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Intel slides indicate Core i7-3960X EE to be around 47% faster than 990X

Some slides created for the purposes of a key presentation to Intels partners have leaked out which reveal in-house performance testing of Intel's future top dog in the LGA2011 based Sandy Bridge E family of processors that so many of us are holding out for.


That processor is the Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition, a six-core (12 thread) CPU clocked in at 3.30GHz, with a Turbo Boost speed of up to 3.90GHz and 15MB of L3 cache.




For comparative purposes, the slides include Intel's current top offering, the LGA1366 based Core i7-990X Extreme Edition and quite the array of tests were used including Cinebench 11.5, POV-Ray 3.7, 3DMark 11 physics, Pro-Show Gold 4.5, SPECint_rate base2006, SPECfp_rate base2006, and SiSoft SANDRA 2011B multimedia and memory bandwidth.

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Intel making a push for PCI-Express x2 interface?

A little birdy has learned today that Intel is apparently looking to have a new PCI Express interface implemented into future chipsets. And no, it's not to do with PCI-E 3.0 which is already a definitive inclusion on the cards.




What the company is looking squarely at is an interface PCI-SIG doesn't currently have a slot or port specification for - that being PCI-Express 2.0 x2. Why x2? Intel's basis of reasoning for it is to provide a more balanced and cost effective means for third parties manufacturing devices such as 2-port SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0 controller chips, without bottlenecking their performance.

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More overclocking friendly A8-3870 APU coming from AMD

While we've seen some highly impressive overclocking results as it is from the current top dog in the new Llano lineup from AMD, the A8-3850, word today has it that AMD is planning to launch a new APU with even more power and overclocking headroom on tap - this being the A8-3870.




The new chip will sport an unlocked base clock (bCLK) multiplier for easier overclocking straight up. It comes out of the box with a 3.1GHz clock speed, four x86-64 cores and dual channel DDR3-1866MHz memory controller, while the GPU runs a 600MHz core clock with 400 stream processors, making up the built-in DX11 compliant Radeon HD 6550D graphics.


Leaked product cycle slides posted over at DonanimHaber indicate that AMD plans to release the unlocked A8-3870 APU sometime during Q4 this year.

Sandy Bridge-E model numbers, clock speeds unveiled

The first three models of Intel's upcoming next-gen "Sandy Bridge-E" Core i7 processors has been made available. We're still going to see an Enthusiast and Performance release, Performance including BClk multiplier-unlocked six-core chips as well as locked quad-core chips. The new series is set to include the 3000 series of processor model numbering, this means that the new processors will be part of Intel's 3rd generation Core processors, even though they're based on the Sandy Bridge architecture.




Leading the CPUs will be the Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition, six-core (12 threads with HTT) has a stock clock speed of 3.30GHz with 3.90GHz Turbo Boost, features 15MB of L3 cache. This chip is expected to have a four figure price tag. This will of course have its BClk multiplier unlocked for some insane overclocking. Next we have the Core i7-3930K which is again a 6 core, 12 threaded chip with a stock clock speed of 3.20GHz and Turbo Boost speed of 3.80GHz, inclusive of 12MB of L3 cache and features an unlocked BClk multiplier.

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AMD Llano almost hits the magic 5GHz barrier w/ liquid nitrogen

We've seen some impressive overclock results out of our in-house A8-3850 sample with Shane kicking it into high gear at around 3.7GHz without too much effort - this using a trusty Corsair AIO water cooling solution on a GIGABYTE A75-UD4H.


But if you think that's pretty impressive, try this on for size :-




That aint no photoshop folks. What you can see there is 4906MHz, not too far off the magic 5GHz mark with an A8-3850 CPU. Of course, though, this couldn't have been achieved without the help of :-




Some extreme cooling measures; liquid nitrogen of course.

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New ULV Celeron + four more Core i7 mobile processors from Intel

Doing what they do best, CPU World has fished out some fresh details on an expansion to Intel's range of mobile processor offerings. A new ULV (ultra low voltage) 32nm Celeron M model has just been released, The Celeron 787, and also four new Core i7 chips.


The Celeron 787 is just a little single core chip which clocks in at 1.30GHz with a single thread, 1MB of L3 cache, a 17W TDP and carrying a price of $107.




As for the four new Core i7s, these are scheduled to debut in Q4, comprising three quad-core variants and a dual-core one. The quad core models include the i7-2960XM Extreme Edition, i7-2860QM and i7-2760QM, with the dual-core being the i7-2640M.

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Intel Sandy Bridge-E to be out this year, platform features to be chopped? PCI Express 3.0 waves goodbye?

It was only a few weeks ago that reports were out that Intel's next-gen Sandy Bridge-E and Waimea Bay platform had been delayed until 2012 but new information has popped up and is suggesting that Intel is trying very hard to get the new platform onto the market this year. This means that Intel will have to make some compromises on a lot of the platform features.




According to sources, Intel is having issues with the platform in the form of issues with storage, PCI Express problems and even CPU revisions. This sounds like bad news for a company wanting to launch their next-gen enthusiast platform. There are various platform SKUs coming in the form of Patsburg -A, -B, -D and -T. The X79 chipset is known as Patsburg-X and was meant to be similar to what Patsburg-D brings to the table.

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AMD GPUs to power all three next-gen consoles?

Right now, AMD would be on top of the world. Their Radeon series of GPUs are phenomenally successful with their next-gen 7000-series just around the corner, their APU is rolling out right now, and they're already powering consoles; the Wii and Xbox 360. Rumor has it that they might end up getting jiggy with all three console makers come next-gen. The Wii-U is set to be AMD-based and now its looking like the Microsoft and Sony console will be powered by AMD solutions.




Both Microsoft and Sony have of course not verified this news, but HardOCP have a reliable tipster roaming the halls of E3 last week. Based on their information, they say that AMD's future console dominance is already a "done deal." Of course, NVIDIA will be... green... with envy but keep in mind they are powering a slew of Tegra 2-based Tablets and Smartphones. AMD are also set to have an opportunity to win contracts for microprocessors for the next PlayStation.


Right now, all three consoles are sporting Power-based IBM processors, even the PlayStation 3's Cell chip has a PowerPC component sharing die space with SPE co-processors.

A preview of the upcoming AMD Brazos, also more details on Zacate/Ontario

Today, Anandtech brings an article previewing some of AMD's new APU tech that will make it's way into everyone's hands in the next year or so. Lots of information is on the article, a few interesting things you will love.




Anandtech were not allowed to run anything that would "harm" the system - other than that, they were as free as birds to install and test whatever they wanted. AMD weren't hovering to make sure they were running things that would typically run better on an AMD based system - which is a great sign, it's also a sign of confidence on AMD's behalf.


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AMD shows off Llano APU

AMD have shown off their upcoming Llano APU at a press event in Los Angeles.




The upcoming Llano unit will be 32nm and manufactured at GlobalFoundaries - reports are saying the 32nm process has been a bit iffy so far, but obviously AMD have ironed those issues out with GloFo as this demo shows.


Now for a bit of GlobalFoundaries PR speak:


"AMD's Llano is the industry's first foundry product with High-k Metal Gate (HKMG), so it is an important proof point of our ability to deliver this new technology. Our 32nm HKMG technology ramp is currently in early production at Fab 1 in Dresden and we are making continued progress on ramping the process in support of AMD's 1H 2011 customer commitments."


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