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Little DFI micro-ATX mobo does well in Super PI

Cameron Wilmot | Oct 6, 2008 5:53 AM CDT

With the restriction of space, most of the microATX motherboards have to loss part of the configurations and performance, but the "small = low performance" myth has been completely broken by LANParty. Within the limited space, the best Bus speed of JR P45-T2RS is up to 685MHz, and the performance of Super Pi 1M is second to none; it surpasses not only the micorATX, but also most of the ATX-designed motherboard. It can be said without fear of exaggeration that JR P45-T2RS is the most powerful microATX in the history.

Why does LANParty JR P45-T2RS have such amazing performance under the restricted conditions? During the process of design, the majority of micorATX motherboards often suffer considerable signal interference because of the lack of space; therefore, the conservative wiring approach is often adopted to pursue stability at the expense of performance. However, the LANParty R & D team hold that "stability is merely a basic element", while the pursuit of stronger performance is the only objective. It's under such concept that the true overclocking microATX motherboard has been invented.

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Gingle RAM hits 2100MHz DDR CL9 on DFI X48 mobo

Cameron Wilmot | Sep 3, 2008 11:30 PM CDT

2100MHz CL9: not like most 2100/ 2133MHz module running at CL10, Gingle can runs with a voltage of 1.94v and CAS latency of 9, it achieved an overall breaking performance speed of 2100MHz in 2GB single channel mode.

8GB (4pcs) 1800MHz CL9: the biggest challenge of high speed memory is the limitation of capacity. Occupying all the 4 DIMM slots of Intel X48 up to 8GB with a low timing of 9-9-9-22 the memory frequency speed was able to run at an amazing top speed of 1800MHz.

1800MHz 4GB 1T: Very few modules can run 1T command rate. Even Gingle's official spec define on 1800MHz CL8 at 2T command, but certain percentage of Gingle's kit still can runs 1800MHz CL8 at 1T on DFI LANParty X48!

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