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Samsung 3D TV gets early review -- you want one

I have known since I read about the first 3D TV long ago that I had to have one. There were lots of 3D sets at CES this year and one of the firs lines to hit the market are the Samsung 3D TVs.




TechRadar has reviewed one of the Samsung 3D sets along with the required $150 Samsung active 3D glasses and overall things were grand it seems. The pub describes a few "unpredictable results" with frame delay techniques.


The big thing I hate to hear about Samsung sets is that they include no glasses and the glasses are $150 per set. A family of four will need to drop $3K on the 3D TV and then another $600 on glasses alone.


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Club 3D readies up custom designed HD 5850 Overclocked Edition

Both NVIDIA and AMD partner Club 3D has just unveiled a non-reference version of AMD's Radeon HD 5850 graphics card which it simply calls the Radeon HD 5850 Overclocked Edition with its higher clock rates on tap.




There's more to the card than just higher clock speeds, however. It uses a custom PCB and cooler to make sure its 760MHz GPU and 1050MHz (4200MHz effective) memory clocks are as stable as a rock. But while those increases over the stock 725MHz/1000MHz setup don't seem like much, there's bound to be a lot of headroom for some manual overclocking goodness with this variant.


A bit about the cooler; it is of a dual-slot nature with the use of four protruding heatpipes that run to a large heatsink with aluminum fins of which a centrally positioned fan blows air directly down.


No word on a release date or pricing as yet.


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Acer unveils GD235HZ 3D ready LCD

3D is going to be really big this year with 3D Blu-ray movies set to debut and 3D games coming this year. To be able to view the 3D content on your computer you are going to need a compatible screen and Acer has debuted one today.




The screen is called the GD235HZ and is designed to work with the NVIDIA Vision active 3D glasses system. The LCD has a 120Hz refresh rate and a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. The screen measures 23.6-inches and has a pixel pitch of 0.2715.


Other features include a 2ms gray to gray response time, 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 1000:1 native contrast ratio. The screen has HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs. The screen will ship this month for $399.99.


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Ubisoft to use RealD 3D tech in Avatar video game

James Cameron's Avatar movie has now become the most successful movie ever made. With the film racking up such huge profits, a game based on the movie was inevitable. Ubisoft and 20th Century Fox are taking about the game a bit today.




The two firms have announced that they will be using RealD 3D technology, the same tech behind the 3D version of the film, on the video game titled James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. The game will be coming for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles.


We already knew that the PS3 would get an update that would allow it to support stereoscopic 3D games and movies. I didn't know that the Xbox 360 would support 3D as well. The launch date for the game is unknown.


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XpanD unveils X103 3D active glasses

CES has come and gone and one of the coolest technologies that was everywhere at the show was 3D gear. We saw a wide variety of new 3D TVs and displays turn up this year. Those 3D systems typically require glasses of some sort to view the content.




XpanD announced new 3D active glasses at the show called the X103. The glasses will support 3D technology on almost any 3D capable device from a laptop to a desktop monitor or a big TV in the living room.


The glasses are offered in different colors and styles and they use a pi-cell to block each eye in an alternating method. The glasses work with most devices that display content at 120fps. Pricing for the glasses is unknown.


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CyberLink first with 3D Blu-ray showing PowerDVD 3D in Sin City

CES 2010 - If all goes well, consumers should be able to get their first taste of 3D Blu-ray on their computers and laptops midway through this year.


During Digital Experience we hooked up with Tom from CyberLink here in the USA who gave us a rundown on the technology, a look at the different glasses options and probably your very first look at PowerDVD 3D up and running for real, albeit a very early version, but a look nonetheless. Watch our video below.



In the demo that was on show, an Intel P55 system was setup and considering that 3D Blu-ray requires two renders of the movie to produce the extra dimension, the CPU usage of around 4 - 8% was amazing, and we are working with early software and drivers - and that is something to keep in mind.


Judging by what I saw, it seems like progress on the new tech is going very well and we might actually see a launch as mentioned. But for all the folks involved in Blu-ray on PC, let's get bitstreaming working, like now... okay?


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Sony and RealD to bring 3D into homes

The biggest news this week was that the 3D Blu-ray specifications were finalized. Along with that finalization, we learned that the PS3 would support 3D Blu-ray. If you have seen a 3D film in the theaters in recent months, it was likely powered by RealD 3D technology.




Sony and RealD announced this week that they were teaming up to integrate RealD stereoscopic 3D technology into Sony consumer products in 2010. The tech will be integrated into Bravia TVs and eyewear to support 3D in homes.


I wonder if the RealD tech will be used in the PS3 update for 3D Blu-ray. This 3D tech will be a big deal in 2010 as more and more people looked to upgrade. I hope that broadcasters start to pick up 3D content as well.


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Specs for 3D Blu-ray are complete

The first time I saw HD and Blu-ray tech was at CES a few years back. This year at CES 3D technology will be big and major companies like AMD will be showing off 3D Blu-ray. The Blu-ray Disc Association has announced the final specifications for 3D Blu-ray are complete.




The specs were a group effort with Hollywood studios, consumer electronics makers and more. The spec will allow the delivery of 1080p resolution to each eye. The design of the specs allows 3D Blu-ray to work on LCD or plasma TVs with any available 3D technology.


The best news is that the PS3 will be 3D capable so we should have a firmware update coming to enable that at some point. The specs call for encoding 3D using the MVC codec, an extension to the ITU-T H.264 AVC codec already used by Blu-ray players. 3D discs will be playable in 2D on standard players and 2D discs will be playable in 3D players. Equipment with 3D Blu-ray support is expected in 2010.


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NVIDIA gears up for 3D Blu-ray nice and early

The folks at Engadget were lucky enough to have recently gotten a taste of NVIDIA's 3D Blu-ray ecosystem on one of Acer's upcoming LCD beauties, the 120Hz NVIDIA 3D-ready 24" G245.




During their demo session they also learned a bit about the 3D Blu-ray format which is a backward compatible 1080p source, but uses the new MVC-AVC format to provide a 3D image for both the software and decoding hardware that is able to make use of it.


As far as supporting NVIDIA cards go, the GT 220 and GT 240 can make use of 3D Blu-ray, with NVIDIA's upcoming Fermi cards carrying support as well. It's been said that supporting software won't be an issue with all the main mobs (Arcsoft, Core, Cyberlink and Sonic) all nodding their heads to prepare for 3D Blu-ray titles and have support in time for shipping next year.


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AMD set to demo 3D Blu-ray at CES

CES 2010 is only a few weeks away and one of the coolest things that has been announced to debut at the show is the AMD stereoscopic Blu-ray 3D demo. AMD says that it will be providing a demonstration in conjunction with CyberLink.




This should be cool, this year at CES, one of the most interesting things I saw was the NVIDIA 3D active glasses demo. AMD is making the demo using the coming standards for stereoscopic Blu-ray 3D.


The standard promises the type of 3D visual effects that consumers enjoy at the theater. If works as well as the standard 3D content you can already enjoy, it should be a big deal.


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