUD5H motherboard and was designed and built by Suchao Prowphong from Thailand, featuring a great yellow and black color scheme complete with a top-mounted cannon. Known for his amazing ThermalTHOR and Core X 2 Furious mods in the past, this is another fantastic rendition by the Thai modding master.


As for the Titan, we unfortunately don't have much information beside that fact it looks incredible.

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ASUS shows off some alternative PC builds

Computex 2015 - The modding scene is strong this year in Taipei, with companies like InWin, Thermaltake, Corsair and ASUS showing off great builds made by modders from all over the globe.




ASUS has introduced some 'alternative' builds to its arsenal this year. Pictured above is the Rockcrawler X99 backed by an Intel i7 processor and Corsair power supply, helping display the TUF motherboards that ASUS claims cannot be broken - as covered by us yesterday (local time).


There is also a Star Wars AT-AT look-alike LEGO build sporting the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Logo alongside this interesting engine-like PC chassis by Chinese modder Ai Mask.

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Germany brings its best to the Thermaltake CaseMOD contest

Maybe you haven't noticed yet, but modding has hit a real mainstream movement recently - enough that we've eve got a feature article coming very soon about this very topic.




Adding to the pile of wonderful mods is Andy 'Bundymania' Weber from Germany, entering his project titled 'YETI LIVES' into the Thermaltake CaseMOD contest.


Featuring a nice 1TB Samsung EVO 840 SSD coupled with an Intel Core i7-4790K, this snow themed case is complete with some fantastic side panel yeti art and frosted side windows (laser etched) to help seal the deal.

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The ThermalTHOR modder is back again with another incredible entry

Suchao Prowphong is no newbie to master mods, showcasing his amazing ThermalThor hammer mod in mid 2014 to the public.




Hailing from Thailand, this full-time farmer is certainly nothing to scoff at and has titled his new entry 'Core X 2 furious' - it is becoming apparent that Prowphong certainly loves his action movies.


Complete with two different Intel i5 CPUs and a great white color scheme, the only other Thermaltake CaseMOD entry we have covered so far with such a setup is Stuart Tonk's (AUS) dual Intel Xeon entry.

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