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RunCore Pro IV Light: An even Smaller Price to Pay for a More Productive Life

Posted Dec 2, 2009 @ 3:25 CST

RunCore Pro IV Light: An even Smaller Price to Pay for a More Productive Life


Introducing the Runcore Pro IV Light mini-SATA 50mm PCI-e Solid State Drive SSD


In RunCore's pursuit of the ultimate solid state drive (SSD) upgrade, we have created a new class for our Pro IV SSD line, called the Pro IV Light. This mini-SATA drive is focused on bringing optimum performance to smaller devices such as the Asus Eee PC T91 by boosting computer performance 4x to 20x in various benchmarks. RunCore Pro IV Light mini-SATA SSDs are available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB with smaller capacity drives for OEM or Manufacturer needs available upon request.


This revolutionary new SSD design not only boosts your sustained performance but it also focuses on random small file read and write speeds, the speeds that create bottle necks in current and past PATA, SATA HDDs, and some SSDs. With operating system and applications consisting of thousands of small files, the RunCore Pro IV Light SSD can process these files at nearly 4 times the speed of a conventional spinning hard drive while creating a more efficient and satisfying user experience.


The RunCore Pro IV Light mini-SATA PCIe SSD is the ideal choice for the storage media of the ultra-mobile PC. With its small footprint and industry-standard design, the Mini-SATA PCIe SSD format is fit for embedded solid state storage because it allows for high capacity and high performance while ensuring compatibility in ultra-mobile PC's.


Key Features


• 80MB/s write and 125MB/s read speeds
• 4K random: 18MB/s read and 5 MB/s write speeds
• 32MB (16GB, 32GB) and 64MB (64GB) cache size
• Speed increases in startup, application launch, multitasking between programs, opening/rendering/saving large files, and shutdown
• Silent operation
• Extended battery life
• Heat reduction
• Increased reliability and durability
• Compliant with SATA 2.6 protocol
• Easily install any major OS: Windows9X/Me/NT/XP/CE/Vista/Windows7, MAC, Linux and Unix.


Easy 3 Step Do-It-Yourself Upgrade


All RunCore Pro IV SSD offers upgrading made easy with our simple 3 Step Do-It-Yourself upgrade package give you all the tools you need and simplifies the process where even novice computer users can easily complete.


1. Plug the RunCore SSD drive into an available USB port.
2. Run the included cloning software.
3. Install the SSD and enjoy.


It's that easy!


The upgrade package includes:


• High Speed USB 2.0 HDD case and cables to clone your existing drive and turn it into an external USB drive
• 15 Day Free Trial of Acronis Migrate Easy for Cloning your Current Drive
• Screwdriver
• Runcore Stickers


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