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Video Cards News - Page 298

GeForce3 Reviews

By TweakTown Staff | Oct 1, 2001 09:20 pm CDT

Inside Project has not one, but two GeForce3 reviews to share with you.

Asus GeForce3 Pure:
"Now that the NVIDIA has set the video standards, and become more popular, manufactures are starting to bring all sorts of variations of the Geforce 3 to the market. In most cases, manufactures are beefing up their cards with extra features, such as extra video features, faster memory, and larger heatsinks. The reasoning behind these extra features is an attempt of standing out from the crowd. The way ASUS has been leaning with there boards is quite obviously catering to overclockers. This is apparent from the larger heatsinks..."

Elsa Gladiac 920:
"Inside the box there are Gladiac 920 with green cooler and green RAMsinks, standard VGA 15-pin D-sub connector and TV-out with an S-video connection. For TV-Out Elsa also included an S-video to RCA adaptor, which is great if you don't have S-video connector on TV or adaptor. There is also FULL versions of Giants: Citizen Kabuto GeForce 3 optimized version (also known as DX8.0 optimized version) and Elsamovie 2000 software DVD-Player."

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Leadtek GeForce3 TDH Review

By TweakTown Staff | Sep 18, 2001 10:03 pm CDT

The DDR Zone has just posted a review of the Leadtek GeForce3 TDH Video Card. here's a snip:

"GeForce 3 cards require better cooling than it's predecessors, and the first thing most people would notice about the newest Leadtek offering is their efforts to ensure the card won't fry. Sporting a great big heat sink with embedded fan for the GPU, the Winfast also has a temperature sensor underneath the sink that monitors the core temperature of the GPU. This goes in favour of the over clocker of course, and over clocking is something that Leadtek cards have always been fairly capable of."

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Gainward GeForce2 Pro/450 Review

By TweakTown Staff | Sep 6, 2001 10:37 pm CDT

t-break has decided to check out some more of the contenders in the GF2 arena. There's a lot to choose from, and if you head on over, then you can see their take on the Gainward GeForce2 Pro/450 Video Card. here's a snip:

"We used the Coolbits hack to overclock the card. So just how high did we get? The GPU went up to a respectable 32MHz for a total of 232MHz while the RAM went all the way up from 400MHz to 472MHz with no sign of visual artifacts or instability- simply awesome in our opinion. At 472MHz the RAM was running about 24MHz higher than the Geforce 2 Ultra at stock speed. The GPU at 232MHz was just 18MHz slower than the Ultra. Lets reiterate. This is with STOCK cooling on the GPU and no ramsinks/cooling AT ALL on the RAM."

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Leadtek GeForce3 Review

By TweakTown Staff | Sep 3, 2001 09:56 pm CDT

Looks like we weren't the only ones to get hold of the Leadtek GeForce3 Video Card. Go check out what the folks over at had to sy about it. here's a snip:

"Welcome, to the real world. Blazing fast speeds, features not yet implemented and the promise of watching the 3dmark2001 Nature demo with all the juicy effects. Completely unaffordable for the average Joe without selling organs. I sold my organs. You should too! All in the name of the latest, greatest technology which will become obsolete in a few months."

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ATi Radeon VE Review

By TweakTown Staff | Aug 28, 2001 10:03 pm CDT

A lot of folks have been looking at video cards that are more budget oriented. ATi has recently released their Radeon VE Video Card and the folks over at neoseeker want to share their findings. here's a snip:

"The convenience of working on a large desktop spread of over two inexpensive monitors, cannot be underestimated. Whether you are a system administrator, multi-tasking between telnet sessions, research, and troubleshooting other projects, or a web designer/graphics artist working on multiple images, ftp and and e-mail, these products are indispensable. The ATI Radeon VE is a prime example of this move to inexpensive solutions for work place productivity."

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PNY Verto GeForce2 MX400 Review

By TweakTown Staff | Aug 23, 2001 10:03 pm CDT

Not everyone can afford to go out and chuck down a bunch of hundreds for a GeForce3 video card. So what are us working stiffs supposed to use? To help you in your decision, Mr PC Pro takes a look at the PNY Verto GeForce2 MX400 Video Card. here's a snip:

"Notice that the MX family uses the slower SDR type memory and the memory bandwidth is the same between the MX and the MX-400. The 5.3GB/s memory bandwidth of the Geforce 2 GTS is a big advantage when playing games at resolutions above 1024x728. The difference between the MX-400 and the Geforce 2 GTS is even more apparent when gaming using 32bit colors."

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Gainward GeForce3 Power Pack Review

By TweakTown Staff | Aug 20, 2001 09:20 pm CDT

With so many choices in GeForce3 cards out there, how are we to choose the right one? got|apex? has reviewd a sample of a promising card... namely the Gainward GeForce3 Power Pack which offer not only a GeForce3 based card, but some pretty handy software packages as well. here's a snip:

"Nowadays however, the title of gamer seems to be expending to encompass working professionals who feel console gaming is for their kids. These same gamers also demand more from their graphics card then amazing 3D gaming. They want versatility. They want to use this expensive piece of hardware for other multimedia tasks. This exact market is where GAINWARD hopes to bridge the gap between gaming and multimedia appeal with their GeForce3 based PowerPack!!!."

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ATi All-In-Wonder Radeon Review

By TweakTown Staff | Aug 13, 2001 06:58 pm CDT

Everyone had been raving at the Radeon based cards before the GeForce3 hit the streets, but can these All-in-one cards still compete? 3dXtreme wanted to find out, so check out their review of the ATi All-In-Wonder Radeon Video Card. here's a snip:

"Ever since ATI literally invented the do-everything wonder card market with its All-In-Wonder product line, consumer 3D graphics have been rapidly advancing. What was six months ago would be considered a 'previous generation.' Following tradition, ATI's latest Radeon chipset, featuring DirectX 7 compliance, had an All-In-Wonder product. How does the Radeon All-In-Wonder perform? Let us take a closer look."

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