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Doom Eternal Review: Hellrazer (Page 2)

Derek Strickland | Mar 26, 2020 at 03:41 pm CDT - 4 mins, 30 secs reading time for this page
Rating: 98%Developer and/or Publisher: id Software

In a very real way, Doom Eternal makes demons into your friends. They're the gateway to the chaos you want to unleash onto the cosmos.

Enemies aren't just enemies anymore. They're resource generators. They're not just threats, but opportunities--opportunities to keep that wanton bloodlust going, to keep that thrill and electric adrenaline pumping.

Doom Eternal has double the demons, and holy hell they can be absolutely overwhelming. Classic enemies like the Cyber Demon, Pain Elemental, Mancubus, and Archvile return for revenge. New terrors like the Marauder and Terminator-like Doom Hunter want your blood. And then you have to worry about the adds. There are so many, many adds.

In Doom Eternal, you're never safe. And you never want to be.

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Doom Eternal is a progression through intense struggle. The entire game is a testament to surviving when you shouldn't be able to. It's so merciless that it transforms you, forces you to adapt, forces you to stop being so careful and cautious.

To survive in Doom Eternal, you simply need to become the Doom Slayer. Become the ultimate living force of aggression, keep moving at all costs, and, most of all, don't stop killing until everything's dead.

You don't just want to beat levels in Doom Eternal. You want to destroy them.

The game is all too eager to punish you. When you get a fancy new gun or upgrade, the game amps it up to 11, and throws more insanity at you. The game constantly tests your mettle. It'll unleash hordes of demons, bosses, and all kinds of nasties in an attempt to drown you in blood.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes you drown. But sometimes it's demon's blood you're wading through, not your own.

That's really the heart of Doom Eternal. It's utterly relentless and forces you to get creative, to adapt, and to evolve. It makes you panic. It makes you flail. It makes you learn to act before you think and rely on your senses and reflexes.

The game lives on the bleeding-edge of game-quitting frustration. It's almost overwhelming and almost completely overloads your senses. But it pisses you off just enough that you want to keep trying. It's actually kind of mesmerizing.

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Eternal rides that threshold so close that no matter how many times you die, you want to keep playing. You're never happy about dying, but you can't stop jumping in. Eternal turns you into a warped creature, a sadist who loves annihilating demons and a masochist who can't stop reveling in the pain.

The game will constantly humble you. You go back and forth between a cosmic super-shotgun toting Superman to a defenseless child who embarrasses themselves with terrible plays.

But you want to do better. You know you can, you know why you messed up, and you also know it was your fault. Doom Slayer wouldn't approve of your weakness.

More than anything, you want to keep ripping and tearing.

There's a magnetism to Doom Eternal that isn't felt with other games. The combat provides such an intense rush, a sensation that isn't found in modern shooters. It makes Halo, Call of Duty, and even Battlefield feel like kid's toys.

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Doom Eternal sweeps you up in this kind of whirlwind storm of death, mayhem, and destruction. You aren't just part of the storm: you are the storm.

The pull is mainly due to the intricately designed combat system that's one part resource management, one part twitch-shooter, and one part adaptation.

id has crafted one of the most fast-paced and addictive gameplay loops that I've ever seen.

Demons aren't just threats. They're pinatas that drop health, ammo, and armor based on your input. Chainsaw an imp in half to get a bunch of ammo. Ignite a group to get armor. Perform those ultra-satisfying glory kills and get health. The game forces you to manage your resources by killing enemies in certain ways.

You have to kill to survive, and you survive by killing.

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This loop creates a flow that's responsible for the fast-paced havoc. You're constantly moving, constantly killing, constantly pulling in resources and spending them to feed your need for wanton bloodlust.

The arsenal is immensely satisfying, and every gun has its purpose. Weapons are tools in Doom Eternal, not just guns. You use them in strategic ways to keep that flow going. I love the super shotgun's hookshot and the sticky bombs on the regular shotgun. The ballista destroys everything, though, and is great for stunning enemies.

You have to constantly adapt to the environments, double jump across obstacles, strafe around fire in tight corridors, scope out any power ups. The game locks you into small arenas that you blast your way out of.

I've never, ever felt more like the Doom Slayer than I have in this game. It's the perfect embodiment of the character. You literally become the Slayer and fulfill your destiny as the merciless demon-killer of the stars.

A big part of the draw is the comedic horror. The game is so absurd and over the top and reminds me of old movies like ultra-gory Dead Alive or the wacky craziness of Evil Dead. Throw in a dash of relentless Terminator in there, and you have a Doom game.

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