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Amazon poaches former Hulu CEO to steer Prime Video

By Jak Connor | Feb 11, 2020 03:25 am CST

Amazon has a new point man to run their online video streaming department, and he was once the CEO of Disney's Hulu.

Amazon poaches former Hulu CEO to steer Prime Video |

According to an article posted by The Wall Street Journal, Amazon has signed a new contact employing Mike Hopkins, former CEO of the Disney-owned streaming service Hulu. Hopkins will now be leading Amazon's Prime Video section and has quite a lot of experience behind him to back up his decisions. Before joining Hulu and running it as CEO for four years, Hopkins worked as the chairman for Sony Pictures Television and also was the head of 21st Century Fox's distribution strategy.

Hopkins has been hired by Amazon to run its Prime Video department in the absence of Jeff Blackburn. Hopkins will also report directly to the big man himself -- Jeff Bezos. Blackburn sent a note out to staffers saying the following, "Mike comes to us with over 20 years of industry experience at Fox, Hulu, and Sony. He has an extensive track record as a global business leader in media, film, and TV -- negotiating landmark content and distribution agreements, running marketing operations, leading product/tech teams, and overseeing production of breakthrough television content."

Netflix and Ben & Jerry's partner for new flavor 'Netflix & Chill'd'

By Jak Connor | Jan 17, 2020 03:36 am CST

I'm sure most people would understand the pleasure of laying down with a tub of Ben & Jerry's and watching Netflix. So, how about an ice cream specifically for that?

Netflix has teamed up with Ben & Jerry's to bring out the first Netflix original ice cream - Netflix & Chill'd. The new brand of ice cream is a combination of Peanut Butter, sweet and salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownies. The mixture sounds like basically everything you need for a big Netflix binge.

On the official website, the company says, "We've teamed up with Netflix to churn up something extra special. And just like Netflix, there's something in this pint for everyone." At the moment it neither Netflix or Ben & Jerry's have announced how much the new ice cream will cost, but we do know it will be available in select grocery stores and also in a dairy-free variant.

IOGEAR launches new line of live-streaming video production tools

By Jak Connor | Jan 8, 2020 03:24 am CST

CES 2020 - IOGEAR has announced a big new line of live streaming video production tools aimed at content creators.

IOGEAR launches new line of live-streaming video production tools |

IOGEAR is introducing content creators to a new line of content creation tools called 'UpStream'. The new line of products is aimed at both content creators that require high-end video production, and ones that can do with simple on-the-go video capture. IOGEAR's new line of products comes under the guise of 'UpStream'.

Right off the bat, we have the UpStream Video Capture Adapter, this device can capture high-quality audio/video up to 1080p at 60FPS. It connects to an HDMI-enabled camera and uses its USB-C cable to save the file to a device such as a laptop or PC. For the gamers out there that want a bit more bang for their buck, IOGEAR has the UpStream Game Capture Adapter which outputs video at 1080p at 60FPS but can pass-through a 4K 60FPS signal to a monitor.

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Elgato announces Key Light Air: A small, more compact streamer light

By Jak Connor | Jan 7, 2020 04:24 am CST

CES 2020 - Corsairs streaming arm Elgato has been hot off the track this CES with a bunch of new announcements. This time we are taking a look at the new Elgato Keylight Air.

Elgato announces Key Light Air: A small, more compact streamer light 01 |

The Key Light Air is pretty much exactly the same as Elgato's original Key Light, but instead, the Air version is more compact and portable. It also comes with a bunch of attention to detail features that the already released Key Light lacks. For example, there is a groove on the back of the pole that is for the light's power cord; this gets rid of any messy cords and just makes the setup look better overall.

The Key Light Air also features little measurements on the side, so the user knows exactly what height their light is sitting at. This is especially helpful for a streamer that has purchased two of the lights as they can make sure both are sitting at the same height. I'd love to get my hands-on one of these Key Light Air's for testing, as it looks like a streamers best-friend when it comes to lighting.

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YouTube are releasing a Coachella festival documentary on March 31st

By Jak Connor | Jan 7, 2020 03:57 am CST

If you have never been to Coachella, then you have probably wondered what happens at that music festival with so many big artists playing.

Luckily, YouTube are going to premiering a YouTube Originals documentary about the music festival called "Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert". Above we have the official teaser trailer which has been released onto the official Coachella YouTube channel, the teaser trailer lets us know that the documentary will feature exclusive footage and interviews.

According to the videos description, the documentary will give some never-before-seen footage of key performances from big artists such as "Billie Eilish, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Travis Scott, BLACKPINK, LCD Soundsystem, Rage Against The Machine, Pixies, Swedish House Mafia, Jane's Addiction, Bjork, The White Stripes, Madonna, Moby, Beck, Radiohead and more." YouTube says that Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert will be streamed to their platform on March 31st, 2020.

YouTuber becomes Santa, gives away thousands of dollars to strangers

By Jak Connor | Dec 16, 2019 01:13 am CST

Who doesn't love being randomly given thousands of dollars? A better question would be, who wouldn't love to give thousands of dollars if they had it?

Well, YouTuber David Dobrick decided to do the giving away and became Santa Claus for one day to give random strangers thousands of dollars. At about 2:20 into the video, Dobrick is with fellow YouTuber Erin Gilfoy, and he asks her how she found "the one", she replies that she found "the one" via a dating app Bumble. Dobrick then calls Bumble, and the guy who controls the apps monetary funds picks up the phone.

Dobrick says that he will keep Gilfoy's statement in his video if they give him an undisclosed amount of money. The amount that was offered seemed sufficient to Dobrick as the next shot we see of him is him running out of a bank and falling onto his car with literal bundles of cash. Dobrick then proceeds to give random amounts of money to strangers, donating large tips to a donut lady, buying out all the flowers to a flower shop, and giving away huge amounts of iPads to children.

PewDiePie has decided he will take a break from YouTube in early 2020

By Jak Connor | Dec 16, 2019 12:35 am CST

One of YouTube's most subscribed channels, the legendary PewDiePie, recently posted a new video that featured a special announcement.

PewDiePie or Felix Kjellberg's recently uploaded a video to his channel talking about YouTube's recent changes its making to its harassment policy. In the video, PewDiePie talks about how some of the harassment policy changes aren't well defined, and that the changes are going to hurt some select YouTubers who's channels are purely based on calling out other YouTubers. While these changes that YouTube is making are certainly questionable, PewDiePie also had a special announcement at the end of the video.

PewDiePie says that he is going to be taking a break from YouTube starting early next year, and while he doesn't detail why this break is happening or when specifically, he did say its happening regardless. PewDiePie briefly mentions that "I'm feeling very tired", alluding to what seems to be the changes YouTube has made over the course of his career. While this might be a guess, PewDiePie said that he would be clearing up any confusion with a future video.

Deepfakes: MIT brings to life a Nixon speech which never happened

By Shannon Robb | Nov 22, 2019 10:54 pm CST

The internet has been abuzz recently with a swath of videos showing celebrities saying things ranging from funny to downright odd or alarming. This is the world of deepfakes, and MIT thought it proper to represent the power of the new deepfake video capabilities by making one of their own.

As you can see above, that is a small clip from the project which is designed to simulate an alternate reality where the Apollo 11 astronauts did not land on the moon, but instead were stricken by tragedy and the ultimate result of the entire cred perishing on earth's largest satellite.

The video clip, while brief, is created by the MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality. While it may be cool to see how computer technology can be used for lifelike recreations or even film production, it can be disturbing to think that world events by trusted individuals, reporters, or world leaders could be potentially skewed by those wishing to cause disorder or chaos.

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Amazon injects free music streaming into Android, iOS & Fire TV

By Jak Connor | Nov 19, 2019 03:04 am CST

Amazon has decided to expand its music sector by releasing the free service on to more devices. Amazon Music is now on Android, iOS, and Fire TV.

Amazon injects free music streaming into Android, iOS & Fire TV |

Originally the free music streaming service was just available on Alexa devices, but now that has changed for users in the US, UK, and Germany. At the moment, the service limits free users with listening to playlists and stations that are from specific artists, genres, and songs.

The whole idea of the limitation is to give users a tease of what the service has to offer, and then hopefully either annoy the user into purchasing the whole service, or convince the user to upgrade their Prime package in some fashion. If you are in need of a music streaming service, you can check out Amazon Prime here.

Disney+ accounts are being hacked and sold on the dark web for $3-$7

By Jak Connor | Nov 18, 2019 01:04 am CST

Disney launched its new streaming service last week, and within just a couple of days, the new platform reached 10 million accounts. Now some of those accounts are being sold illegally.

According to many members of Disney+, a slew of different user accounts are appearing to have their account details changed without the user being aware. Some of these account details for users are appearing to be sold on the dark web for money. The users who have reported their accounts being hijacked haven't specified if they are using an old recycled password, nor how access was granted to their accounts in the first place.

Could this be a bug in the Disney+ system that we are unaware of? And why hasn't Disney or any other the other streaming services adopted an authenticator as a means of security? Techspot reports that the hijacked accounts are being sold on dark web services for anywhere between $3 and $7 per account. It would be advised to Disney+ users to change their account password to something unique and strong.