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AMD has record Q1 revenue

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With Q1 2010 coming to an end major tech firms are starting to offer up their financials for the quarter. From all accounts, the economy and tech spending are turning around.




Intel announced a best ever quarter for Q1 2010 and rival AMD has now announced record revenues of its own. AMD has posted revenue of $1.57 billion for the quarter. Operating income was $182 million with non-GAAP net income of $63 million.


Non-GAAP net income per share was 9 cents. AMD thanks its next generation notebook platforms, graphics cards, and server platforms for the improvement in performance. The company posted a loss of $416 million in Q1 2009.


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Gartner statistics show 27% growth in Pc shipments in Q1

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The PC industry has had a significant upswing in 2010 after coming off 2009, which was one of the worst years ever for the industry. Intel announced its best quarter ever for Q1 2010 and Gartner has reveled higher than expected growth.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14887_1.jpg


The shipment of PCs grew 27% in Q1 2010 while predictions were for 22% growth. A total of 84.3 million computers shipped for the quarter. HP remained the top shipper of PCs with 18.2% of the market.


Acer seized the second place spot with 14.2% of the market, Dell has third with 12.1% of the market, and Lenovo took forth with 8.3% of the market. Asus and Toshiba tied for fifth with 5.5% of the market each.


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Intel reports record earnings for Q1

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Intel has its first quarter results in for the year and is happy to report a record profit that has surpassed all expectations and reached in excess of 400 percent higher than the same period last year; increased demand for laptop chips and high-end desktop parts being cited a key factor.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14865_01.jpg


The giant chipmaker has announced profits of $2.4 Billion, or 43 cents per share with the Q1 revenue at 10.3 Billion, up 44 percent from the same quarter last year.


So, to no surprise, it's all full steam ahead for Intel as they continue to laugh their way to the bank. If you'd like to read about Intel's first quarter results in more specific detail, click here.


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Adobe possibly thinking about legal action against Apple

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Not even a week after we tell you that Apple is attempting to ban all third party compilers and porting tools we hear rumors of the law suit to be filed by Adobe. Of course we wanted to know if this was the case and so far have been told that is no grounds for the rumor. Adobe's last comment was that they were looking into the wording of the new SDK agreement, but nothing about any type of legal action.


However all of that might have changed when a statement by Steve Jobs (made in response to Greg Slepak, Co-Founder of To Effects) Jobs is trying to claim, again (Apple tried this with the Mac OS), that by allowing third party tools it will hold back the OS. However, most know that this is not the case and that regardless of the tools used some apps will still come out crappy (just look at a few in the App Store now). Slepak also commented that many apps that are popular on desktop are made by cross-compilers.


Overall I feel this is very ant-competitive and anti-consumer, this feels more like a move to ensure that developers cannot code for multiple platforms with a single set of tools.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14857_17.jpg


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Dell adds three more business notebooks to Latitude E series

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Dell has added a few new members into its business positioned Latitude E series of notebooks today which includes the 14.1-inch E6410 and E6410 ATG, and a 15.6-inch E6510 model.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14788_04.jpg


All three of these notebooks are based around Intel's Calpella platform and Dell gives the option of buying with a Core i5 or Core i7 processor, up to 8GB RAM, HDD of up to 500GB or SSD of up to 256GB, DVD Writer or Blu-ray drive, 4, 6, 9 or 12 cell battery and choice of integrated graphics or the addition of NVIDIA's NVS 3100M 512MB GPU.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14788_05.jpg


The E6410 ATG separates itself further from the other models with its semi-ruggedized design that makes it more resistant to shock, vibration, temperature and humidity.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14788_06.jpg


Other inclusions are a HD webcam, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, choice of mobile broadband and options for GPS and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.


Dell can ship with pre-loaded versions of Windows XP, Vista or 7. You can find the Latitude E6410, E6510 and E6410 ATG notebooks for purchase at this section of Dell's website at prices starting from $1,014, $1,064 and $2,114 respectively.


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OmniVision exec hints at big order from Apple

By: Array

Apple is one of the most secretive companies on the planet and has stopped using suppliers and other agencies before after secrets about its products leaked ahead of launch. OmniVision's CEO might want to keep that in mind.




CEO Paul Coster has been hinting that his firm has received a large order from Apple according to reports. OmniVision makes a cool camera chip for smartphones and tablets that has 1080p video recording and high resolution still shot capability.


We have heard rumors that the next iPhone will get a 5MP camera, and OmniVision may well be the provider. That is assuming Steve Jobs doesn't set the Apple ninjas upon Coster for even hinting at a deal.


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The JooJoo has landed

By: Array

With all the iPad coverage we thought we would let you in another long awaited "tablet". This one is the JooJoo, formerly the CrunchPad. There were so many rumors and delays on this one that people had begun to think it was vaporware and nothing that would ever reach the public.


Well that has all changed as the gang over at Engadget actually has one of them in hand. Now all we have to do is wait for a comparison review between this and the new iPad. I wonder which one will come out on topÂ…


TweakTown image news/1/4/14738_12.jpg


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OCZ raises $15.4 Million Dollars

By: Array

OCZ made an interesting announcement today, as the informed the world that they have secured 15.4 Million more dollars for SSD research. This money comes on the sale of 5,151,662 shares of common stock.


The money will be poured back into the business to help improve their current and future generations of Solid State Drives. The SSD market is now flooded with these and it takes impressive performance to stand out of the crowd.


This is even more so with big companies like Intel and Seagate in the fray (Intel is already on their 2nd generation SSDs). The funds will come in handy as OCZ works to improve their hardware and market share. We can only hope they also can weed out some of the mass of offerings they have out now and give us more clearly defined product lines.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14617_22.jpg


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Nintendo set to launch new 3DS portable console in fiscal 2011

By: Array

Nintendo has been selling its various forms of the DS portable console for a long time now and doing very well with the things. The DS has massively outsold other portable consoles like the Sony PSP for a long time.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14593_1.jpg


Nintendo is set to embrace the 3D future with the announcement that it is working on a new portable console called the 3DS. I like that name, it's catchy. Nintendo is mum on hard details for the console.


The most important bits of info are that the 3DS is coming, it will need no 3D glasses, and we will learn more in June at E3. A 3D portable with no glasses sounds pretty darn sweet.


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Hypersonic-PC shuts down, OCZ focusing on core business

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Such a shame - boutique PC maker Hypersonic-PC has closed down. According to a message left on its website, "At this time Hypersonic-PC is not accepting any orders. We are honoring all warranties and will continue to support existing customers. All customers that currently own a Hypersonic branded PC or Notebook can contact the following numbers for direct product support."


TweakTown image news/1/4/14589_01.png


While Hypersonic-PC wasn't as well known or successful as the likes of Alienware, Falcon Northwest or Voodoo, the PC maker did produce some rather solid products targeted for the gamer. I personally still use one of their 12.1-inch laptops that really impresses me for its looks and performance.


OCZ Technology bought the PC maker sometime ago now as it expanded into new areas. Rob from Techgage was able to contact Alex Mei, OCZ's Executive VP and CMO, and got the following response: "We are focusing all our resources on SSD, PSU and Memory and our SI business really didn't fit into the spectrum of things."


Also according to Alex from OCZ, the company intends on taking care of all customers that have bought Hypersonic products and your warranty is still active. At least some good news there, but R.I.P. Hypersonic-PC. We liked you while you were around!


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