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Facebook changes - "giving you more control"

Anthony Garreffa | Wed, Oct 6 2010 9:07 PM CDT
I know this isn't tech related - but TweakTown is intertwined with Facebook and so are 500, 000, 000 and counting users.

Facebook changes - giving you more control |

I'll keep this short and sweet.

Facebook have been touting some changes lately - which of course they keep under wraps. With the release of "The Social Network" it doesn't come as a surprise that Zuckerberg and co would use this time frame to update Facebook.

Today, they launch some new things which I won't go into lots of detail over - but give you the gist of it.

There's also a new dashboard to see how applications use your data to personalise your experience. Obviously as there are lots of apps out

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New rolling out over next few weeks, see intro video

Cameron Wilmot | Tue, Sep 14 2010 6:57 PM CDT
Twitter is holding a small and casual press conference at its offices at the moment and it has been talking about the new We referenced a story from Mashable in an earlier post today and those rumors have turned out true.

Some of the new features include a new "faster and richer" design with mini profiles, easier to discover related content and of course images and video in tweets. "Now, it's easy to see embedded photos and videos directly on Twitter, thanks to partnerships with Dailybooth, DeviantArt, Etsy, Flickr, Justin.TV, Kickstarter, Kiva, Photozou, Plixi, Twitgoo, TwitPic, Twitvid, USTREAM, Vimeo, Yfrog, and YouTube."

According to the new promo page, the rollout of these changes will come over the "next several weeks". The folks from Twitter will provide more updates over the next few days.

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Internet traffic will quadruple by 2014 according to Cisco

Don Lynn | Wed, Jun 2 2010 8:29 PM CDT
Internet traffic will quadruple by 2014 according to Cisco |

Cisco made the statement that they expect internet traffic to quadruple by 2014 during their annual Visual Networking Index. The huge growth of video traffic is being named as the driving force behind the growth, with both businesses and consumers running tons more video traffic with everything from YouTube to videoconferencing. Cisco stated that video will account for 91% of total consumer IP traffic by 2014, with it taking over the top spot from peer-to-peer traffic as the top generator by the end of this year.

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