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Google to offer monthly self-driving vehicle reports to the public

Michael Hatamoto | Jun 5, 2015 at 5:04 pm CDT

To help ease concerns related to self-driving cars, Google will issue monthly reports based on accident data and other performance information of its program.

Google to offer monthly self-driving vehicle reports to the public |

The Consumer Watchdog advocacy group pushed for Google to release information related to traffic accidents involving its self-driving vehicles. The Associated Press asked the California Department of Motor Vehicles and Google to see access of the reports, though was denied because of privacy issues.

Google self-driving vehicles have racked up more than 1 million miles traveled in autonomous mode, but some minor traffic accidents have also been reported. Google has again noted that human drivers were at fault, and its self-driving vehicles were not responsible.

G.SKILL announces two 'major extreme' OC events for Computex next week

Anthony Garreffa | May 25, 2015 at 9:11 am CDT

G.SKILL has announced two "major extreme" overclocking events at Computex 2015, which takes place between June 2-6 in Taipei, Taiwan. The two events will be the OC World Cup 2015, and the OC World Record Stage 2015.

G.SKILL announces two 'major extreme' OC events for Computex next week |

These two OC events will see 19 world-class overclockers, five motherboard vendors, and three hardware sponsors taking part in what is sure to be, a huge event. Intel and Samsung have jumped on board with G.SKILL, as well as ASRock, ASUS, EVGA, GIGABYTE and MSI. The overclockers will be using the latest X99 motherboards with the Intel Core i7-5960X processor and G.SKILL memory to try and break records.

G.SKILL has said that the six winners fro mteh OC World Cup online qualifiers, Dancop, dRweEz, Hazzan, Vivi, [email protected] and Xtreme Addict, will take part in a "live stage" battle for their share in a cash prize pool of $16,200. The battle begins with a three-day Live Qualifier, with the two top scoring overclockers from four benchmarks will go through to the Grand Finals on June 5. The Grand Finals Champion will walk away with a very cool $10,000.

G.SKILL announces 'OC World Cup 2015' with over $16,000 in prizes

Anthony Garreffa | Mar 4, 2015 at 9:31 pm CST

G.SKILL has announced its 2nd annual "OC World Cup 2015" overclocking competition, where there is a huge $16,200 up for grabs, which includes $10,000 in cash for the champion.

G.SKILL announces 'OC World Cup 2015' with over $16,000 in prizes |

G.SKILL explains: "The OC World Cup 2015 is split into three rounds: Online Qualifier, Live Qualifier, and Grand Final. Live Qualifier and Grand Final will be held live at the G.SKILL booth during Computex 2015". The online qualifiers, which are the first stage of the competition, will take place on HWBOT between March 9 and April 13. There will be three benchmarks in this first round: SuperPI 32M, MaxxMem Read Bandwidth, and 3DMark Fire Strike Physics on specific hardware.

The top six from the first round of the competition will have the opportunity to enter the OC World Cup 2015 Live Qualifiers at Computex 2015, where they'll have the chance to win one of five prizes. The first of which is $10,000 in USD, but the rest of the prizes are not bad at all. Second place takes home $2500 USD and a 16GB kit of G.SKILL's 3300MHz DDR4 RAM, while third place takes home $1500 and a 16GB kit of G.SKILL's 3200MHz DDR4 RAM.

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Win a trip to Computex 2015 from GIGABYTE by overclocking your PC

Anthony Garreffa | Feb 26, 2015 at 11:57 pm CST

Out of all of the trade shows I've ever been to, Computex is definitely my favorite - so when the opportunity comes for you to win a chance to go, you take it! GIGABYTE is offering one lucky person the chance to attend Computex 2015 in its new GIGABYTE Z79 - X99 BIG XTU Challenge on

Win a trip to Computex 2015 from GIGABYTE by overclocking your PC |

In order to enter, you'll need to tweak your systems for a very specific benchmark - Intel's XTU. Overclockers can submit their scores in order to reach a secret target, where you'll rack points up in order for the chance to win cash prizes, hardware, and the coveted trip to Computex 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan in June.

There are over $4000 in prizes up for grabs, four GIGABYTE motherboards, and then the trip to Computex 2015 up for grabs. GIGABYTE explains the competition: "Each of the 4 rounds will have 10 secret target scores which will be revealed only after their submission period. But to guide you, a target range will be announced in advance. Your goal is to submit as many scores within that range during a 3 days period and try to hit the secret score. Participants who hit the secret target score will cumulate a point and have a chance at winning the Grand Prize or cash prize!"

For all the details on the GIGABYTE Z79 - X99 BIG XTU Challenge, click here.

G.Skill to host the OC World Cup 2014 at Computex 2014

Charles Gantt | May 21, 2014 at 12:58 pm CDT

This morning G.Skill announced that it will be hosting the OC World Cup 2014 finals at the Computex 2014 show in Taipei, Taiwan. The world finals will consist of six of the world's best overclockers competing for a $10,000 USD cash prize. The OC World Cup participants include "der8auer" from Germany, "8 Pack" from UK, "ZeR0_Dan" & "Hero" from China "Xtreme Addict" from Poland and "Splave" from USA.

The G.SKILL OC World Cup live finals will be held at G.SKILL booth I0218, Nangang Exhibition Center, Computex 2014, going head-to-head for a shot at the largest single cash prize in competitive overclocking history, $10,000 USD! Hardware used will be G.SKILL TridentX Memory, MSI GTX 750Ti Gaming VGA cards, Seasonic 1000W Platinum PSUs and 4th Gen Intel Coreā„¢ processors, and more.

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G.SKILL set to host the largest single cash prize in OC event history

Charles Gantt | Mar 19, 2014 at 4:10 pm CDT

G.SKILL has announced that it will be hosting the 2014 G.SKILL OC World Cup overclocking contest. Winner of the contest will receive $10,000 in cash, one of the largest single cash prizes in competitive overclocking History. The G.SKILL OC World Cup will take place during the 2014 Computex trade-show held in Taipei Taiwan.

G.SKILL set to host the largest single cash prize in OC event history |

To qualify for the event, online qualifiers will be held at HWBOT between March 24th and and April 27th which will include 3 Benchmarks including highest memory frequency, SuperPi 32M, and 3DMark Fire Strike. This will determine the top six online qualifiers to compete in the live finals at Computex 2014. "OC World Cup 2014 will be a great opportunity for extreme overclockers to showcase their skills to the world and a chance to take home the largest single cash prize in OC history, so overclockers better step up their game for a shot to win USD $10,000!" commented by Frank Hung - Product Marketing at G.SKILL

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OC Main Event sponsored by ASUS, Intel and Corsair caught on film

Anthony Garreffa | Sep 10, 2013 at 11:18 pm CDT

Trace Hagan, our COD dog loving man on the ground at the Intel Developer Forum has been running around like a mad man today capturing as much content as he could, with one of the bigger events not associated with, but close to IDF is the OC Main Event sponsored by Intel, ASUS and Corsair.

OC Main Event sponsored by ASUS, Intel and Corsair caught on film |

The first video we have is of Charles Wirth, a blogger/overclocker from XtremeSystems. Worth overclocked his Core i7 4960X on ASUS' X79-based Rampage IV Black Edition. He has it running at 5.75GHz running Cinebench with a world-record overclock. Some nice work there, using LN2 as always.

This next video is a tease of the amount of liquid nitrogen (LN2) that the overclockers at the OC Main Event are going through. The tanks are just gigantic, and if you put them all together it would probably be enough to stop the T-1000 for a few minutes. Hasta La Vista, baby.

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Hi Cookie breaks several i5 world records using GIGABYTE Z87x-OC

Charles Gantt | Aug 21, 2013 at 7:07 am CDT

Earlier today, GIGABYTE announced that professional overclocker Hi Cookie had managed to break several world records using their the Z87X-OC motherboard. The records were broken using an Intel Core i5-4670K processor.

Hi Cookie breaks several i5 world records using GIGABYTE Z87x-OC 1 |

Hi Cookie managed to push the processor further than anyone had before and managed to secure the i5-4670K world records for 1024M, wPrime 32M, SuperPi 32M, SuperPi 1M, PiFast, and overall CPU frequency, with the final overclock hitting 6.9GHz on a liquid nitrogen setup. TweakTown would like to congratulate our friend on his accomplishments and cannot wait to see what records he will smash in the future.

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Windows 8 gets banned from HWBot amidst faults in its RTC

Charles Gantt | Aug 19, 2013 at 1:24 pm CDT

Every PC in use today has a small piece of hardware built into the chipset that is known as a real-time-clock. This is a piece of hardware that keeps accurate track of time even when the PC is turned off. This little piece of hardware is used by all benchmarking programs to keep an accurate track of time to determine how well a system performs. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to change things up in the way their software accesses the real-time-clock in Windows 8, and as a result, popular benchmarking results website HWBot has made the decision to ban the operating system from their results.

The issues arise when users attempt to change their clock frequencies in software and not at boot time. By changing the CPU-based clock frequency , the software algorithms that Windows 8 employs to keep track of time are massively skewed, which greatly hinders Windows 8's ability to keep accurate time. YouTube user Massman89 has posted a video that demonstrates this by underclocking the BLCK from 130 MHz to 122MHz. In the video, Windows 8 loses track of time by 18 seconds over a five minute period. If you increase the clock rate by 6 percent, Windows 8 internally gains 18 seconds.

These extra 18 seconds per five minutes means that a benchmark that is set to run for five minutes will actually run for five minutes and 18 seconds, giving the benchmark an extra 18 seconds to render 6 percent more frames or complete 6 percent more floating-point calculations. This skews the benchmark score by around 6 percent. While some may see this as an easily fixable issue, HWBot is taking things quite seriously and has decided to ban Windows 8 results altogether.

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G.Skill reclaims world record for fastest DDR3 - 4400MHz reached

Charles Gantt | Aug 9, 2013 at 2:05 pm CDT

Today, G.Skill announced that its RAM has once again broken the world record in overclocking. Professional Overclocker "YoungPro" from Team AU set a new record for DDR3 memory at 4400MHz using G.Skill's Trident X RAM.


YoungPro used a 4th Generation Intel Core i7 4770K and an ASUS Maximus 6 Impact motherboard alongside an ample amount of LN2 to take a factory spec 4GB stick of G.Skill's Triden X DDR3 3000MHz C12 up to the world record with an overclock of 4400MHz CL13. Validations can be found at Source #1 and #2 below.

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