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Gainward First Released 4 Models of GeForce Gainward GTX 560 Ti

Posted Jan 25, 2011 @ 9:19 CST

Gainward First Released 4 Models of GeForce Gainward GTX 560 Ti


Unparalleled Performance with Better Perf/Watt!




As the leading brand in enthusiastic graphics cards, Gainward proudly launch its Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti series; in order to satisfy all hardcore PC gamers' requirements, Gainward provides 4 different customized models, Gainward GTX 560 Ti 2048MB "Phantom", Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB "Phantom", Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB "Golden Sample", and Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB standard. New Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti series born to an affordable performance-level segment, inherits mighty DNA in revolutionary GF114 chipset; Fermi architecture 2.0 is ready to surpass the historical record and upscale 33% performance, by increasing 21% Perf/Watt than GTX 460, and beating competing rival HD 6870 in every ways, the performance is amazing at DirectX9, DirectX10 and astonishing at DirectX11.


Gainward GTX560 Ti 2048MB "Phantom" and Gainward GTX560 Ti 1024MB "Phantom"




Gainward is gloried again to launch its GTX560 Ti "Phantom" edition, "Phantom2 -Phantom Quadratic" which is featured with innovative revolutionary cooling technology, reinforcing the heat dissipation efficiently by two excellent, extreme silent GR8(Great 8cm) PWM fans; conducting the heat away by remarkable 4 pcs of Gainward Grand-Prix Heat-Pipes Hybrid 6 mm heat-pipes; dispersing overage heat to the air by the delicate shark sink fins. Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti "Phantom" demonstrates the best cooling performance, providing the most silent acoustic sustainability and all-mighty performance capability.




Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB "Phantom" is initiated over-clocked for all 384 CUDA Cores at 835 MHz and whopping 2050MHz for 1024MB GDDR5 256-bit bus wide memory interface with memory bandwidth of 131.2 GB/sec. Gainward GTX 560 Ti 2048MB "Phantom" sets at default GPU clock appearing to be 822 MHz, while its shaders and memory ended up at 1645 MHz and 2004 MHz respectively.




Low-temperature gaming performance and low-acoustic-noise characters




Thanks to Gainward "Phantom" revolutionary cooling design, it is not just flaunty, but also extremely silent under 2D loading, inaudibly running only 6.5dB higher than the environment, almost not detectable. Comparing with similar performance GTX 470 reference fansink, Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti "Phantom" performs amazingly in low acoustic noise scale, which is 13.1 dB quieter, and 67% lower. While in 3D heavy loading, Gainward "Phantom" illustrates its excellent cooling technology by operating extreme low-temperature, nearly 11°C lower than GTX 470 reference fansink, meaning 13% cooler. With the excellent thermal design, enjoy the most stable and silent performance VGA and feel free to test-drive its limit; you'll be surprised by its superb over-clock ability.


Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB "Golden Sample"




Every single pieces of Gainward crowned "Golden Sample" has to survive from the most critical burn-in tests by operating in the most aggressive clock rate in extreme temperature, to ensure best stability under aggressive over-clocking. Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB "Golden Sample" is manufactured with pre-over-clocked 8% from 822MHz to 900MHz for all 384 CUDA cores and from 2,004MHz to whopping 2,100MHz for 1GB GDDR5 256 bit memory bank, equivalent bandwidth is up to 134.4 GB/sec. With brand new translucent cover design, Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB "Golden Sample" is proud to illustrate its thermal solution cooled by 4 pcs of Gainward Grand Prix (GP) Heat-pipes Cooler in 6 mm heat-pipes, forced ventilated by dual GR8 silent PWM fans, which has excellent OC capability and over-clocking behavior which is rather linear and predictable.




Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB




Last but not least, Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB GDDR5 default GPU is clocked at 832MHz while the shader and memory stores up at 1,645 MHz and 2004 MHz. Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB has a synonymous performance with a sweetest price tag which would appeal to those performance gamers on a budget! Comparing to other graphics solutions, Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB finely turns for a better performance with better power consumption, exceeding 40% performance/watt than competing performance of HD 6870. Capped with GR8 Fan and rugged Japan-made solid-state capacitors, Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024MB retains excellent thermal performance, great stability under aggressive over-clocking which leaves lots of head room for exercising over-clocking maneuver by Gainward awarding winning Expertool utility.


Along with all the benefits listed, Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti series lines up from top to bottom equipped with QuattroPorts (Dual Dual-Link DVI, HDMI & legacy VGA ports) on the entire. This series pack supports all NVIDIA premium GTX gaming graphics technologies - PhysX, CUDA & 3D Vision or more immersive 3D Vision Surround in SLI configuration. Gainward GTX 560 Ti series has unbeatable performance with better power consumption; a great contribution provides more choices for performance- enthusiastic PC gamers worldwide; what are you waiting! Opt to pick up the unparalleled powerful Gainward GTX 560 Ti series.


Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti Series Specifications





About Gainward


Gainward was founded in 1984 with a commitment to develop the most advanced graphics accelerators in the industry and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. Received great reputation for manufacturing of leading edge products for the enthusiastic market. Gainward "Golden Sample" (GS) and "Golden Sample Goes Like Hell" (GS-GLH) are two signature synonyms for aggressive overclocked and extreme overclocked graphics cards in the gaming society. As one of the top graphics cards leading brands, Gainward continues to provide cutting edge products with excellent quality. Furthermore, Gainward brand name symbolizes our belief in gaining trusts and respects from our valued customers. With Headquarter based in Taipei, Taiwan, factory in Shenzhen, China and European Headquarter in Munich, Germany. Gainward is ambitious to address worldwide market and cooperates closely with its globally localized channel partners.


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