AUO Ultra Large 8K4K ALCD Leads TV Display Standard

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409;NYSE: AUO) announced its participation to CES 2019 from January 8 to 11, with exhibition highlights spanning from smart home, gaming to vehicle applications, including the world's first mass produced(*) 85-inch 8K4K bezel-less ALCD TV display, AHVA gaming monitor display boasting the fastest(*) response time, gaming notebook PC display with mini LED backlight and HDR, LTPS notebook PC display with ultra low power consumption, and ultra high resolution vehicle cockpit display adopting direct bonding lamination.

AUO Ultra Large 8K4K ALCD Leads TV Display Standard |

The Company also announced that it has partnered with global electronics giants to form the 8K Association (8KA) to jointly promote 8K ecosystem development. While 5G, AI and IoT converge to usher the next technological revolution, AUO is dedicated to presenting ever more innovative display applications and technologies, and offers all-round smart solutions centering hardware and software integration to create the most value for its customers.

Displays as Key Interface for Smart Home, Entertainment and Transportation

At home where TVs continue to increase in screen size, resolution and image quality, AUO has devoted substantial R&D efforts to developing advanced display technologies, as demonstrated by the 85-inch 8K4K (7680x4320) bezel-less ALCD TV display combining leading HDR with low reflection, 120Hz high refresh rate, quantum dot wide color gamut and curved design, and 65-inch bezel-less TV display with peak brightness as high as 2,000 nits and 3.5mm ultra-slim black matrix for an exceptionally polished look and maximized viewing area.

In terms of gaming applications, AUO owns an impressively complete gaming displays product line, offering a full range of gaming monitor and notebook PC displays integrating high refresh rate, high resolution and bezel-less design. Among them, the 27-inch QHD (2560x1440) display boasts 165Hz high refresh rate and 1ms response time and is currently the fastest(*) gaming monitor display equipped with AHVA technology, and UHD 4K (3840x2160) gaming notebook PC display has mini LED backlight with 240 dimming zones and peak brightness of over 1,000 nits, meeting the highest VESA DisplayHDR performance level to show off image details with extreme accuracy and smoothness. For users who are on the move, AUO's 14-inch full HD T-con embedded driver LTPS LCD adopts a special MUX (multiplexer) design and effectively reduces its PCBA to an extremely small size. This slim and light notebook PC display consumes less than 1 watt of power under the normal 150-nit operation mode, making it the perfect choice for travel with limited power outlets.

AUO has long foreseen the market demand of smart vehicles sporting high potency and customized displays. As such the Company has devoted tremendous effort in the development of high performance and free-form vehicle displays to integrate with car interior design. The effort is characterized by AUO's ultra high resolution vehicle cockpit display, adopting direct bonding lamination to combine a 12.3-inch cluster, 13.2-inch CID and 12.3-inch front passenger seat touch panel. At the CID, in particular, symmetrical holes are drilled in the active area to allow buttons or control dials to be installed, making car navigation, entertainment and communication functions more intuitive to use. For 12.3-inch curved and 10.1-inch CID displays, in-cell touch solution integrating touch and display driver ICs was employed to create a thinner panel for more design freedom at the center console.

Joining as Founder of World's First(*) 8K Association to Develop 8K Ecosystem

AUO has long been devoted to the development of advanced display technologies, and was among the first to have introduced 8K4K technology to large-sized TV displays and led to mass produce(*) 85-inch 8K4K ALCD TV display. With the coming of the era of ultra-high image quality TVs and growth opportunities from 8K resolution broadcast at Tokyo 2020, as a leading panel supplier, AUO has jointly founded the industry's first(*) 8K Association (8KA) with consumer electronics giants including Samsung Electronics, Hisense, TCL Electronics and Panasonic. It is hoped that through close collaboration and partnership, globally consistent 8K display standards will be established to accelerate its technology adoption and the development of the entire value chain, delivering the best image performance possible for viewers worldwide.

Based on the available market research information as of January 9, 2019.

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