Independent research survey finds big challenges in multi-cloud

SYDNEY, October 2, 2019. Kemp, the leader in powering always-on application experience (AX), has disclosed that significant AX challenges are arising when organisations use two or more public clouds in conjunction with private cloud infrastructure.

This was disclosed in a Forrester Consulting survey, commissioned by Kemp, of 150 enterprise business and technology decision makers in Australia and four other Asia Pacific countries. The results, compiled in a research paper by Kemp, revealed new insights into the challenges, current approaches and expectations CIOs have for multi-cloud application experience.

The report warns that as more critical applications move to the public cloud, the ability to achieve visibility and control is critically important to maintaining resilience and availability and to ensure the highest standard AX.

"The migration of applications into public cloud environments or across multiple clouds can enable better application experience, control and flexibility when paired with load balancing infrastructure," said Tony Sandberg, Regional Director APAC, Kemp.

IT teams are predicting a more complex environment deploying applications in the cloud and are expressing a clear need to simplify deployment, get better management and control of those applications. Speed, agility, scalability, and automation are now the top requirements for these load balancers.

Deployment of load balancing on a per-application basis that matches exact requirements will become more common to achieve the speed and agility required today.

The report suggests: "Enterprises need actionable insight to prevent application issues and to ensure an always-on, always-secure application experience.

"Context-relevant analytics and predictive analytics into applications could limit or eliminate downtime by detecting and resolving application issues before they occur. Ad-hoc troubleshooting can be time consuming."

The report concludes that the end-user application experience for customers or employees can remain highly available when increased insight and observability is supported by application and networking experts who understand the unique or varied circumstances around application issues.

Organisations are moving towards a multi-cloud hosting environment. Over 84% of CIOs across Australia and Asia Pacific believe multi-cloud will constitute up to 50% of their hosting environment in the next three years, up from an average of less than 30% today.

Core apps heading for cloud

While the cloud migration of customer-facing and reporting applications has been widespread, many organisations are considering the migration of core 'run the business' applications. For core applications, optimising the hosting environment becomes even more important for businesses.

The survey shows that 67% of CIOs across the region believe multi-cloud migration has a positive impact bringing better capabilities in load balancing. Control and flexibility are key to multi-cloud application experience.

Automation is a priority for CIOs. Most respondents cited greater automation along with multi-vendor management as important IT priorities. Automation of IT processes is key to driving down costs and increasing IT efficiencies.

Last updated: Oct 2, 2019 at 04:36 pm CDT

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