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Spotify now has 10 million monthly paying subscribers

Today Spotify confirmed that it has a total of about 40 million monthly users, but the biggest news is that the service has managed to attract about 10 million of those users to join Spotify's Premium subscription service that cost $10 per month. This number is significant because during the first quarter of 2014, Spotify only had about 6 million Premium subscribers, meaning that they have added 4 million paying members in the last three months.




"Today we are thrilled to announce a special milestone - we now have 10 million paying subscribers and more than 40 million active users across 56 markets! Wow - we're incredibly grateful to the thousands of artists and millions of music fans around the world who have helped us reach this point,"

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PetMatch app for iOS users helps you find the perfect pet

A strange new app has turned up for users of iOS devices called PetMatch. The app is cool in that it is designed to help people find the perfect pet to adopt in their local area. The odd part about the app is that it is designed to help people find a pet that looks just like they want.




The app lets you upload a photo of the type of dog or cat that you are looking for. An algorithm inside the app then takes that uploaded image and measures the shape of the face, distance between the eyes, and other parameters.

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Chrome for Android updated, supports multi-windows, full-screen video

Google has just pushed out an update to Chrome for Android, which is now capable of support "some multi-window devices" like the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 from Samsung.




Not only that, but we have full-screen video playback with HTML5 controls and subtitles, as well as an "undo" function for when you accidentally close a tab. Bug fixes and stability improvements are also included, with the full changelog available below:


  • Undo Tab Close.
  • Fullscreen video with subtitles and HTML5 controls.
  • Support for some multi-window devices.
  • Support for casting some videos with Chromecast.
  • Other bug fixes.

Samsung will shut the doors on Samsung Music on July 1st

For months now, Samsung executives have warned that they fully intend to shut down the company's content hubs, and it looks like Samsung Music is going to be the first casualty in this disposal of antiquated apps. Today Samsung released a statement that quite firmly said that 1 July 2014 will be the final call for Samsung Music.




Samsung says that it encourages all Samsung Music / Music Hub users to "take the time to download all purchased content and use any remaining vouchers for Samsung Music before July 1, 2014 - after that date they will no longer be available." At the moment, it is still unclear as to if Samsung will be replacing Music hub with a new service, but with heavy hitters like Google Play Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music virtually sucking up customers left and right, there may not be room for a new Samsung-only music service.

Gmail for Android updated to allow saving of attachments to Drive

Today Google issued an update for its Gmail on Android app that brings forth several new additions to the service and improves others. The biggest addition is a new feature that allows users to save attachments straight to their Google Drive account rather than to their device. This greatly simplifies document management, and allows users to only download attachments once.




With the update, Google has also added explanations as to why a message was marked as spam. To see this message just open any message that is located in the spam folder. Google has also improved support for Right-to-Left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian. The update will allow users to re-orient the Gmail UI for a better RtL experience. Finally, Google has improved how the navigation menu is accessed. In the past, users had to touch the hotdog icon, but now simply swiping left will display the menu. For RtL users, swiping right will reveal the navigation menu.

Gmail for Android can now save attachments directly to Drive

Gmail for Android has been updated, which includes quite a few changes and improvements. The new Gmail for Android app is now capable of saving attachments directly to your Google Drive account, instead of saving it onto your smartphone, and then shifting it over to Drive. A full list of changes is below:




  • Save to Google Drive - Instead of downloading attachments to your device which takes up valuable space, you can now save attachments directly to Google Drive. Files saved to Drive are easily accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Spam explanations - Have you ever wondered why a message ended up in spam? You'll now find an explanation at the top of every spam message.
  • Improved RTL support - If you're an English speaker, you're used to reading sentences from left-to-right. But there are a lot of languages out there that are written from right-to-left (RTL), such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. If you're a speaker of one of these languages, Gmail on Android now looks and feels the way you'd expect with profile pictures and the navigation menu on the right instead of the left.
  • Faster access to the side navigation menu - It's easier to get wherever you need to go in the app. While reading messages, you can now swipe from the left edge (or right edge for RTL languages) to quickly access your accounts and labels. You'll also find Settings, Help, and Feedback in the side menu.

WhatsApp has pulled from Windows Phone Store

Today, WhatsApp's developers made the decision to pull the popular text messaging application from Microsoft's Windows Phone Store due to a major incompatibility with Windows Phone 8.1. The company says that the incompatibility was discovered during recent beta testing and proved to be detrimental to the apps functionality on Windows Phone 8.1.




With Windows Phone 8.1 releasing in just over a month, the developers have just a short time to remedy the issues and prep Facebook's largest messaging platform for release, or it will quickly be replaced by the myriad of other messaging apps that do work on Windows Phone 8.1. "Unfortunately due to technical issues, we have chosen to un-publish WhatsApp Messenger on the Windows Phone platform. We are working closely with Microsoft to resolve the issues and hope to return to the store shortly. We apologize to our users for the temporary inconvenience," said the WhatsApp development team in a statement.

Google updates MyGlass app to version 3.0, sports new interface

Google Glass users, get to your smartphones and update your MyGlass app, as it has just hit version 3.0. The latest MyGlass app has a great new interface in the form of a new slide-in bar that comes in from the left, providing quick access to settings, contacts, active Glassware and new Glassware to install.




The interface for adding and managing your Glassware has been improved, with the app overall being much more stable and improved. You can also now share maps directly from your phone to Glass, something that is going to make things much easier than trying to speak into Glass and it not understand which address you're trying to say - something that happened to me just a couple of hours ago.

iOS devs gain the ability to offer promo codes for in-app purchases

Apple has made an interesting change to the App Store and how developers can gift things to players of their games. Developers can now offer gamers promo codes for free in-app purchases. Promo codes have been accepted for game purchases for a while, but allowing them for in-app purchases is a new feature.




One of the first mobile game developers to take advantage of in-app promo codes was EA. It offered a promo code to players of Real Racing 3 if they visited the EA website. The code gave the players some free gold.

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Mobli updates smartphone app to support live video streaming

Mobli is a company from Israel that makes an app for smartphone users that allows them to take and share video and photos. The company has announced that it has updated that app to allow users to do something interesting, live broadcast video. Users of the smartphone application can watch that video in real-time.




The apps are available for iOS and Android users right now. The app only just gained the ability to live broadcast video with an update that went live this week. To be able to watch the live broadcasts, users do need to have the app installed on their devices.

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