Sparkle Introduces New Line of Premium Quality Graphics Cards

Sparkle has today announced 6 upgraded version models of high-end Calibre graphics cards catering to various needs of different consumers. As Sparklefs gGlobal Heavyweight Strategic High-End Graphics Card Brandh and by means of remarkable R&D competence and abundant resources, Calibre not only focuses on the ultimate performance of high-end graphics cards, but also sketches out the user experience of top high-end graphics cards for consumers including product/industrial design, packaging design and after-sales service of free 3-year warranty.

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With perfection in mind, Sparkle places emphasis on the product design and style of the Calibre brand. The all new Calibre range of products adopts the innovative Mono Luxury technology and introduces ultimate fashion and style with simple grandness. The top front fan cover is made of high quality matt black aluminium which adds a more elegant touch to the cold mechanical look of graphics card. In addition, the design of the back side of the card has also set a rare new record in the industry, the boldly added bottom back panel echoes with top cover design, giving a graceful feel on the whole. More importantly, the bottom back panel creates bigger cooling surface area to improve the heat transfer efficiency significantly. Its solid structure protects PC board from impacts and also prevents graphics cards from board bending which is a problem consumers are most worried about.

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Calibre X580 Captain

A True Masterpiece Causing The Multi-Screen Revolution

1.MAXWIDE TechnologyF Bringing Work and Leisure Together

X580 Captain is the worldfs first single graphics card to provide quad-display support and comes with the exclusively developed MAXWIDE Multi-Monitor technology, 3 built-in Mini DisplayPort outputs, 2 Dual-Link DVI outputs. Calibre X580 Captain supports multi-monitor display output including 1 single image on 3 displays simultaneously and 2 divided images spanning across 4 displays at once. Whether itfs gaming experience, multi-tasking word processing, business conference calls or professional skills of specific areas such as audio & video editing , X580 Captain brings unprecedented visual experience to consumers.

2. Deluxe Hybrid CapacitorsFExtremely Stable Electricity

The launch of X580 Captain is the best interpretation of our down to details brand spirit, Sparklefs General Manager, Henry Lin says: gWe take the key technology of every process very seriously and we are also focused on strict quality control, always striving for perfection!.h The high-cost top quality materials used for X580 Captain are all new revolutionary deluxe hybrid capacitors, made up of Tantalum and Decoupling capacitors often seen in aerospace technology and military products. Tantalum capacitors feature low ESR values and reduce DC leakage current whilst Decoupling capacitors can effectively filter noise from DC power supply, prevent inter-circuit interference and provide high speed recharge/discharge efficiency. The deluxe hybrid capacitors ensure 2,000,000 working hours and guarantee extraordinary overclocking capacity and stability.

3. Voltage Detection ModulesF Pushing the Overclocking Limit

On overall performance, implemented with the improved Vapor Chamber cooling technology, the heatsink performance of X580 Captain surpasses traditional thermal modules by 30% and further defeats other competitors of its class by 17% in 3DMark 11 score. Besides, voltage detection ports have been newly added in order to allow advanced gamers to easily measure the voltage of GPU and memory.

Calibre X560 Series:

Ultimate Gaming Experience & 100% Overclocking Potential

The new upgraded versions of X560 Ti DF and X560 DF are equipped with brand new Cool Pro thermal modules. Most importantly, the exclusive 9cm Ball Bearing Fans operate stably even at high speed and avoid problems such as increase in noise and fan failures caused by bearingfs wear and tear, effectively taking away the heat generated by graphics card. Furthermore, this cooler incorporates two high-performance 8mm copper heat pipes which enable optimum heat transfer, obtaining obvious performance upgrade in cooling. The operating temperature at full speed can be lowered another 7% compared to the cooling design of the GeForce GTX 560 reference board, effectively avoiding power outage and computer crash due to overheating, gamers will no longer suffer from game crashes. The advanced gaming performance of X560 Ti DF is inspiring and marks a 14% increase in 3DMark 11 score, well ahead of the GeForce GTX 560 Ti.

Calibre X550 Ti DF

Extreme Gaming Performance & High Cost-Performance Ratio

In comparison with products of the same class, the new X550 Ti DF has strengthened its overall performance and delivers the ultimate gaming experience, bringing impressive performance and great value for money to gamers. As for gaming performance, X550 Ti DF employs top quality Japanese all solid capacitors manufactured with high technology, effectively reduces power consumption and lowers operating temperature. The gaming performance of X550 Ti DF shows a 12% increase in 3DMark 11 score compared to the GeForce GTX 550 Ti reference board. The upgraded version is fitted with brand new Cool Pro thermal module with built-in Ball Bearing Fan design and pure copper heat pipes to contact GPU directly, providing more efficient heat transfer and stable operating performance. Moreover, the Ball Bearing Fan design can significantly extend the lifespan of the cooling fan up to 40,000~50,000 hours, truly money-saving and environment friendly.

Calibre X520 Series

Compact and Well-Equipped, A Must-Have For Home Entertainment

The Calibre X520 series of graphics cards adopt the low profile design and are ideal for HTPC (Home Theatre PC) as they deliver outstanding performance, satisfying consumersf demands on 3D multimedia playback, HD Blu-ray audio & video entertainment and real-time Internet access. Implemented with Japanese all solid capacitors, the upgraded version of Calibre X520 has greatly increased its overclocking capacity providing higher stable electric current and greater performance with maximum memory capacity up to 2GB. In addition, the Cool Pro thermal module uses Dual Ball Bearing Fan design which perfectly solves noise problems caused by the operation. Calibre X520 provides an extremely quiet environment with a minimal noise level of only 28dBA when operating at full speed.

For more information, visit the Calibre Style website.

Last updated: Apr 7, 2020 at 12:05 pm CDT

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