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Hacking & Security Posts - Page 91

Pakistan Says Death to Hackers

By: Array

I have always been in favor of tougher laws for computer crimes but I think Pakistan might be going a little overboard.


According to Reuters Pakistan has now made Cyber Terrorism that results in the death of another punishable by death or life imprisonment. The "results in death" requirements are not tied to the actual hack but only if it can be proved that the hack resulted in someone's death directly or indirectly. This law applies not only to Pakistani citizens but to foreign hackers as well.


Read more here


Pakistan Says Death to Hackers


The Prevention of Electronic Crimes law will be applicable to anyone who commits a crime detrimental to national security through the use of a computer or any other electronic device, the government said in the ordinance.


"Whoever commits the offence of cyber terrorism and causes death of any person shall be punishable with death or imprisonment for life," according to a copy of the ordinance, published by the state-run APP news agency.


The law will apply to Pakistanis and foreigners whether living in Pakistan or abroad.


The ordinance described cyber terrorism as accessing of a computer network or electronic system by someone who then "knowingly engages in or attempts to engage in a terroristic act".


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WEP security totally broken

By: Array

Running a wireless network at home or the office? Piece of advice, if you're currently relying on WEP encryption to block intruders out, switch to WPA ASAP!


Though its been known for a while that WEP is somewhat easy to crack, that appears to have just gotten a whoooole lot easier, with word spreading on the web that it can be done in as little time as a minute or so.


More info at The Inquirer and The Register.


SECURITY EXPERTS say that the WEP protocol for security LANs is totally broken and should be dumped on sensitive networks.


Boffins at Darmstadt Polytechnic said that WEP uses the RC4 stream to encrypt data which is transmitted over the air, using usually a single secret key 40 or 104 bit long.


WEP has been known to be insecure since 2001 after Scott Fluhrer, Itsik Mantin, and Adi Shamir published an analysis of the RC4 stream cipher. Since then crackers have been able to recover the key to a greater or lesser degree of success.


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GoTRUSTED Launches Wireless Internet Security Service

By: Array

Internet Security mob "GoTRUSTED" have just recently introduced a rather innovative online security service for users of wireless public hotspots and the like. The new 'Secure Session' service allows users to instantly connect through a secure web portal that encrypts their network traffic before it leaves their computers. The service requires no software to install and requires no configuration of the host computer.


Check out the press material here for all the details.


"Public wireless Internet access, so called 'hotspot access,' is becoming more widely available for computer users. It's not just cafes, hotels and airports anymore, now entire metro areas are implementing hotspot access for the general public," said Mike Boudet, VP of Marketing at GoTrusted. "There's a need to secure communications from the point where they leave your computer to when they're on the Internet. It's very easy to intercept vital information or attack a peer system over the wireless network. Everything from the URLs that you're browsing to your IM traffic is available for all to see, if they wish to."


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Microsoft Releases Windows XP Wi-Fi Security Patches

By: Array

In the past, it's been proven that there are major security flaws in the popular wireless standard, 802.11b. Fortunately for us, as time and technology progresses people like to roll out these nifty little things called patches. Enter the Microsoft dragon, so to speak. Of course there are a few catches. The patch is for Windows XP only and is intended for the 802.11i standard. That leads into a second point: the patch is intended for the 802.11i standard, which hasn't been rolled out just yet. Go figure.


We here at TweakTown hate to spoil a good thing, so if you are interested in updating please don't hesitate to check out these nifty links:


Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 815485
Windows XP Support Patch for WPA - Q815485_WXP_SP2_x86_ENU.exe
More information @ VNUNet | CommsDesign


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Essential Home Wireless Security Practices @ Ars

By: Array

Ars Technica have posted a very interesting article telling us all about Wireless Home Networking and the essential security precautions we should all take to keep everything nice and secure. We don't want some pesky neighbor hogging our Internet bandwidth now, do we?


You might wonder why anyone would even want access to your network. In most scenarios, your wireless network provides perpetrators with two
things: 1) access to your local network (the computers connected up in your house), which if unsecured means access to your data, and better yet, 2) access to the 'net. 11Mbits/sec isn't a bad little heist for someone who wants to spend all night downloading pr0n from your connection, or perhaps they'd rather mail bomb the government or something. It's no matter--just don't be an easy target. We're gonna help.
More information @ Ars Technica


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Windows XP Contains Massive Security Hole???

Over at the Inquirer there's a story concerning a built in
vulnerability in XP which can allow a malicious site to very simply delete files from your harddrice simply by you clicking on a url or receiving a html page.

MICROSOFT'S RUSH to get Windows XP SP1 out and about may have been motivated by a desire to hide a vulnerability afflicting the operating system (cough) that allows hackers to delete files from a computer accessing a tweaked web page.
More information at the Inquirer


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Wireless Security Article

Over atArs Technica they decided to find out the answer to, "What happens when you hop in a small plane, grab your laptop with some wireless sniffer software, and fly around town?"

This past Sunday (8/25) I met Tracy at Montgomery Field in San Diego at noon. He did the pre-flight while I prepped the stumbling gear. We hoped to rack up as many APs as we could so we planned to fly over or near high tech businesses, UCSD, Encinitas, Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, SDSU, Mission Valley, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Pt Loma, Chula Vista and then head to the airport to land. Tracy kept the airspeed low (about 120 knots) so we could maximize the time we would spend in range of APs, hoping this would increase the likelihood of detecting them.
More information at Ars Technica


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Guide to Windows Security

TechSpot has a guide up on Windows Security which covers Updates, Account Management, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and more.

Making your Windows OS more secure is an awkward enough process given the sheer number of things that can be done to improve it. This guide will cover some of such tips and tricks for different applications which should make your system more secure as well as less prone to viruses. Although the guide is mostly aimed at Windows 2000/XP users, people using older version of Windows should also take note as much of the content here applies to those earlier versions in addition to the Internet Explorer and Outlook Express tips.
More information at TechSpot


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Nexland Pro800turbo Internet Security Box Review

ReviewNation has reviewed Nexland's Pro800turbo Internet Security Box.

After reviewing Nexland's Pro400, we were very proud when we were asked to review their Pro800 Turbo Internet Security Box. There are 2 main differences between the new Pro800 turbo and the Pro400. First, the Pro400 was only a 4 port router, while the Pro800 turbo is an 8 port version. The other main difference is that the new Pro800 turbo can take 2 internet connections and combine them into one, fast connection. Let's see how well this thing really worksÂ…
More information at ReviewNation


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Nexland Pro 400 Internet Security Box / Router Review

OC-Melbourne has taken a look at Nexland's Pro 400 Internet Security Box / Router.

Nexland is based in Miami Florida, with branch offices in Europe, Canada and Korea. Offering products to companies and private purchasers online, Nexland also caters for the OEM market, providing its technology onto its internet security parters worldwide. While they arent as well known as other manufactuers such as Netgear or Linksys, their product really does speak for itself.
More information at OC-Melbourne


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