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Distracted drivers using technology... an actual addiction?

Drivers seemingly can't avoid texting, talking, and even using voice chat while behind the wheel of their vehicles - and it's still extremely dangerous. Sixty-one percent of drivers admitted to texting and driving, one in 10 drivers engage in video chats, and 17 percent say they take selfies.




Additional frightening statistics: One-third of survey respondents say they check their email, and 30 percent of drivers frequently check Twitter while driving. One in five say checking social networks while driving is an "addiction," and there might be actual scientific research to back it:


"In essence, it's a drug, or what I call a digital drug," said Dr. David Greenfield, founder of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction at the University of Connecticut, in a statement to CBS News. "The reward comes in an unpredictable fashion, both in terms of what, when and where; and when the reward comes and it's positive and you actually like it, that's going to elevate the amount of dopamine in your brain, which is a pleasure chemical. It increases the likelihood of wanting to do it."

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Samsung reportedly making 70% of the A9 chips for the next-gen iPhone

We are only a few months from Apple unveiling the new iPhone 6S, but it looks like its main competitor will be making most of the A9 processors that will be powering the next-gen iPhone.




According to a report on Chiphell, 70% of the new A9 processors will be made by Samsung while the remaining 30% will be produced by TSMC. Samsung will also be making a large portion of the 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM for the new iPhone, while Hynix will be making the remaining chips for Apple. Comparing this to the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus where Samsung and Hynix split the DRAM production 50/50.


The new iPhone will also feature a better camera, which is expected to be a large improvement on the 8-megapixel iSight camera on the current iPhone. We should see Apple unveil the new iPhone in the coming months.

Introducing the ARCHOS PC Stick, aims to be the best portable computer

ARCHOS has introduced the PC Stick, an HDMI-connected drive that is portable and designed to provide an extremely mobile computing experience any where you go.




The PC Stick can be connected to any screen featuring an HDMI port, so it's compatible with monitors, televisions and projectors. The device will automatically boot and show users a full computer with access to Windows mobile programs. Consumers can also connect peripherals and other devices using Bluetooth or the USB port - with access to Windows, Google Android, and Apple iOS keyboard applications and game controls.


The PC Stick runs Windows 10, is powered by an Intel Atom CPU (Z3735F / Quad-core @ 1.33 GHz), Intel HD Graphic, 2GB RAM, 32GB flash storage, and has Wi-Fi, RF, Bluetooth, micro USB and USB connectivity. It retails for just $99.

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Qi wireless charging standard now supports 15W fast wireless charging

Wireless charging is about to get much quicker thanks to the latest Qi wireless charging standard that the Wireless Power Consortium has just ushered in.




The consortium has introduced the latest Qi standard, with support for 15W fast wireless charging. The group isn't providing any performance numbers just yet, but we should see smartphone makers enabling support for the latest Qi wireless charging standard in the near future.

Report: Even more employees going mobile in the workplace

The US mobile worker population in the United States will increase from 96.2 million in 2015 up to 105.4 million in 2020, according to the IDC research group. By 2020, mobile workers will make up 72.3 percent of the total US workforce, as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices become even more important in the workplace.




The dropping price of smartphones and tablets, along with acceptance of bring your own device (BYOD) programs by workplaces are helping drive the rising number. In addition, employees can enjoy newer forms of mobile technologies: biometric readers, augmented reality, wearables, voice control, and near-field communications (NFC) are making it increased mobility possible.


"Mobility has become synonymous with productivity both inside and outside the workplace, and the mass adoption of mobile technology in the United States has cultivated an environment where workers expect to leverage mobile technology at work," said Bryan Bassett, research analyst of the Mobile Enterprise Device Solutions at IDC. "The expectation will be supplemented by new solutions specifically intended to manage the challenges associated with the growing needs of the mobile workforce."

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OnePlus 2 will be one of the first smartphones with USB Type-C

It looks like OnePlus is going to be ahead of the curve when it comes to power connectivity, with the company confirming on its Twitter page that their upcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone will feature the reversible USB Type-C connector.




OnePlus announced the news on Twitter, saying: "The #OnePlus2 will be the first flagship to use Type C USB. We want to lead the way in power connectivity". USB Type-C is going to give the OnePlus 2 smartphone some great transfer speeds to the PC you're connecting it to, as well as the reversible side which means you won't be guessing which way the USB charger goes in when you're in the dark.

Oblivious girl was walking and texting... and got her leg stuck

A teenager was walking down the street in Mianyang City, China, and wasn't paying attention to her surroundings because she was too busy texting. You can probably see where this is going: she stepped on a storm drain, and one of her legs went through the bars - and she actually ended up wedged in the storm drain, as her leg was stuck.




A few of the bars on the drain could have been bent a little bit, which made the situation even worse, according to bystanders on the street. She seems unharmed from her sudden predicament, and is more embarrassed than anything else:


"We managed to remove the bars and quickly freed her once we arrived at the scene," said Ming Lai, spokesman for the local fire brigade, in a statement to the media. "Her leg was a bit scratched and bruised and numb from being squeezed through the bars, but she quickly recovered and did not need hospital treatment."

Oops. Heinz ketchup bottle's QR code leads to porn website

A German customer scanned a QR code printed on a Heinz ketchup bottle and was directed to a pornography website. The QR code was supposed to lead Daniel Korell to a special promotion offering personalized ketchup bottles, but... didn't.




The domain in question,, wasn't renewed by Heinz - and a German porn company snagged the domain. To capitalize on the unique marketing opportunity, the porn company also offered Korell a complimentary subscription.


"We really regret the incident," a Heinz representative told Korell on Facebook. Heinz offered a personalized ketchup bottle to Korell as an apology, and while he admitted he "probably" wouldn't suffer permanent damage - but accepted the offer.

Apple removes the last non-Retina iOS device from its website

Apple is pushing towards the future by removing its last non-Retina iOS device, the iPad mini, from its website. The iPad mini has a now, low-res 1024x768 display, but doesn't compete against the Full HD and beyond displays we're used to these days.




The company is pushing the iPad mini 2 and 3 online, and with a $100 price difference between these two slates, it's no wonder Apple would remove the original iPad mini from its website. An Apple spokesperson talked with Engadget, where they said: "The non-retina iPad mini model is no longer available. Now all models of iPad mini and iPad Air have 64-bit Apple-designed CPUs and high-resolution Retina displays".

Using your smartphone while walking? Make use of the 'texting lane'

It looks like the folks at Utah Valley University have a good sense of humor, after installing walking, running and texting lanese in its Student Life & Wellness Center. The stairway was the brain child of the Marketing & Communications Department, tasked with "enhancing the center's design through the use of art and graphics."




Not surprisingly, the new stairway has received a significant amount of national and international attention - especially with most of us having a story related to watching a person, fully engrossed with using a smartphone, do something potentially reckless or dangerous.


"When you have 18- to 24-year-olds walking on campus glued to their smartphones, you're almost bound to run into someone somewhere; it's the nature of the world we live in," said Matt Bambrough, creative director at UVU. "But that isn't the reason we did it - we used that fact to engage our students, to catch their attention and to let them know we are aware of who they are and where they're coming from. The design was meant for people to laugh at rather than a real attempt to direct traffic flow."

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