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nVidia claims Tegra will be in phones in 2010

Sean Kalinich | Jun 30, 2009 9:22 AM CDT

If you want to get HD in your handheld, NVIDIA's Tegra processor is the hot way to do it at the moment, and we've got reasonably concrete sounding rumors from disparate sources that a handset containing one of the chips is currently under development by a "top five" smartphone builder (we're guessing it's not Apple), and that it'll be out sometime before the end of the year, selling at T-Mobile and AT&T for just $199.

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Apple Confirms banning iPhone App

Sean Kalinich | Jun 26, 2009 12:31 PM CDT

That left a lot of people backpedaling after yelling at Apple for pulling the app. As it turns out Apple did pull the app--the company confirmed the move in a statement provided to CNET on Friday.

"Apple will not distribute applications that contain inappropriate content," Apple's statement reads. "The developer of this application added inappropriate content directly from their server after the application had been approved and distributed, and after the developer had subsequently been asked to remove some offensive content. This was a direct violation of the terms of the iPhone Developer Program. The application is no longer available on the App Store."

Many observers thought that the App Store flip-flops might end when iPhone OS 3.0 was released because Apple could utilize the new operating system's built-in parental controls.

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Engadget tries out the new HTC Hero

Sean Kalinich | Jun 24, 2009 12:45 PM CDT

TThere are four videos for you after the break. The first shows Flash running at full screen on the HTC Hero courtesy of YouTube. The second, however, shows it failing when running a trailer from Yahoo Movies, just like Adobe did -- in fact, it crashed all four times that we tried it on what we were told was a Hero running the final build of the OS. Third one is a quickie showing the on-screen keyboard rotating from portrait to landscape and back. Lastly, we demonstrate the hardware a little bit and show off our lightning speed at typing. For the real completists, there's also a new gallery of hands-on shots from the NY launch event right below.

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ColorWare offering custom colors for iPhone 3G S

Sean Kalinich | Jun 23, 2009 1:08 PM CDT

The usual range of solid and metallic colors are available, and you can have your earphones dyed to match too. The basic process changes just the back-plate of the phone, but you can also customize the normally-chrome bezel, the home button and the SIM holder.

Pricing starts at $150 for the back, then add $20 each for the bezel frame and button, or $15 each for the SIM holder and earbuds. Currently there's only the option to send in your own iPhone 3GS (in the US); ColorWare aren't offering the smartphone themselves at this stage.

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Apple sells one million 3G S iPhones in 3 Days

Sean Kalinich | Jun 22, 2009 10:35 AM CDT

Cupertino have just issued a compelling piece of PR that will surely put your mind at ease -- one stating it managed to move a million iPhone 3G S units over the weekend. That's right, in a fashion not completely dissimilar to last year's iPhone 3G launch (though with far less hiccups), bucketloads of happy buyers flooded Apple's coffers with sweet, delicious cash money for the new smartphone. The buying frenzy was apparently even exciting enough to rouse recovering CEO Steve Jobs from his convalescent state. The seemingly-now-returned honcho is quoted (for the first time in months) in the press release as saying "Customers are voting and the iPhone is winning." Winning indeed Steve... and welcome back.

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iPhone 3G S sales will be half what the 3G was

Sean Kalinich | Jun 18, 2009 12:53 PM CDT

Munster expects Apple will sell 500,000 iPhones this weekend, according to a research note sent to clients, reports Fortune. That's half as many phones as Apple sold when it launched the iPhone 3G, but Apple sold that phone in 21 countries on the first day. In comparison, the iPhone 3G S will be sold in only eight countries on its first day.

Still, 500,000 phones sold in three days is a lofty number. Consider that the iPhone 3G was a fairly big upgrade over its predecessor when it was released, and most notably added the much faster 3G data speeds to the device.

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ATi Stream not ready for Prime Time yet

Sean Kalinich | Jun 18, 2009 11:13 AM CDT

We do appreciate AMD adding support for 1080p and 720p H.264 and MPEG-2 output, as before we didn't have the flexibility we have here in terms of up or down scaling and specific encoding format. But that is about the only thing that is improved over the previous version of the software that we can tell. Poor quality conversion and difficulty supporting all the input files we wanted to test are certainly issues.

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