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Tesla Arrives in Vegas

Chris Ramseyer | Sat, Jan 9 2010 12:49 PM CST
Tesla Motors doesn't have a dealership in Las Vegas but if you are really interested a sales rep will drive from California to hand deliver a test vehicle.

Tesla Arrives in Vegas 01 |

Just inches away from the Ferrari dealership at the Wynn Hotel Casino we found a stunning blue Tesla Roadster Sport. From afar the Roadster looks like the 1800cc Toyota powered Lotus.

Tesla Arrives in Vegas 02 |

The Roadster frames are made in the UK by Lotus but nearly everything else on the car is designed to be as light as possible. Here we see that the trunk lid is made from extremely light carbon fiber just like the rest of the body panels.

Tesla Arrives in Vegas 03 |

The batteries are kept in the back under a cover but you still have enough room for a set of golf clubs or two.

Tesla Arrives in Vegas 04 |

With 20K as a down payment and a government subsidy of 7,500 Dollars you too can have your own piece of electric vehicle bliss for only 1,700 a month for 5 years.

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Innergie offers world's smallest notebook power adapter for car and air

Shane McGlaun | Wed, Dec 30 2009 12:41 PM CST
Many business users have to have notebook with them at all times to be able to get any work done. Those who spend lots of time in a car driving or flying around the county in an airplane know what a challenge it can be to keep the notebook charged up and ready to go.


Innergie has announced a new notebook power adapter that is designed to work on DC power in a car or in a plane. The adapter is called the mCube Mini and is billed as the world's smallest notebook charger for car and air use.

The device is smaller than the palm of your hand and has a USB port for charging gadgets at the same time. It supports notebooks needing 15 to 21V and up to 65W of power. This includes many models from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and more. The adapter is available now for under $70.

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Road Mice combine cool cars with computer peripherals

Shane McGlaun | Mon, Dec 14 2009 10:39 AM CST
I have two major passions when it comes to hobbies, I like computers and I like performance cars. The guys at Road Mice have come up with a new rodent that combines both of those passions for me in a neat package.


The mice are in the shape of some of the coolest cars on the road and feature dual buttons and a scroll wheel. You can choose from several designs including the Shelby GT500, Viper, Lamborghini, Challenger, and many more.

The mice work with Mac and Windows machines and are available to purchase now. The mice sell for $34.95 to $54.95. Presumably, some car designs cost more to license hence the price range. The mice connect via USB and ht headlights glow when plugged in.

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TomTom Car Kit Dock Hits the FCC

Sean Kalinich | Fri, Aug 28 2009 12:37 PM CDT
One thing that the iPhone has always lacked (well one of the things) is a good turn-by-turn GPS system. Well that was all fixed with the launch of TomTom for iPhone.

The problem is, what do you do with is when you are in the car? I paid the $100 for this application and I end up sticking it in the ashtray in my truck. Of course I have never smoked so that is not too big of a deal but it is low on my console so I have to look down all the time.

TomTom originally said there would be a dock for this that would not only allow for charging but also for improved GPS reception and other features. The problem is, no one knows where this dock really is.

Well until today. It has popped up at the FCC for approval and shows off some of the new and cool features it will have.

TomTom Car Kit Dock Hits the FCC

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MP3 player might have caused car fire

Sean Kalinich | Thu, Jul 9 2009 12:48 PM CDT
This just in, it looks like the rumors and accusations being hurled at different companies over the general explosiveness of their batteries might not be just disgruntled owners.

Recently a 2007 Saab 9-3 Combi was burned pretty much to the ground. The owner was barely able to rescue their dog before the car burned. Saab, after hearing of this incident took possession of the car and checked it over for anything that would have caused the blaze.

At the time of the fire the car was not running and had a "cold" engine. The review of engineers at Saab showed that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle electrically or mechanically. Using fire propagation investigative techniques they determined that the fire started on one of the seats.

There were a few items left in one of the seats, a cell phone, a camera and a personal music player. Looking at the devices the investigators noted that the music player was melted in a manner consistent combustion. This would seem to point to the music player as the culprit for the fire.

The manufacturer and type of music player was not disclosed. But it is interesting to note that in Korea Apple is recalling all of the first Generation iPod Nanos due to issues with overheating, melting and spontaneous combustion.

MP3 player might have caused car fire

More information here

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GM and Segway make a two wheeled City Vehicle

Sean Kalinich | Tue, Apr 7 2009 2:56 PM CDT
Although this has nothing to do with computers, I thought it was a pretty cool bit of news and worth mentioning.

GM and Segway have teamed up to create a two seat, two wheel vehicle based off of the Segway design called the P.U.M.A. Paul Miller from Engadget got to take a spin in this nifty little vehicle and was even able to get a video of the ride.

It looks very intriguing, I hope it does not go the way of the first Segway and end up overpriced and quickly ignored in the market.

Read more here.

Starting from a rest on four wheels -- the main powered wheels and the front two "safety" wheels; we never touched the back two to the ground -- the contraption shoves itself up onto two wheels quite gracefully, with the passenger compartment moving slightly independently from the wheelbase and floor. It was a bit odd, but not at all unpleasant, and we were soon zipping down the road. Since the P.U.M.A. is self-balancing, we felt way less force when accelerating and decelerating than we would in a car, since our body was being "leaned" into it instead of pulled along. Turning on a dime is quite fun as well, and we could see this thing making itself quite at home on city streets.

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Cooler Master starts car with 500 Watt PSU

Sean Kalinich | Mon, Jan 19 2009 7:51 AM CST
Have you ever wondered about the claims companies put on the side of their PSUs? I mean you see all kinds of numbers and there are many different rating systems for PSU power.

Well it seems that Cooler Master wants to show you exactly how much juice their new Silent ProM 500 Watt PSUs really have. To do this they actually hooked one up to a car and using nothing but the 500 Watt PSU were able to turn the engine over and get it running.

Read more here.

Cooler Master starts car with 500 Watt PSU

After detaching the car's own battery, the Cooler Master team attach their power supply instead. Jump-starting the car requires 29 Amperes, which the 500W Cooler Master Silent Pro PSU seems to have no trouble delivering. Not only that, but there's some spare juice left over to sound the horn, too.
I don't think they're suggesting that you should carry a 500W computer PSU in your glovebox "just in case"; after all, you'd need a long AC extension lead.

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CeBIT 2007 - Shuttle's upcoming Car PC

Cameron Wilmot | Thu, Mar 15 2007 2:49 AM CDT

Aaron from Shuttle was kind enough to send us along some pictures of their upcoming Car PC which they are showcasing on their virtual CeBIT website. It measures just 279(D) x 230(W) x 70(H)mm.

The "CarPC", an integrated device with a special designed power supply and thermo technology, features Shuttle's cross field design. Using car power supply, the system will auto shutdown after turning off the ignition key without losing data or system crash. Also, Shuttle's exclusive "fin flake chassis" radiate heat effectively. CarPC is not only for car use but also for difficult environments.

The interesting thing is that the CAR PC will be powered by your vehicles battery (11.2 - 32 volts). When you turn off your vehicle, the system will shut down properly without just powering off and hence save you from losing any data.

It will be based around the Intel 945GM and ICH7M chipsets and using mobile parts such as Intel's Core Duo T2400, notebook hard drive and SO-DIMM notebook memory. For onboard video it uses the Intel GMA950 and sound is provided by 7.1 High Definition also from Intel.

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