Smooth Creations LAN Shark Gaming System

Smooth Creations is back and this time they brought the fire. Chris gets some playtime with this hot little gaming rig.
Published Sun, Nov 9 2008 11:00 PM CST   |   Updated Fri, Sep 18 2020 10:50 PM CDT
Rating: 90%Manufacturer: Smooth Creations


Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Many enthusiasts seem to think that Smooth Creations came on the scene when Cooler Master introduced their CSX line of products. The truth is that Smooth Creations has been lingering around in the corner of the PC market for many years, long before CSX. And even if you are a casual user, chances are you are familiar with their work from Maximum PC's Dream Machine project. Smooth Creations has painted nearly as many Dream Machines as Intel has calculated data.

Recently the company decided to change their strategy a bit and brought in an engineer that cut his teeth in the middle of the Graphics Card Wars between NVIDIA and ATI. At the same time the company prepped for technical support and started down the system builder path.

Today we are taking a look at the Smooth Creations LAN Shark, the entry point for a Smooth Creations systems build. The LAN Shark comes in an acrylic case, but don't let your initial thoughts on that stop you from reading on. Smooth Creations has devised a way to turn every negative aspect of acrylic around and produce a system that you will be proud to have sitting on your desk. So, clear some room and prepare to kick that PC sitting under your desk to the curb.

Specifications, Pricing and Availability

You will be surprised to find that the Smooth Creations LAN Shark is more than just a pretty case. The LAN Shark is like a super model with a double major degree. Obviously with Smooth Creations you know that the paint is top notch, degree one. As a system builder, the company and their R&D staff have come up with a pretty impressive list of must-have items for their tricked out system. Let's have a look at the bill of materials.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 3.0 GHz
Motherboard: DFI LANPARTY Jr. P45-T2RS
Memory: Kingston 2x 2GB DDRII 800 @ 900 MHz
Graphics Card: Diamond HD 4870 1GB
Power Supply: Tagan BZ Series 750 Watt
Hard Disk: Western Digital Raptor 150GB
Optical Disk 1: Asus 20X DVD RW
Chassis: Smooth Creations Custom "LAN Shark"
Cooling: Zalman CNPS9700 NT
Keyboard: Custom Logitech G15
Mouse: Custom Logitech G5 Laser
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Ultimate 32-bit

It will be difficult for Smooth Creations to move past the stigmatism of a 'paint company', but putting out systems like this is a good way to start. Right off the bat the company went with the Intel Core2 Quad and overclocked it to 3.0 GHz. These processors have a broad range of successful overclocks by enthusiasts and going to 3.0 is considered a minimal OC. This will leave a lot of room for consumers to explore once they feel the time is right and the DFI LAN Party Jr will give them that option.

Moving down the component list, the Diamond HD 4870 1GB graphics card was a great choice for this system that is designed to be a performer without breaking the bank. The benchmarks will be the ultimate judge, but I will go ahead and let you in on the secret now; Crysis at 1920 x 1200 with over 35 FPS on average.

The rest of the system components are of no surprise and are considered to be of high quality amongst those in the industry. My only real complaint with the sample we received is with the memory and operating system. I would have liked to have seen the system come with 4GB and a 64-bit OS, but I am a bit of a progressive on such things. We have yet to see more than a handful of programs that take advantage of the advanced 64-bit OS and in reality it breaks more programs than it benefits.

The real stand out from the list is the custom case, keyboard and mouse. Smooth Creations does remarkable work in this area and you can see another example in my article of the Cooler Master CSX Medusa. The keyboard, mouse and case all arrived at our U.S. test lab in the Pyro theme. Flame on; the work is beautiful, as you will soon see.

The Smooth Creations LAN Shark is available at three price points on their website; Affordable, Pro and Extreme. I would recommend calling the company and working with one of their sales associates and going over the options and paint theme. This will allow you to get the most out of your new system. To be honest, I could write up an entire five page article just about the options list. But just to mention a few of the extras Smooth Creations offers, some highlights include total custom paint work, "Gamer Tag" name on the case, game artwork and really just about anything you can come up with to be painted. Most of these options are included in the price of the system.

The cost of an entry system is $1,343.75 or around 400 Dollars more than where most of the Cooler Master CSX cases are offered at. It doesn't really take much to figure out where the better value is.


The Packaging

If you spend the money on a product, you want it to arrive in one piece. Countless times products have arrived at my door and the outside package has been destroyed, yet the inner contents were fine. That story can go both ways, though. And I have had my share of surprises when a package shows little damage and the contents inside were shattered. It all comes down to how a product is packaged.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

At first I questioned if they'd shipped me a mid-tower like they originally told me, or if the plans had changed. Here we see the outer shell; the first line of protection. The box makes my dining room table look like an end table.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

The box is made of nice thick cardboard and measures 19 x 28 x32 inches.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Upon opening the box we see a large amount of packaging material and foam. I really like the fact that the company does such a good job protecting the system from damage.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

The system comes wrapped in a cotton material and with the processor heatsink removed. A strong closed cell foam piece is placed in the system to help support the PSU during shipping.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

The keyboard and mouse are shipped in their original boxes with cotton cloth surrounding them to protect the paint work. A system specification sheet is also included that lists the contents of the system as well as a couple of benchmarks from the burn-in tests performed by Smooth Creations.

The Smooth Creations LAN Shark - Exterior

Smooth Creations LAN Shark- Exterior

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Just like the Cooler Master CSX Medusa, it is nearly impossible to show how detailed the paintwork is on these systems in pictures. In my experience clear acrylic cases show all of your dirty laundry inside the case, but Smooth Creations has come up with a way to clean the look of acrylic. Do you see any cables? Me neither. You have to hand it to Smooth Creations for pulling off a clean clear case.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Here we get the same view, but with the system on and all of the LEDs and cold cathodes lit up. The light from the inside of the case is done tastefully and really helps bring out the artwork.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Smooth Creations gives the case a total 360 degree work over. The cold cathode light has a switch on the back for when you want to dim the lights. The system doesn't use a rear fan, but the open vents are wide enough that the processor cooler is able to aid in passing air through the system.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

The other side of the case has the flames going up a little higher than the first and it does a great job of hiding the cables that are at the bottom of the system.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Who would ever think of hiding a beauty like that under a desk? The best thing is that the system is small enough that you don't have to. Notice the SC fan grills that are acrylic, cut into the original piece. It would have been cool to have the ASUS DVD-RW painted to match the case, but this was not a system that I called and had made, so it was not addressed.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Here we see a close up of the fan area and how Smooth Creations managed to score big design points.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Smooth Creations thought of just about everything. Here we see the painted power supply and sheet metal that helps to hide the wires.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

I have to say that this is the first time I have ever taken a picture of the bottom of a case. Here we see that Smooth Creations went the extra mile and used tented acrylic for the bottom.

The Smooth Creations LAN Shark - Internals

Smooth Creations LAN Shark- Internals

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

The paint doesn't stop at the outside. Here we see a close up of the metal shield that blocks the view of the cables.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

It is easy to forget that this is a computer system review. Here we see the motherboard and graphics card.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

The system uses two 120mm red LED fans to draw air in.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

I knew there had to be wires somewhere, but you have to look hard to find them.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Here we see more evidence of Smooth Creations thoughtfulness.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Don't forget that the keyboard and mouse come decked out in matching trim.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

My wife told me I will be getting a Smooth Creations mouse for Christmas, in hopes it will end my bad habit of launching my mouse across my desk when I get fragged. It is really a beautiful mouse, but we will have to report back on how long it takes me to forget while in battle.

This is Ground Control to Major Tom...

Software Configuration

Processes use system resources and can slow down a computer system. Most processes come from the operating system, but many come from the software installed. Here we take a look at how the system comes from the factory.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Paint Shop Pro 6 (psp.exe) was added for the purpose of the review due to its extensive screen capture capabilities. Other than my install, the system comes very clean and ready for you to start adding games galore.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Here we see the installed software list. The Smooth Creations system comes fairly bare. However, since this is a gaming system, software such as an Office suite is better left for the user to purchase and install, if needed.

Benchmarks List and Testing Configuration

Benchmark List and Testing Configuration

System tests are conducted with the system configured as it arrived to our testing lab. Drivers will only be updated if needed for a particular test, such as a new game added to the program test list that requires a special set of drivers, in which case the pre-installed drivers will be removed. Any driver change will be noted when this occurs.

System Tests
- Boot and Shutdown Times
- FutureMark PCMark Vantage
- BAPCo SYSmark 2007 Preview

Processor and Memory Tests
- EVEREST Cache and Memory
- Passmark
- ScienceMark 2

Disk Tests
- HD Tune
- EVEREST Average Read Access
- Passmark Advanced Tests

Video and Gaming Tests
- FutureMark 3DMark Vantage
- Crysis
- PT Boats Demo
- World in Conflict
- Far Cry 2

Compression and Audio Tests
- Quickpar Create and Repair
- WinRAR
- Microsoft Windows Media Encoder
- RightMark Audio Analyser

Benchmarks - System Tests

Boot Up and Shutdown Times

Windows Vista makes testing the start up and shut down time difficult, since the operating system from the outside seems random. For this test I turned the system on and shut it down three times, measuring the time it took for each test. The average times are then presented, as below.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

FutureMark PCMark Vantage

PCMark Vantage is the first objective hardware performance benchmark for PCs running 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows Vista. PCMark Vantage is perfectly suited for benchmarking any type of Microsoft Windows Vista PC from multimedia home entertainment systems and laptops to dedicated workstations and high-end gaming rigs.

Regardless of whether the benchmarker is an artist or an IT Professional, PCMark Vantage shows the user where their system soars or falls flat, and how to get the most performance possible out of their hardware. PCMark Vantage is easy enough for even the most casual enthusiast to use yet supports in-depth, professional industry grade testing.

ORB Link:

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Here we see that the Smooth Creations LAN Shark is a well rounded system, while still emphasizing gaming as its strong suit.

BAPCo SYSmark 2007 Preview

SYSmark 2007 Preview is the latest version of the premier performance metric that measures and compares PC performance based on real world applications. SYSmark 2007 Preview extends the SYSmark family, which has been widely accepted by IT Managers, PC OEMs, press and analysts worldwide to support Windows Vista.

SYSmark 2007 Preview allows users to directly compare platforms based on Windows Vista to those based on Windows XP Professional and Home. The new release also incorporates numerous new features and enhancements such as an improved GUI allowing streamlined start-up and run along with a heads-up-display (HUD) and automated error reporting.

SYSmark 2007 Preview is an application-based benchmark that reflects usage patterns of business users in the areas of Video creation, E-learning, 3D Modeling and Office Productivity. This new release includes a robust and refreshed set of applications.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Our Office productivity suite shows the LAN Shark is strong in several key areas, but really excels in 3D processing.

Benchmarks - Processor and Memory Capabilities

EVEREST Cache and Memory

EVEREST Ultimate Edition is an industry leading system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for enthusiasts PC users, based on the award-winning EVEREST Technology. During system optimizations and tweaking it provides essential system and overclock information, advanced hardware monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to check the effects of the applied settings.

CPU, FPU and memory benchmarks are available to measure the actual system performance and compare it to previous states or other systems. Furthermore, complete software, operating system and security information makes EVEREST Ultimate Edition a comprehensive system diagnostics tool that offers a total of 100 pages of information about your PC.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

We see that the LAN Shark arrived on our doorstep with a 6% CPU overclock and a 13% bus overclock. The system is far from being pushed to the limit, so adventurous users will be able to squeeze a lot of extra performance out of the processor.

It took a long time but Intel has finally caught up with AMD in memory benchmarks. The system we reviewed comes with DDR2-800 memory bumped up to 900 MHz. At this speed the memory requires 2.2 volts, but our sample came configured for 1.9. It is hardly a gotcha moment since the DFI motherboard makes these small corrections easy.

To Smooth Creations' defence, the systems generally come equipped with G.Skill memory according to the website and in my opinion the G.Skill memory works a little better with some of DFI's advanced options and the way the boards are programmed.


Fast, easy to use PC speed testing and benchmarking. PassMark PerformanceTest allows you to objectively benchmark a PC using a variety of different speed tests and compare the results to other computers.

The CPU tests cover mathematical operations, compression, encryption, SSE, 3DNow! instructions and more.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Even with the mild overclock the LAN Shark produces very good processor calculation scores.

ScienceMark 2

ScienceMark 2.0 is a mathematical program designed to stress the memory subsystems of both desktop/workstation and server environments to determine the read/write latency as well as the overall memory bandwidth available between the CPU and the memory controller.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

ScienceMark 2 is a good benchmark for comparing different processors and as we gather more data from other full system reviews we will be able to start comparing their performance to one another.

Benchmarks - Disk Performance

HD Tune

HD Tune is a Hard Disk utility which has the following functions:

- Benchmark: measures the performance
- Info: shows detailed information
- Health: checks the health status by using SMART
- Error Scan: scans the surface for errors
- Temperature display

HD Tune may also work with other storage devices such as memory cards, USB sticks, iPods, etc.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

The Western Digital Raptor 150GB has long been hailed as the only true enthusiast boot drive for its speeds and reliability. The 150GB version was chosen over the VelociRaptor due to the cost differences between the two. It is possible to have your system configured with either a larger 1TB drive or VelociRaptor when ordering your system from Smooth Creations.

EVEREST Average Read Access

EVEREST Ultimate Edition is an industry leading system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for enthusiasts PC users, based on the award-winning EVEREST Technology. During system optimizations and tweaking it provides essential system and overclock information, advanced hardware monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to check the effects of the applied settings.

CPU, FPU and memory benchmarks are available to measure the actual system performance and compare it to previous states or other systems. Furthermore, complete software, operating system and security information makes EVEREST Ultimate Edition a comprehensive system diagnostics tool that offers a total of 100 pages of information about your PC.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Access time is where the Raptor Series excel with their 10,000 RPM platters. 7,200 RPM drives simply cannot compare due to the physical limit. Access time is based purely on rotational speed and seek times.

Passmark Advanced Disk Tests

This Advanced Disk Test, which is part of PerformanceTest, measures the data transfer speed when reading or writing data to one or more disks. The speed that data can be transferred between memory and a hard disk drive is one of a system's most important performance aspects. There are quite a few factors which have a bearing on this speed and the Advanced Disk Drive Test allows the user to vary most of these factors and compare the results.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

I seriously doubt that a LAN Shark is going to make an appearance as a file or web server, but the Passmark Advanced Disk Tests are some of my favourite. Here we see the Raptor perform just like the ones we use for comparison in our hard drive reviews. Significant increases are not achieved until you move to a complex RAID array or use a solid state drive.

Benchmarks - Gaming

FutureMark 3DMark Vantage

3DMark Vantage is the new industry standard PC gaming performance benchmark from Futuremark, newly designed for Windows Vista and DirectX10. It includes two new graphics tests, two new CPU tests, several new feature tests, and support for the latest hardware.

3DMark Vantage is based on a completely new rendering engine, developed specifically to take full advantage of DirectX10, the new graphics API from Microsoft.

ORB Link (Entry):

ORB Link (Performance):

ORB Link (High):

ORB Link (Extreme):

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

The 3DMark scores are mainly shown for comparison to your current system. The LAN Shark is built for strong, stable gaming and not all out drag race benchmark runs that result in unstable everyday performance.


From the makers of Far Cry, Crysis offers FPS fans the best-looking, most highly-evolving gameplay, requiring the player to use adaptive tactics and total customization of weapons and armor to survive in dynamic, hostile environments including Zero-G.

Real time editing, bump mapping, dynamic lights, network system, integrated physics system, shaders, shadows and a dynamic music system are just some of the state of-the-art features the CryENGINE 2 offers. The CryENGINE 2 comes complete with all of its internal tools and also includes the CryENGINE 2 Sandbox world editing system.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Crysis is still the mother lode of what a graphic test should be. The game was simply so far ahead of its time that after being on the market a year it is still difficult to get some of the explosive scenes above 30 FPS. It is important to pay close attention to the average frame rates. Here we see that the LAN Shark is capable of fairly smooth game play at 1900x1200 without AA. At this resolution AA tends to lose a substantial effect, anyhow.

PT Boats

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is a naval action simulator that places gamers in charge of a mosquito fleet of the Allied Forces, Russia or Germany during the height of World War II.

Using the latest Direct X 10 technology PT Boards - Knights of the Sea manages to apply a lot of stress to the components of today which in turn gives us quite an intensive benchmark.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

PT Boats is another DirectX10 benchmark that can wreck havoc on a gaming system. Here we see that LAN Shark giving us playable graphics up to 1920x1200 with 4X AA.

Benchmarks - Gaming Cont.

World in Conflict

World in Conflict is a real-time strategy video game by Massive Entertainment and to be published by Sierra Entertainment for Windows (DX9 and DX10) and the Xbox 360.

The game is set in 1989 where economic troubles cripple the Soviet Union and threaten to dissolve it. However, the title pursues a "what if" scenario where, in this case, the Soviet Union does not collapse and instead pursues a course of war to remain in power. It is an intensive new game is sure to put plenty of stress on even the latest graphics cards and we use the built-in benchmarking for our testing.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

World in Conflict ranks up there with Command and Conquer: Red Alert on the "fun" scale for me and I tend to think of it like C&C: RA with much better graphics. We see that the LAN Shark is able to run the game at 1920 x 1200 with only a small penalty over 1680 x 1050. Overclocking the processor a little more would give the system a much better score, but for an OEM system the numbers are really good.

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2, the next-generation first-person shooter from Ubisoft, will take you deep into the most beautiful but also most hostile environments in the world: Africa! More than just a visual and technological achievement, Far Cry 2, the true sequel to the award-winning PC game, will provide you with an unprecedented gaming experience.

The Dunia Engine was built specifically for Far Cry 2 by the award-winning Ubisoft Montreal development team. It delivers the most realistic destructible environments, amazing special effects such as dynamic fire propagation and storm effects, real-time night-and-day cycle, dynamic music system, non-scripted enemy A.I. and so much more.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Maybe I took Far Cry 2's benchmark software a little too far. Either way, we now have a lot of data to work with in the future. The LAN Shark is able to give us playable graphics all the way up to 1920x1200 in Ultra High mode without AA enabled. Anything over that and the game starts to get a little choppy.

Benchmarks - Compression, Encoding and Audio


WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.

The built-in "Benchmark and Hardware test" feature allows for quick and easy comparison of decompression times between systems.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

WinRAR plays heavily on processor performance and the quad core Smooth Creations chose gave us a really good decompression score.

Quickpar Create and Repair

QuickPar is a utility for creating Parity Volumes using the Reed Solomon algorithm. Parity Volumes may be used to verify that a set of files have not been corrupted, or to reconstruct damaged files (providing that you have a sufficient quantity of Parity Volumes to match the missing or damaged files).

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Quickpar utilizes system memory, processor power and hard disk access times; everything that the LAN Shark excels at.

Windows Media Encoder 9

In this test we take a 2 minute 1080p video and encode it into a 720p video. Scoring is determined by the amount of time taken for the task to complete. Lower is better.

The video used for this encoding test is The Magic of Flight (IMAX) which is readily available for download on Microsoft's HD Content Showcase page.

Smooth Creations LAN Shark

Video editing has become common place for power users and especially those like me with a DV camera and a family. Here we see our 2 minute 2 second video took 5 minutes and 1 second to convert the video from 1080P to 720P.

RightMark Audio Analyser

RMAA suite is designed for testing quality of analog and digital paths of any audio devices, be it a sound card, an MP3 player, a consumer CD/DVD player or an acoustic set. The results are obtained by playing and recording test signals passed through the tested audio path by means of frequency analysis algorithms. A more common mark is also provided for those unfamiliar with measured technical parameters.

A new version is the result of two years of development by best experts in digital audio. RMAA 6.0 raises the bar of comfort and functionality for spectrum analyzers. That's why it is a program of choice for enthusiasts, professionals, and audio magazines around the world; and some manufacturers are developing new devices with the mandatory testing of their quality in RMAA. In short, the program at the moment is a de-facto standard providing quick and easy measurement of technical parameters, without the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on specialized measurement systems.

CyberPower Gamer Xtreme XE Gaming PC

The audio test is the only benchmark that makes me feel let down. When DFI introduced their Karajan Audio it was supposed to be the next big thing. ABIT soon followed with their version and for the most part the practice went untested. Karajan Audio was supposed to improve signal-to-noise ratio and it seems that was not really the case, at least with the LAN PARTY Jr.

If you'd like to view a more in-depth analysis of the results with individual charts, click here.

Final Thoughts

System reviews are much more than a look at how a system performs. The process allows you to really peer into a company, how they operate and ultimately how satisfied a customer would be with their purchase. This past week I spent a great deal of time talking with Smooth Creations personnel, from the marketing team all the way up to the CEO. It is my opinion that the company is able to fill a void left open by the boutique builders that have seemed to have lost their way.

Smooth Creations is still a young company when compared to Alienware and VooDoo, but this is not a bad thing. The company is hungry with the desire to please their customers instead of just being compliant with their position in the PC market. A good example of this is in their tech support. If you need Smooth Creations you give them a call and talk to someone within a few rings. No call centre, no three hour hold time, you call and you talk to an actual person who is competent enough to answer your questions. It will be interesting to see how the company is able to handle typical growing pains from "making it." For now they are doing a good job and I hope they are able to keep their high level of personal service.

The biggest challenge for Smooth Creations is going to be getting over the stigma of being a paint shop. The fact is that the company has evolved a great deal and in my eyes is more than just a pretty case. Their full systems are very well designed and laid out well.

That said, the LAN Shark we were presented with had some minor nuances that would easily be sorted by the end user. The biggest was the choice of 120mm fans for the LAN Shark. At the front the fans produced 59 Db eight inches from the corner of the case at a 45 degree angle. With a case this beautiful, hiding it under a desk would be almost punishable and you should feel ashamed if you were to do it. However, a 59 Db annoyance may put end users in a position where they feel they may have to. I am sure in the future this will be addressed as Smooth Creations seems eager to gain insight from expert opinions about their products.

If you are a gamer that likes to have unique hardware, it would be impossible not to recommend the Smooth Creations LAN Shark. This is the entry product, so users looking for even more power such as SLI, Crossfire, water cooled and extreme performance systems have the option of moving up the product line. Still, the LAN Shark is starting at a nice price point for a gaming system. The painted case is really just an added bonus from a company that knows how to take care of their customers and produces machines that are able to perform much better than their big box competition.

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Chris Ramseyer started his career as a LAN Party organizer in Midwest USA. After working with several computer companies he was asked to join the team at The Adrenaline Vault by fellow Midwest LAN Party legend Sean Aikins. After a series of shake ups at AVault, Chris eventually took over as Editor-in-Chief before leaving to start Real World Entertainment. Look for Chris to bring his unique methods of testing Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drives as well as RAID controller and NAS boxes to TweakTown as he looks to provide an accurate test bed to make your purchasing decisions easier.

We openly invite the companies who provide us with review samples / who are mentioned or discussed to express their opinion. If any company representative wishes to respond, we will publish the response here. Please contact us if you wish to respond.

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