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Apacer rolls out DDR3 SO-RDIMM, for Networking and Mission Critical Applications

Posted: Nov 1, 2012 2:15 am | RAM Press Releases

The rapidly developingcloud-based services have brought prospective impact on the enterprise-level storage device, network communication equipment and high-end server.To meet the enterprises' demand for powerful computing, Apacer, the global professional manufacturer of the memory module, launchesDDR3-1333 SO-RDIMM.It's the special memory module tailored for the Mission Critical Application and the Networking System device. As the product features compactness, high-processing speed and high stability brought by registering clock driver with parity chip, it can offer enterprises the multi-advantage storage device in a cloud-based operating environment.




Designed with reference to the electrical specification for JEDEC DDR3 204pin SODIMM memory module,DDR3-1333 So-RDIMMis Apacer's latest special memory module andalso a customized product supporting capacity up to 4GB. Thanks to the small form factor of only 67.5mm, it can be fully accommodated within the narrow and small switch and router. In addition, to effectively protect the networking communication system from data processing mistake during transmission of high-capacity data and large-scale computing, DDR3-1333 So-RDIMM not only adopts registering clock driver with parity chip to achieve synchronization and stabilization of the signal, but also supports Error Correcting Code(ECC). Itthus effectively improvesthe accuracy of signal transmission and significantly enhancesthe reliability of the memory module.Moreover, with a view to reducing the temperature and power consumption of the current mission critical application, this product's built-in thermal sensor enables the system to monitor the temperature change in the memory module during operation, thereby effectively protecting the system from failure due to overheat. The thermal sensor can optimize the power usagethrough adjustment, minimizing the power consumption by the system.


DDR3-1333 So-RDIMM, the special memory module from Apacer, has gone through rigorous environment tests (extended temperature and high/low pressure testing for longer periods of time) and motherboard test. Currently, the module has successively passed international OEM vendors' strict tests for ensured compatibility and stability when used in Networking System.Apacer has years of extensive experience in the networking communication system and the server market. Apacer has developed a wide array of specifications and technologies for server memory modules and introduced the special memory module to satisfy the demands forhighly reliable and highly compatible products with various specifications from the customers.

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