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Enermax Revises Modu82+, Pro82+ and LibertyECO PSU Series

Posted Feb 2, 2010 @ 8:42 CST

Enermax Revises Modu82+, Pro82+ and LibertyECO PSU Series


Enermax launches revisions of its most popular PSU series Modu82+, Pro82+ and LibertyECO. Users can identify the upgraded PSUs by looking for the "II" name affix. On the 20th anniversary of the Enermax brand, all PSUs in the Modu82+ II, Pro82+ II and LibertyECO II series will also be delivered with a special add-on: a 12cm Twister fan.






Modu82+, Pro82+ and LibertyECO belong currently to the most famous and popular PSU series on the market. With the PC demands of 2010, Enermax has now upgraded these three series with several new and attractive features.


DXXI Ready
In the face of the inevitable upgrade of many PC systems, gamers wanting high-performance DirectX11 graphics cards, require new demands of power. Enermax changed every single 6-pin PCI-Express connector to the upgraded 6+2-pin (8-pin) instead. All Enermax PSUs from 400W upwards possess at least two 6+2-pin (8-pin) PCI-Express connectors, which will be required for the new generation of DirectX11 graphics cards, coming on the market in 2010.


As a feature of high-end series Revolution85+, Enermax introduced the "HeatGuard" cooling function. By keeping the PSU fan running for 30 to 60 seconds after shut down of the PC, it dissipates the remaining heat left over. HeatGuard offers an additional protection of system components and helps to prolong system's lifetime.


Everyone knows this possible situation, especially on LAN events or in crowded rooms: while sitting at the computer, someone stumbles over the AC power cord and your PC shuts off suddenly. Enermax has a remedy for this problem: a small, patented metal clip. By clamping the AC cord tightly to the PSU case, it avoids accidental shutdowns of the PC.


Extented CPU 12V Power Cable
In more and more PC cases, the power supply is installed at the bottom. As a consequence, the distance between PSU and CPU socket becomes longer, causing the 12V power cable to stretch. Therefore, Enermax has updated its PSUs by equipping all new series with 60cm CPU 12V cables. This gives users more flexibility in assembling their PC systems.


Enermax 20 Years Anniversary: Free Twister Case Fan


20 years ago, a group of skilled IT specialists founded the Enermax Technology Corporation. In this new company, they had a vision: High-quality, high-performance and durable PC components for ambitious and high-tech oriented customers. Within a short time, Enermax had emerged into a leading manufacturer of power supplies, cases, fans and peripherals. The company possesses its own research and development centre, as well as two factories - an important basis for global success of the Enermax brand. This way, Enermax is able to ensure high quality, regular advancement and unique design of its products. As a thank you for the long-standing loyalty and customer trust, Enermax presents a Limited Edition of its new PSU series, Modu82+ II, Pro82+ II and LibertyECO II. From these three series, all power supplies will be delivered with a free 12cm case fan that features the patented Twister Bearing Technology.


The new Modu82+ II (625W), Pro82+ II (425W/525W/625W) and LibertyECO II (500W/600W) power supply series are available immediately. Upgrades of the remaining watt models will be available soon. For more information about the upgrade, please visit this page.


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