Albatron Medusa Ti4800SE Video Card

While nVidia's GeForce FX continues to stock itself on shop shelves worldwide, we shouldn't forget the "lesser" products still floating around on the market. Albatron being a strong supporter of nVidia has used their Ti4800SE GPU and put it into mass production with their Medusa series of video card. Is the AGP 8x bus video card worth buying or not? Read on and find out!
Cameron Wilmot
Published Sun, Mar 30 2003 11:00 PM CST   |   Updated Tue, Apr 7 2020 12:25 PM CDT
Rating: 90%Manufacturer: Albatron

Albatron Ti4800SE - Introduction

IntroductionAlbatron are one of the youngest IT product producers that we have had the pleasure of dealing with in our time on the net. While young, Albatron has taken on its shoulders the weight of the enthusiast market. Rather than starting off small and building up like ECS and DFI have attempted, Albatron jumped straight into the overclockers market with their video card and motherboard lines.Just recently we had a look at the Ti4200P Turbo video card. This card was the first of the Medusa line of video cards. These cards are designed on Ti4600 PCBs with tinyBGA memory modules for extreme overclocking. With the introduction of the AGP 8x standard, and the delays of the GeForce FX, nVidia needed to have something for the AGP 8x market. Responding with the TI4200 with 8x, Ti4800SE and Ti4800 GPUs, nVidia look to have a new chipset, but is it?Today we are taking a look at another of the Medusa video cards, the Ti4800SE.

Albatron Ti4800SE - Specifications

Specifications of the TI4200P Turbo NVIDIA GeForce4™ Ti 4800SE 256-bit GPU 128MB 128-bit DDR memory AGP 2X/4X/8X with fast writes and AGP texturing support NVIDIA nFiniteFX™ II Engine brings unbelievable 3D visual experience never seen New dual programmable Vertex Shaders Advanced programmable Pixel Shaders 4 dual rendering pipelines, 8 texels per clock cycle NVIDIA Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ II for outstanding 3D performance NVIDIA Accuview Antialiasing™ enables high resolution antialiasing game play NVIDIA nView™ empowers the user with maximum flexibility in display options and control Integrated hardware transforms engine and hardware light engine High-quality HDTV and DVD playback Complete OpenGL and DirectX 8.1 support On-board TV- In/Out/DVI-I I/O Interface:- TV- In/Out connector- D-Sub 15-pin VGA connector- DVI-I connector for LCD monitors System Requirements- Intel/AMD/Other Compatible CPUs- One available AGP Slot- 64MB System Memory- CD-Rom Drive Operating Systems- WindowsXP/2000/NT/ME/98Software BundleAquanoxMotocross ManiaWinDVD

Albatron Ti4800SE - Features

Features of the Albatron Ti4800SEPackage and Contents
The Medusa name has been given to Albatron's latest high-end video cards for the enthusiasts. This series stretched from the Ti200p, Ti4400, Ti4600, Ti4200p Turbo, Ti4800SE and Ti4800. The packaging for these cards are identical in internal extra content, the only difference is the name on the front. Like the Ti4200P Turbo, the Ti4800SE comes with a rather small software and hardware bundle. Your card, user manual (used for all versions of the card), two games, one Driver CD, one Application CD and VIVO cables are included. Albatron stated that the rather limited bundle is to reduce costs since there were additional costs on the card itselfThe Card
Like the Ti4200P Turbo, this Ti4800SE is built on the same PCB. This PCB is identical in size and layout as Ti4600 cards. This allows for better signalling and heat dissipation when overclocking the card.New Name, New Feature, Same GPU
With a name like Ti4800SE, you would tend to believe that this card is designed with more power than the Ti4600 card, after all the speed increases have increased with each model. This is further from the truth with nVidia's latest GPUs.The Ti4800SE is a naming ploy on nVidia's part. The Ti4800SE is nothing more than a Ti4400 GPU with AGP 8x support added to it. Simply its what was done with the Ti4200 8x GPU. The Ti4800 GPU is a 4600 with AGP 8x. nVidia has hoped that his will convince the end users that there is more power in the 4800 and 4800SE GPUs, but with the GF4's limited architecture, it doesn't take any advantage of the AGP 8x bus, so expect Ti4400 speeds.Memory and cooling

Albatron Ti4800SE - Benchmarks - Test System and Synthetic 3D

Test SystemProcessor: Intel Pentium 4 (Supplied by Spectrum CommunicationsMemory: 2x 256MB DDR-400 Kingmax (Supplied by Kingmax AustraliaHard Disk: Western Digital WD80 7200RPM (Supplied by TechbuyMotherboard: Gigabyte SINXP1394 (Supplied by GigabyteSoftware Used: 3DMark2001SE, 3DMark03, PCMark2002, Vulpine GLMark 1.1, Quake 3 Arena, Star Trek Voyager, Jedi Knight II, Max Payne, Aquanox, UT 2003.Synthetic 3D Benchmarks3DMark2001SE3DMark2001 SE is one of the latest installments in the popular 3DMark series. By combining DirectX 8.1 support with completely new graphics (including the GeForce4), it continues to provide benchmark results that empower you to make informed hardware assessments. Build 330 adds support for video cards that have Vertex Shaders but no Pixel Shaders, such as the SiS Xabre Video card.
Surprisingly the Ti4800SE runs almost identical with a Ti4600 video card. Seems as if Albatron has been able to squeeze as much power out of the Ti4800SE GPU.3DMark033DMark03 is the latest in the 3DMark benchmark programs. 3DMark03 uses the latest DirectX version 9.0 technologies to test out the CPU, memory and 3D systems of test systems. While this is only a Synthetic test, it shows a start on the 3D front.
3DMark03 shows a different picture. The Ti4600 is able to just beat the 4800SE based Albatron video card.Vulpine GLMark 1.1Vulpine GL mark is a Windows based OpenGL API designed to stress the OpenGL systems of a 3D Accelerator. Patch 1.1 adds in support for ATI Radeon 9700's fast 256-bit memory interface optimisations and early support for the NVIDIA NV30 GPU
Vulpine gives a slight lead to the Ti4600.

Albatron Ti4800SE - Benchmarks - OpenGL

Real World OpenGL BenchmarksQuake 3 ArenaQuake 3 Arena is a real-world OpenGL benchmark that we have been using here at TweakTown for quite a while now because it has proven itself to be one of the best gaming benchmarks around to compare a range of different products.
Quake 3 Arena shows up that the Ti4600 has slightly more power then the Ti4800SE GPU.Star Trek VoyagerStar Trek Voyager is a real-world OpenGL benchmark. Based on the Quake 3 Arena engine, this game is an OpenGL master utilizing DirectX 8. We also apply the new Opt3D patch to allow for the use of Hardware T&L's use as well as new optimizations for AMD Athlon XP and Pentium 4 SSE2.
Voyager, like Quake 3 Arena gives the win to the Ti4600.Jedi Knight IIJedi Knight II, Jedi Outcast is a newly released OpenGL game that many have been waiting for. It has much improved graphics over its predecessor. It fully supports advanced shaders, as well as very high texture resolutions and effects. There is one demo included in the multi-player section that is good for benchmarking use. In order to enable the benchmarking mode, you have to make a shortcut to the jk2mp.exe program located in the GameData folder of Jedi Knight 2. You have to put the switch "+set sv_cheats1" (no quotes) at the end of the line in the Target Area so that it looks like this: "C:Star Wars JK II Jedi OutcastGameDatajk2mp.exe" +set sv_cheats 1. The demo file used is jk2ffa.
Jedi Knight II gives equal results to the Ti4600 and Ti4800SE.

Albatron Ti4800SE - Benchmarks - Direct3D

Real World Direct3D BenchmarksMax PayneMax Payne is a new generation DirectX 7/8 game. This game is based on Hardware T&L advancements as well as many other features of the Intel Pentium 4 and Athlon XP.
Max Payne shows the Ti4800SE and Ti4600 equal in results.AquanoxAquanox is one of the latest installments of our benchmark software. This game is based heavily on DirectX 8 and 8.1 advancements and is designed to stress video cards to their ultimate limit, in all the best D3D benchmark to date
Aquanox shows the Ti4600 with a rather large lead over the 4800SE.UT 2003Unreal Tournament 2003 continues the success that Unreal Tournament generated as an online game and benchmark. UT2003 pulls all of its weight on to the 3D and Memory subsystems, pushing graphics reality to the maximum is its game, and you need some serious power to pull this one off
Finally UT 2003 shows that the Ti4800SE even with AGP8x can't take the place of the Ti4600 using only AGP 4x.

Albatron Ti4800SE - Conclusion

ConclusionAlbatron has once again jumped in head first, and has landed in favorable waters. The Medusa 4800SE is a magnificent video card if you are looking for something on a medium budget. Overclocking on the 4800SE is almost identical to the 4200P Turbo we tested earlier with one exception, memory frequencies were able to go slightly further than the Ti4200P turbo, this is due to the reduced latency of the 4800SE's memory modules.On a design front, it is very similar to the Ti4600 cards out on the market, so if you want one, make sure your board has enough clearance around the AGP slot to accommodate the card.Once again the games and software bundle are somewhat disappointing but costs need to be reduced, rather this than cheap parts on the card.- ProsFastGreat overclockingLarge copper heatsink on GPUCooling on memory units.- ConsSmall games bundleLarge PCBRating - 9/10

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