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Gmail for Android has been downloaded over 1 billion times

Gmail has been the most widely used e-mail service in the world for close to two years, but Google has just reached another important milestone: Gmail for Android has become the first app in the Google Play Store to reach 1 billion downloads.




The 1 billion number might not represent 1 billion active Gmail users, but the Mountain View-based search giant did report that it had over 425 million active monthly users back in 2012. This is a number that is sure to have exponentially grown, along with its mobile OS, Android.

Square unveils new Feedback service, lets customers talk to retailers

I am one of those people who give feedback to many of the restaurants, retailers, and places I do business in, and today, Square made giving that feedback much easier for those merchants who utilize square. The new Feedback feature unveiled by Square is a $10 per month service that lets consumers rate and comment on how their experience went with a square merchant.




Additionally, the Feedback service lets those merchants reply to customer comments, and could be an excellent way to let a business owner know about bad or good service their staff may be providing. Square is offering the new Feedback service as a 30-Day free trial and then charging a per month fee per square account after that trial is up. Square Feedback is free for consumers.

Popcorn Time has arrived in its full form on Android

Studio executives and MPAA lawyers have to be in a frenzy today after Popcorn Time announced the launch of its new app for Android devices. The new Popcorn Time for Android feels and functions just like the desktop app and boast the same access to all of the same pirated TV shows and Movies. The new app was released by the Time4Popcorn development group that oversees the Popcorn Time project and ensures that it stays open and alive.



While I have not tried out the app myself, it appears to work as described based on the many comments and post around the net. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Popcorn Time, think of it as a pseudo Netflix for torrents. Instead of looking up a torrented TV show or movie on the Pirate Bay, you simply browse and search like you would Netflix for the content you wish to watch. The content will play as it is being downloaded, so there is virtually no delay in choosing what you want to watch and watching it.

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Office for iPad racks up 27 million downloads in 46 days

Hoards of iPad users have been clamoring for versions of Microsoft's popular Office apps for the iPad tablet since the very first iPad rolled out years ago. It took Microsoft a long time to decide to produce Office for iPad and now that it has, the apps are insanely popular.




So far, statistics show that Office for iPad apps have been downloaded a whopping 27 million times. That number comes only 46 days after the apps launched. Microsoft held off offering Office for iPad apps for so long in part out of fear that putting the apps on the iPad would hurt sales of its own Surface tablets.

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Adobe Voice iPad video creation tool hits the App Store

Adobe has launched a new app that is aimed directly at the iPad user looking for an easy to use video creation tool. The app is called Adobe Voice and it is downloadable at no cost via the App Store. For now, the app only works with the iPad, iPhone users are left out.




The app allows the user to speak into the microphone of the tablet and overlay their own voice with one of the "beautiful iconic images" that the app includes in its database. There should be an image for any video idea since it has 25,000 images built-in.

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LinkedIn and Evernote team up to better the business card experience

Everyone has a stack of business cards just laying around somewhere, and for those of us in the professional world, we have entire drawers dedicated to the tiny rectangles of paper. I for one have about 1000 business cards I have collected from the past year alone, and unfortunately that is just too many for me to organize and keep track of. LinkedIn and Evernote are both very aware of this issue and each have separate business card digitization apps to help alleviate the stress of keeping up with your contacts.



Today the two companies announced that they have teamed up to create the perfect business card. LinkedIn is leveraging its 300 million professional user base along with Evernote's excellent business card scanning feature to enhance the way business cards are captured, sorted and stored. "Benefitting from LinkedIn's network of more than 300 million professionals, Evernote can now automatically build a content-rich note around every business card you scan," the company said in a blog post. "With full contact information, a link to their current LinkedIn profile, and a photo, plus a section for notes, business cards become searchable contacts in Evernote."

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Google Maps update for iOS and Android adds lane assistance

Google Maps has received an update that will be most welcome by those who use the app to get around. The app for iOS and Android devices now offers lane assistance so the driver knows what lane they need to be in to make their upcoming turn.




The app also gets the ability to save a map to use offline so you won't need a connection to a data network to use the Google Maps app. All you need to do is select the "Save map to use offline" option and use a name for your map. To get to your saved maps login, tap the profile icon, and then find the name you saved the map as.

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Rovio has just launched its own take on the FlappyBird-style game

There is no denying that Angry Birds was one of the most popular mobile gaming franchises in history, but I might dare say that FlappyBird may have been just as popular as any of the Angry Bird titles. Because of this genera's popularity Rovio has figured out a way to capitalize on it in a new and fresh way. Today Rovio soft launched a new game called Retry that is very FlappyBird-esque.



The games description reads: "From the guys sitting in the room next to the guys who made Angry Birds, comes Retry - a game so hard, so addictive, so old school that you'll think you've stepped into an 8-bit time machine and gone back to 1986. Totally rad!" Instead of a bird, gamers control an airplane that fly's in loops rather than straight lines. Unfortunately as of this morning the game is only available for download in Finland, Poland, and Canada, but it should make its way to the US and other regions soon.

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Google Now Card helps you find things you search for in local stores

If you are a heavy online shopper, you probably search for a lot of things via Google. Since Google knows, what you are searching for it is taking that information and making it easier to find stuff you are interested in at local stores. A new feature has been added that will tell you when those items you searched for online are available in a store you are passing.




The feature would be triggered if you are out and a store you are near has the exact item that you had used Google to search for. The card for the feature could show multiple products if more than one item you have been looking at online is available at the location.

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Chadder secure messaging app wants to keep your chats private

John McAfee is a name tied most closely in the tech world to the anti-virus software that bears the McAfee name. McAfee has rolled out a new messaging app called Chadder that is designed specifically to help users secure their chats.




Chadder was created with cooperation from McAfee Future Tense Private Systems and a company called Etransfr. The app is currently available for Android and Windows Phone users and is focused on privacy and security. Data sent between users who are taking advantage of the app is sent in the form of an encrypted message.

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