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30 Rock is the latest to "Go Google", have you?

I'm a huge fan of 30 Rock, as well as an avid Google user, and it looks as though Google's "Go Google" campaign has received from help from the show. The videos are a little bit of fun, with the latest clip using the TV show "30 Rock".



The video shows off trying to build up some ideas with the writers of the show within a show, as shared collaboration. There's not much else that is shown in the video, but we'd like to know: do you use Google? Maybe not just Gmail, but what about Docs (or now Drive).


I'm a huge user of Docs, Gmail, Android, Chrome - and having everything sync up to any device I use, iOS, Android, Windows, or OS X, is just magical. It's revolutionary, resolutionary, and Googlicious. Just one more thing: Go Google.

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Google brings back power searching lessons, sign up now!

If you missed it the first time around, Google has brought back its online course "Power Searching with Google" to equip users with the knowledge to use Google effectively and efficiently. You can sign up for the class now for free and take the six 50-minute sessions over two weeks beginning September 24.




A description directly from Google:


The community-based course features six 50-minute classes along with interactive activities and the opportunity to hear from search experts and Googlers about how search works. Beginning September 24, you can take the classes over a two-week period, share what you learn with other students in a community forum, and complete the course assessments to earn a certificate of completion.


Google also offers up thoughts from the previous class:


During the course's first run in July, people told us how they not only liked learning about new features and more efficient ways to use Google, but they also enjoyed sharing tips and learning from one another through the forums and Hangouts. Ninety-six percent of people who completed the course also said they liked the format and would be interested in taking similar courses, so we plan to offer a suite of upcoming courses in the coming months, including Advanced Power Searching.

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GoDaddy denies that it was a hacking, claiming "a series of internal network events" led to the crash

GoDaddy is rejecting the claims that they were hacked in a statement released today. The statement claims that "the service outage was not caused by external influences. It was not a "hack" and it was not a denial of service attack (DDoS). We have determined the service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables."




This claim refutes yesterday's claim by an Anonymous member that he was responsible for bringing GoDaddy down. The outage lasted for six hours, by GoDaddy's account, lasting from 10am PDT to around 4pm PDT. They have reiterated that since it wasn't a hack, at no time was any customer data at risk. They then proceed to admit they let customers down and apologize for doing so:


Throughout our history, we have provided 99.999% uptime in our DNS infrastructure. This is the level our customers expect from us and the level we expect of ourselves. We have let our customers down and we know it.


We take our business and our customers' businesses very seriously. We apologize to our customers for these events and thank them for their patience.

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Pirate Bay domains get blacklisted from Google suggestions

If you search Google and start typing "thepir...", autocomplete suggestions will no longer offer up "" or "" The Pirate Bay isn't particularly concerned with the censorship--they're constantly having to deal with it--but it does start to raise issues with Google's unilateral censorship.




If the terms are searched for specifically, the indexes still remain and will be returned. However, the idea is that they won't be suggested so users will have to already know about The Pirate Bay in order to gain search results for it. That said, if you already know about it, you probably don't need to be searching for it.


No court ordered the removal and it wasn't needed as Google feels they need to do their part to combat online piracy. "While there is no silver bullet for infringement online, this measure is one of several that we have implemented to curb copyright infringement online," a Google's spokesman told TorrentFreak previously.


So, is this the beginning of a slippery slope? Where will Google decide to stop? What happened to just indexing the data and presenting it? These questions will need to be answered soon, before consumers lose faith in Google.

Large majority of Kansas City neighborhoods sign up for Google Fiber

It's not clear whether Google's advertising or neighbor's canvasing is responsible for the large amount of neighborhoods that have qualified for the service, but one thing is clear: nearly 90 percent of eligible neighborhoods have have signed up for the new super-fast fiber optic Internet connection from Google.




Google has released figures on its blog that at least 180 out of 202 "fiberhoods" have qualified for the service and Google is still verifying requests, so that number is likely to increase. Of course, not every single neighborhood will qualify, and this could leave those users out in the cold until sometime next year.


Google Fiber's pre-registration was announced six weeks ago. For $70 a month, customers will get up to 1Gb/s download and upload speeds. For $0 a month, users can get 5Mb/s down and 1Mb/s up. All they have to do is pay the $300 construction fee as bringing fiber to your door isn't cheap. For $120 a month, users can get the $70 Internet, plus TV.

RumorTT: Spotify to launch browser-based app, would include redesigned look

TechCrunch is reporting that music streaming and discovery service, Spotify, are close to launching a browser-based music player that would either compliment, or replace, the desktop Spotify application.




The desktop Spotify application hasn't really had a proper update in quite a while, with people wondering what's going on. But, if we're looking at a redesigned desktop app, pushed into the confines of a browser, it would make things much easier, and much more streamlined to push changes into the app.


This would save having to update the app, restarting it, and all that jazz. TechCrunch also reports that along with the browser-based app, Spotify would throw in a redesigned look which would help users discover music and playlists recommended by influencers.

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Obama DNC speech sets new Twitter record: 52,757 tweets per minute

Twitter has seen a new record set thanks to Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. During yesterday's speech, Twitter saw an incredible 52,757 tweets per minute, the highest rate ever seen. The DNC has created quite a bit of talk on the social networking site, driving over 9.5 million tweets about #DNC2012.




Yesterday alone saw 4 million of the 9.5 million tweets sent. Most of those 4 million were sent during Obama's speech. Four million tweets also rivals the total number of tweets that were sent about the Republican National Convention that was in full swing last week. Regardless of what your political views may be, Obama's clearly got the larger, more active following on Twitter.


According to CNet, several quotes from the president's speech proved tweetable:


"I'm no longer just the candidate, I'm the president." - 43,646 tweets


"I will never turn medicare into a voucher." - 39,002 tweets


"We don't think government can solve all our problems..." - 37,694 tweets


It will be interesting to see what event manages to top this latest record. As more people join Twitter it becomes easier for records to be broken, so it's unlikely that this record will stay.

Bing challenging Google to 'Bing it on,' says users prefer Bing search results 2:1

Microsoft has been pushing Internet Explorer and Bing more and more lately, and this new "Bing it on" challenge is the latest example of Microsoft pushing their search engine, Bing. While they actually hired an independent research firm to do the study comparing the two (they came up with the 2:1 result), Microsoft is just pushing the result with this new campaign.




It's designed to be fun, easy, and surprising. All you have to do is go to and run through five queries of your choosing and select the search results you prefer. At the end of the five votes, the site will show you the "score card" of how you voted, either for Google or Bing's results.


Additionally, "to get the word out," Microsoft has launched a TV campaign that will feature someone running the "Bing it on" challenge on the ground. More often than not, the person picks Bing's results and is very surprised when they tell the person that. Microsoft will also be promoting the "Bing it on" challenge in Microsoft stores.

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Twitter removes source app name from tweets

I'm sure you've heard about the changes coming to Twitter in the near future. If you haven't, a little catch up: Twitter is planning to restrict external apps to only 100k users max, or 200% of what ever they are currently at if they are already over 100k users. The move is aimed at keeping people using Twitter on their official programs.




It's a small change, really, but Twitter is no longer showing what third-party app the Tweet came from. "This is part of our ongoing work to simplify Tweets and emphasize the content being shared," a Twitter spokesperson told CNET. However, it's more likely they want to prevent offering free advertising to these other apps.


If you were looking for a new tweet app, you'll no longer be able to use tweets as a measure of how good an app is. And in the near future, there may be no more apps other than the official one. We'll keep you posted if any of this changes.

Kim Dotcom offers developers early API access to his new Megaupload rendition

As nearly everyone knows, MegaUpload was shut down earlier this year and Kim Dotcom's house was raided. We've since found out that those search warrants were invalid and his extradition hearing has been pushed back all the way to March 2013. However, that hasn't kept the US government from keep MegaUpload offline.




Have no fear as Dotcom is working on an alternative to that service, and it would appear to be nearing completion as he is offering early API access to developers. "The new Mega will offer one-click-encryption of ALL your data transfers, on the fly, easy to use, free of charge, TOTAL PRIVACY!" - Dotcom's Twitter


He has accused the government of picking on the wrong guy, so he will likely make sure that this new service will keep him from getting picked on. I have a feeling that that is the reason for the encryption. Either that, or so when he is raided, the police have nothing to work with.


In other news, his new music service, MegaBox, is due out later this year.

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