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More information and rumors about Apple's Event

By: Array

We have reported on the upcoming Apple event in September but now the rumors are firming up. The event now has a date; September 9th. The event also has a focus; Music.


According to the information we have it looks like this will be the event where Apple launches its new music service called Cocktail and the next iPod.


Other rumors claim that the event will announce the Beatles coming to iTunes, etc, etc, etc.


One things that is interesting though, the beginning of September is around when we could see Lynnfield and the P55 hit. We also hear that nVidia is working on an entry level chipset for Lynnfield (although those might not be ready until 2010). It is entirely possible that this events "one more thing" could be the announcement of Macs with these items in them.


More information and rumors popup about Apple event


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Tim Sweeney predicts the end of the GPU Roadmap

By: Array

With the advent of possible new CPU manufacturing processes and materials come an interesting article saying that they GPU may reach its limit by 2020.


The article is not an Intel product (in response to nVidia's repeated claims that they CPU is dead). No this is from Tim Sweeney, CEO and Founder of Epic Games.


In a recent presentation Sweeney says that by 2020 developers will move away from the highly optimized GPU and push for more flexible code. Thie code will take advantage of parallel processing and move most hardware "fixed functionality" features to software.


The core argument is that processing technology will move forward considerably and that Intel will have success with Larrabee and also factors in nVidia move away from the traditional GPU. Instead working on a GPGPU style.


Sweeney also dives back in time to when many 3D Engines were rendered completely in software this includes games like UnReal, HalfLife and many others. He foresees a future where rendering engines will move back to software eliminating the need for highly specialized architectures and pipelines present in today's GPUs.


If everything can come together (including improvements in storage and memory) then we can expect to see some impressive changes to the PC as we know it in the next 10 years.


Tim Sweeney predicts the end of the GPU Roadmap


PR Deck




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Rumored September Apple Event Brings new Rumors

By: Array

With the rumor of an Apple special event in September of course there are rumors about possible new Apple products.


One that is gaining ground is a rumor that the next gen iPod Touch will have a built in camera. This would be a great idea and would give the Touch a feature that many have asked for.


But is this one of the announcements that is really going to happen? With Apple's track record of leaks and hints and hype it very well could be.


Although there is always the possibility that Apple is going to announce new products based on the Core i5 which is set to debut sometime in September also.


Rumored September Apple Event Brings new Rumors




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Apple and AT&T sued for lack of MMS support

By: Array

Wow this will be of interest to anyone that has an iPhone in the US. Apple and AT&T might have a price to pay for their heavy advertising of features that they will not support.


In the state of Louisiana there is a class action law suit that is being filed against Apple and AT&T for the continued lack of MMS (multimedia messaging system) despite ads by both companies showing this as a major feature.


The suit claims that AT&T has not upgraded its towers to support MMS properly on their network but continue to advertise this service for other phones and even have a package plan for it.


So I am not sure what they are trying to say here, there is a simple fact that AT&T does have MMS support for other phones but not the iPhone. Apple did state that was a major feature of the new iPhone OS 3.0 and the 3G S. But for some reason there is still no support for this option from AT&T.


This law suit could get interesting if more states pick up the torch and march on Cupertino.


Apple and AT&T sued for lack of MMS support


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Microsoft banned from selling Word

By: Array

This is not the normal tech news, it is sort of an off the wall story that I found funny.


In Texas a judge has banned Microsoft from Selling, Demonstrating or otherwise advertising Word. This is a permanent injunction put in over a patent dispute between MS and I4I.


I4I claims that MS ran off with their code and has been using this in Word 2003 and 2007. The code they are talking about has to do with XML and the way that Word uses it.


I am not going to go into major technical details, but it is sort of funny to hear that MS cannot even demo the products, this means that they are in violation of the order if they send updates, show it on their website.


Now what makes this funny is that apparently other applications use this functionality. It is just MS that is in the hot seat. Apparently there is no money in going after Sun, or Apple. The injunction "prohibits Microsoft from selling or importing to the United States any Microsoft Word products that have the capability of opening .XML, .DOCX or DOCM files (XML files) containing custom XML,"


This is on top of a $200 Million fine from May, an additional $40 Million and just for good measure $37 Mill in interest.


Microsoft says they will appeal


Microsoft banned from selling Word




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Apple says Ninjawords issue all a misunderstanding

By: Array

Yesterday we covered a tale of Apple and the Dictionary. This is a harrowing tale of an intrepid developer against the mongering troll.
Nah not really, it is a story about a developer getting the shaft from Apple and after the internet press got a hold the story Apple back peddling.


The complete story is very long and can be found at Daring Fireball as can the follow on part of this particular drama.


After the press splashed this all over the internet Phil Schiller from Apple has written to explain that this was all a misunderstanding.
Apparently Apple did not ask Ninjawords to censor the dictionary because of the words F&(k and S^&t but because there are even MORE vulgar urban slang terms that can be found through Ninjawords.


Ninjawords could not be submitted to the App store as it was at the time since there were not parental controls at all. The developers of Ninjawords chose to edit the dictionary and resubmit. This is when all the fun started; it ended with someone thinking that Apple was requiring both the censorship AND a 17+ Rating.


I am not sure what is the truth in this one, both stories sound a little odd to be perfectly honest with you. For example in one of the actual letters about the rejection they specifically mention F*(k and Sh*& but you can find them in "Dictionary!" which is free on the iTunes store and has a rating of 4+.


Apple says Ninjawords issue all a misunderstanding




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Apple restricts a dictionary to 17+

By: Array

Wow I am not sure what Apple is doing at this point with their recent rash of rejections. Either they want to see how far they can push people or they truly are clueless.


According to reports around the web Apple has rejected a dictionary called Ninjawords for containing "objectionable words". Some of the words they found to be too horrible for iPhone/iPod users eyes were Screw and Snatch. Wow, I wonder if they have a certain movie in their iTunes StoreĀ…. Guess what? They do.


But the app was not completely rejected. They were allowed to submit the application after removing a few additional horrible words in common usage. They were then slapped with a 17+ rating even after all the words had been removed.


These words can be found in other dictionary applications in the App Store. But I guess they cannot be in this one, this is arbitrary to the last syllable. Maybe they removed that word from their own dictionaries so they do not know what that means.


You know, maybe they are going for an insanity defense with the FTC and FCC. After all what they are doing is rather crazy.


Apple restricts a dictionary to 17+


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Eric Schmidt Resigns from Apple's Board

By: Array

Well the big news this morning is that Google's Eric Schmidt is resigning from the Board of Directors for Apple.


This is not a very big surprise, although it comes at an interesting time. The issue at hand is section 8 of the Clayton Anti Trust act that covers shared directors between companies with competing products.


Google and Apple compete on a number of products, they each have a browser, they each have a smart phone OS, and soon they will each have both a Desktop OS and a cloud based document application.


The resignation will probably cause the current investigation to be withdrawn but that is not always the case. This is especially true with the FCC looking into the issue over Google Voice.


Eric Schmidt Resigns from Apple's Board


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Sensitive Documents leak to P2P again

By: Array

There is nothing like someone accidentally putting sensitive information into a folder that is linked to your P2P share. But this is what happens again and again and again.


This time is was motorcade routes, the Presidential Family safe house and some nice documents covering details of every nuclear facility on the US.


So we have a couple of issues here, the first is simple user ignorance. It is beyond me how and why anyone would have a P2P file sharing application on any work related computer system but on top of that how can they not know that the folder the P2P apps use for sharing are pretty much open to everyone. Anything dropped in there is available on the P2P network you are using.


The next is how the supposedly tech savvy White House staff can allow something like this to happen.


You know, I see why P2P is bad, it is not because of the possibility of illegal file sharing, it is because once again, we see ignorance on the part of individual users and the companies and organizations they work for.


Sensitive Documents leak to P2P again


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Microsoft and Yahoo reach a deal

By: Array

Microsoft and Yahoo! have reached and accord. This accord will benefit both in some interesting ways. Yahoo will use Microsoft servers for their search functions and Yahoo! will handle the display ads.


This combination should have some excellent benefits for both of these companies as they try to catch up with Google.


Originally the idea was for Yahoo to be purchased by Microsoft. However, due to some bad management decisions by the CEO at the time the acquisition never took place. Instead there is just the agreement to work closely together.


Of course, there is always the possibility that someone will try to claim that MS and Yahoo are anti-competitive after all; it is only Apple and Google that are allowed to behave like that.


Microsoft and Yahoo reach a deal


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