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Deepfakes: MIT brings to life a Nixon speech which never happened

By: Shannon Robb | Online Video | Posted: Nov 22, 2019 @ 22:54 CST

The internet has been abuzz recently with a swath of videos showing celebrities saying things ranging from funny to downright odd or alarming. This is the world of deepfakes, and MIT thought it proper to represent the power of the new deepfake video capabilities by making one of their own.

As you can see above, that is a small clip from the project which is designed to simulate an alternate reality where the Apollo 11 astronauts did not land on the moon, but instead were stricken by tragedy and the ultimate result of the entire cred perishing on earth's largest satellite.

The video clip, while brief, is created by the MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality. While it may be cool to see how computer technology can be used for lifelike recreations or even film production, it can be disturbing to think that world events by trusted individuals, reporters, or world leaders could be potentially skewed by those wishing to cause disorder or chaos.

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Amazon injects free music streaming into Android, iOS & Fire TV

By: Jak Connor | Online Video | Posted: Nov 19, 2019 @ 3:04 CST

Amazon has decided to expand its music sector by releasing the free service on to more devices. Amazon Music is now on Android, iOS, and Fire TV.


Originally the free music streaming service was just available on Alexa devices, but now that has changed for users in the US, UK, and Germany. At the moment, the service limits free users with listening to playlists and stations that are from specific artists, genres, and songs.

The whole idea of the limitation is to give users a tease of what the service has to offer, and then hopefully either annoy the user into purchasing the whole service, or convince the user to upgrade their Prime package in some fashion. If you are in need of a music streaming service, you can check out Amazon Prime here.

Disney+ accounts are being hacked and sold on the dark web for $3-$7

By: Jak Connor | Online Video | Posted: Nov 18, 2019 @ 1:04 CST

Disney launched its new streaming service last week, and within just a couple of days, the new platform reached 10 million accounts. Now some of those accounts are being sold illegally.

According to many members of Disney+, a slew of different user accounts are appearing to have their account details changed without the user being aware. Some of these account details for users are appearing to be sold on the dark web for money. The users who have reported their accounts being hijacked haven't specified if they are using an old recycled password, nor how access was granted to their accounts in the first place.

Could this be a bug in the Disney+ system that we are unaware of? And why hasn't Disney or any other the other streaming services adopted an authenticator as a means of security? Techspot reports that the hijacked accounts are being sold on dark web services for anywhere between $3 and $7 per account. It would be advised to Disney+ users to change their account password to something unique and strong.

Twitch launch 'Twitch Studio' app, live-streaming just got way easier

By: Jak Connor | Online Video | Posted: Nov 13, 2019 @ 5:08 CST

Twitch has released a new introduction application for new streamers and ones that have just started - introducing Twitch Studio, a streamer's best-friend.


Twitch Studio is currently available for download and takes new streamers through an extremely easy to follow introduction process into streaming. It begins with a guided setup where the app detects microphones, webcams, monitor and streaming resolution, streaming display, templates, and bit rates.

The app also gives users the ability to customize their streaming template while also integrating alerts, programmable keys, activity feeds, and chats. It should be noted that the app is only available to download if your operating system is Windows 7 or above. Here is a link to the Twitch website for further information.

Twitch streamer banned over sexually suggestive fighting game costume

By: Jak Connor | Online Video | Posted: Sep 17, 2019 @ 3:11 CDT

Twitch streamer Quqco has announced that she has been banned from Twitch for violating the websites streaming guidelines, her offense comes under "sexually suggestive content or activities".

The ban happened when Quqco did a weekend stream in a cosplay outfit, and dressed up as the Street Fighter character Chun-Li. As both PCGamer and Kotaku note, most casual Street Fighter fans know that Chun-Li's outfit features a high thigh-cut slit. Quqco also was aware of this and even "brought [the skirt] one size up to ensure that the slit wasn't too high."

Quqco mentioned to Kotaku that this ban was a targeted attack by "a group of trolls" who have previously reported her in mass. She said "I am immediately reported because I've been branded a thot". From the ban, non-followers and followers of Quqco have taken to Twitter to express their concerns with Twitch's power to pick and choose what content has broken their Terms of Service and why.

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Amazon launches Prime Video in more than 200 countries

By: Lana Jelic | Online Video | Posted: Dec 14, 2016 @ 17:23 CST

As of today, December 14th, Amazon Prime Video is available to customers in more than 200 countries and territories around the globe.


Netflix' biggest competitor is now available in the almost the entire world, except for China. Customers can sign up for a Prime Video membership and watch on Android and iOS phones and tablets, Fire Tablets and LG and Samsung smart TVs.

Amazon is offering a free 7-day trial and the monthly price for this service is $2.99 or 2.99 euro for the first six months. After that, the monthly fee will double to $5.99, which is still less than Netflix subscription which is $8.99.

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Netflix will double original show content in 2017

By: Sean Ridgeley | Online Video | Posted: Dec 5, 2016 @ 17:17 CST

Netflix currently offers 30 original shows; in 2017, it will more than double its content to at least 1,000 hours according to chief content officer Ted Sarandos.


Next year marks the start of a different direction for the majority of the company's original content, too: over 20 of the upcoming shows will be unscripted, including global competition series Ultimate Beastmaster (produced by Sylvester Stallone). Scripted shows on the horizon include A Series Of Unfortunate Events (starring Neil Patrick Harris), Santa Clarita Diet (starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant), and Mind Hunter (a David Fincher series about the early days of FBI serial killer profiling).

Netflix will spend approximately $6 billion on content in 2017, an increase of $1 billion over this year. An estimated 50 percent of that will go toward original content.

PlayStation Vue comes to Apple TV

By: Sean Ridgeley | Online Video | Posted: Nov 17, 2016 @ 14:23 CST

Sony's video service PlayStation Vue is now available to Apple TV owners, assuming they have a 4th generation device.


Vue offers Apple TV owners live sports from ESPN and NFL Network as well as quality shows from AMC, FX, HBO, and Showtime, so you're getting a big boost. Naturally, the Siri remote and touch navigation are supported.

If you're new to Vue, sign up through the site and link your account to Apple TV. Otherwise, skip the site and link your account to get started.

PlayStation Vue drops Viacom networks

By: Sean Ridgeley | Online Video | Posted: Nov 11, 2016 @ 11:03 CST

PlayStation Vue users will no doubt be unhappy to learn the service has somewhat abruptly dropped Viacom networks starting today. More than 11 channels in total get the axe as a result: BET channels, Centric, CMT channels, Comedy Central, Logo, MTV channels, Nickelodeon channels, Spike, Tr3s, TV Land, and VH1.


Sony's PlayStation division explanation implies the channels simply weren't that popular, at least overall.

"As part of our ongoing evaluation of the PlayStation Vue offering, we have determined that removing the bundle of channels from Viacom is the best way for us to continue to offer the most compelling value to our fans, while enabling us to focus on the content our users request most," it says.

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The Defenders will launch with eight episodes

By: Sean Ridgeley | Online Video | Posted: Oct 31, 2016 @ 13:23 CDT

Marvel's forthcoming The Defenders TV series will be shorter than you might've expected. Whereas previous Marvel shows on Netflix have offered 13 episodes each, this one will offer eight.


The likely theory is because each superhero -- Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist -- have their own shows, only so much time can be dedicated to featuring them in additional episodes. Another is that the material simply amounted to eight episodes and that's that. In either case, it's fair to assume fewer episodes and more superheroes will mean a more action-packed show.

The Defenders will debut on Netflix sometime next year. S.J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones, Vinyl, Orange is the New Black) will direct the first two episodes and serve as executive producer for the premiere episode.