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The ThermalTHOR modder is back again with another incredible entry

Suchao Prowphong is no newbie to master mods, showcasing his amazing ThermalThor hammer mod in mid 2014 to the public.




Hailing from Thailand, this full-time farmer is certainly nothing to scoff at and has titled his new entry 'Core X 2 furious' - it is becoming apparent that Prowphong certainly loves his action movies.


Complete with two different Intel i5 CPUs and a great white color scheme, the only other Thermaltake CaseMOD entry we have covered so far with such a setup is Stuart Tonk's (AUS) dual Intel Xeon entry.

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The UK's Richi Bowzer brings his best mod to the global stage

Hailing from the United Kingdom, master modder Richi 'rchiileea+richi' Bowzer has been selected as one of seven modders to go head to head with other big names that TweakTown has already covered in Thermaltake's caseMOD invitational competition - check out Stuart Tonks (AUS) and Fabio Moma (JP).




Looking a little different from most mods you will see in this day and age, Bowzer quotes his expansive computer history as part of his modding know-how, stating "how old am I? well old enough to know you can run a AMD K2 without a heat sink for a few minutes, and to also know a small company called abit only released mobos with German translated manuals" all while navigating through a dial-up connection.


With the theme of this case being titled as 'Illusionist', Bowzer has gone about integrating the Thermaltake Core X9 case on offer with a fancy painted color scheme coupled with a cool 16GB of Avexir Blitz 1.1 RAM.

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Japan submits a solid entry to the Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational

Here at TweakTown we recently covered Stuart Tonks' dual Intel Xeon addition to the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD invitational, but we noticed that one of the seven modders was being a little left out - Japan's Fabio Moma.




Sponsored by Thermaltake, Avexir, ASUS ROG and Kingston HyperX, this blue-lit build of Thermaltake's Core series chassis is adeptly named 'Colossus X' and features some neat LED work to help produce a cool-feeling futuristic build - said to be "based on the comic book heroes" as pointed out in Moma's build log.


Complete with an extremely polished front panel, the components within can be viewed in the full story.

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Two Intel Xeon CPUs and a TV screen inside this PC, because why not?

Thermaltake has been promoting its global modding competition like crazy recently, with seven modders chosen from countries around the world to represent their homeland in a 'mod-off'.




Bringing his best to the table is the Australian modder Stuart Tonks, showcasing his build which features a dual-CPU laden ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS motherboard coupled with three ASUS NVIDIA STRIX GeForce GTX 980's and no less than three SSDs.


If that's not impressive enough, the full Thermaltake watercooling setup within is finished off with a built-in 24" 1080p touchscreen.


Read the full story for more information.

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Thermaltake Australia flies down modder for watercooling series

Due to observation through social media, we've observed that Thermaltake Australia has flown down Stuart Tonks from Queensland to their Australian office in Victoria, Australia in order to produce a watercooling web series and PC build.




We've covered a few of Tonks' builds before, including this monster Coolermaster HAF Stacker and a previous Thermaltake Core X9 build and he has also been selected by Thermaltake to represent Australia in their modding competition.


Looking into their media manager Jonathan Newton's Instagram, a post was made of an energy drink with the caption "my morning companion. Picking up a special guest for #thermaltake from Melbourne airport to help film a #webseries about #liquidcooling for PC's. Stay tuned people :) #pcmods #pcmodding #lcs."

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Malik customs unveils Project Edelsetin, packed with ASUS components

Packed full of Bitspower watercooling goodies and tied together on an ASUS Z97-AR platform, Malik Customs showed off its amazing Project Edelstein on Facebook yesterday.




This simplistic fully watercooled build features an ASUS GTX970 Strix as the focal point and highlights the greyed-out color scheme with cool blue liquid.


The full parts list is as follows:

  • Intel i7 4790K
  • ASUS Z97-AR
  • ASUS Polska GTX 970 Strix
  • Bitspower International Co., Ltd. BP-DDCPC-BK
  • Bitspower BP-DDCT2-CL
  • Bitspower BP VG-NGTX970ADIIS
  • Bitspower BP-BE240BSCU-BK
  • Bitspower BP-CBCPF-CC6V2
  • Bitspower BP-CB90R
  • Bitspower BP-CB45R
  • Bitspower BP-CBWP-C06
  • Bitspower BP-CBWP-C63
  • Cooltek W2S
  • Corsair Vengeance Pro Silver 16GB 2400Mhz
  • Ultimate Personal Computers cables
  • Noctua Redux 120mm fans
  • Seasonic Platinum 760W

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The CoolerMaster HAF Stacker is back again in a gentle giant style mod

We've covered this gigantic chassis before, seeing numerous modders around the globe tackle this Goliath in their own special way.




Milo Majlow Lihoťan has just shared his own stacker project, named "Vodovodárenske" and featuring SLI video cards alongside a complete and custom water cooling setup.


Running on the backbone of an MSI MPower X99S, with two MSI GTX 780 Lightning video cards and a full water cooling setup featuring parts from companies like EK Water Blocks and Alphacool - this build really does 'stack up'.


The simplistic color scheme and silent nature of this case is tied together by the great completely see-through side panels and impressive cable management.

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lmfaceroll puts the finishing touches on the MSI gaming cabinet

If Thermaltake's Level 10 case still isn't big enough for you, lmfaceroll might put you on the right track with their amazing MSI Gaming cabinet.




Based around an MSI Gaming 7 motherboard and with two MSI GTX 780ti video cards ensuring no game is left un-maxed, this case is tied together with a full custom watercooling setup.


As the summary states: "watercool ALL the things!" Even the mechanical storage drives aren't safe, explained by lmfaceroll as implemented "due to there being a tonne of space in a desk/cabinet. It fills out the space a lot more."

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These Corsair K65 RGB keyboard replacement keycaps are amazing

Posted on YouTube by Water_Cool_Fool you can get your very own set of Corsair K65 RGB keycaps from Amazon but they're currently listed as out of stock.



This video helps show off the might of what is current keyboard modding. The addition of several peripheral companies making further steps into RGB development has certainly seen focus stray away from 256 million membrane keyboards with copious macros and more so towards keyboards with extended lighting options and keycap customization - much like a chassis!


There's nothing left to say but, enjoy.

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You want to build an amazing project PC but where do you start?

As seen on the Watercooled PC Facebook page, modder Ilija Dakic has posted his preliminary plans and intentions for a seriously awesome PC mod project.




As you can see from the image above, he's looking to take AMD's CPU project literally - producing a 'BULLDOZER' build featuring an AMD chip as its core.


He has begun the journey by making these few drawings to illustrate the design concept and idea, following it up with some real life sticky tape-laden examples and then furthering it with specific measurements and analysis.


If you're wondering on how to begin your very own epic PC project, here's just one idea that may help.

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