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Team Group Inc. releases SDHC / SDXC UHS-I Top Class Memory Cards

Posted May 5, 2011 @ 11:43 CDT

Striving to satisfy consumers' desire and need for high speed storage, Team Group Inc. launches two new generation top class memory cards, the SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I which are compliant to the latest digital recording storage specifications. Both cards are tiny in the size of a stamp, yet come in hard-disk level large capacities. Their transfer speeds break traditional limits With excellent performances fully satisfy the rigorous demands of professional photography, allowing photography enthusiasts and professional photographers to fully enjoy unlimited fun.

Team Group Inc.'s SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I memory cards comply with SDA's Ultra High Speed 1 (UHS-I) specifications, with a theoretical transfer speed reaching as high as 104MB/s. Even under normal usage their reading speed can still reach as high as 40MB/s while continual writing speed can reach up to 15MB/s, therefore making them the new generation speed class that surpasses the previous SDHC Class 10. The best performance of the SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I can be fully demonstrated when they are used in the latest model of high-end single lens digital cameras and digital recorders that support UHS technology In which case, Team Group Inc.


SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I are the most ideal products for high speed continuous shooting and HD dynamic recording. The ultra speed transfer rate also vastly shortens the waiting time to copy multimedia data from the memory card to the computer, making them indispensible best partners for photography enthusiasts.

In addition, Team Group Inc's new generation SDXC UHS-I memory card complies with the all new SD3.0 standards, and uses Microsoft's exFAT format, which eliminates the restriction under the traditional FAT32 format that a single file cannot exceed 4GB and as a result allowing users to record every precious moment in extensive length of multimedia clips without having to divide them up a. The SDXC memory card's capacity also took a great leap with its huge storage capacity of up to 64GB, which is double that of the current highest SDHC specification. It can be expanded to 2TB in the future. As to portability, SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I weigh only 2 grams and are thin in size, making it easy to be carried around. A 2TB SDXC memory card can store 100 high definition videos, 60 hours of high quality music or 17,000 high pixels photos. Whether it is for professional photography or taking pictures during travelling, the enormous storage capacities of SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I is the one-and-only solution to all needs.

Both Team Group Inc's SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I memory cards are downward compatible with SDHC and SD, with error correction codes and optimized wear leveling technology. They include advantages such as reliability, durability, water-resistant, shock-resistant and a lifetime warranty, making it convenient for consumers to vividly record every unforgettable moment in life.


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