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Nintendo donates 9,500 N95 face masks to combat coronavirus

Derek Strickland | Wed, Mar 25 2020 9:16 AM CDT

Some would argue Nintendo has already done enough for coronavirus relief by releasing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But the Big N isn't done yet.

Nintendo donates 9,500 N95 face masks to combat coronavirus 765 |

Nintendo of America is donating 9,500 N95 respirator masks to its local Eastside Fire & Rescue division to help protect responders against the growing coronavirus pandemic. North Bend, Washington's official community site reports Nintendo rep Jerry Danson initiated the donation. The company stockpiled a surplus of masks for its employees in case of a crisis, but now that everyone's working from home, the highly sought after masks are better used for health workers on the front lines.

Eastside Fire & Rescue plans to dole out the masks to the community as needed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, including hospitals, doctor's offices, and more. Nintendo's generosity hasn't gone unnoticed and the community of North Bend is thankful for the billion-dollar games-maker's donation.

Why is Google collating tens of millions of patient health records?

Jak Connor | Tue, Nov 12 2019 6:03 AM CST

A new report out of the Wall Street Journal has suggested that Google has access to and is collating millions of patients' sensitive health information.

Why is Google collating tens of millions of patient health records? |

The WSJ reports that Ascension, a company with the second-largest health system in the United States, is currently in partnership with Google. This partnership involves Ascension sharing lab results with Google regarding patients' hospitalization records, health histories, names, dates of birth, and more.

According to a person close to the partnership, the project has been called "Project Nightingale" and that reportedly 150 Google employees have access to tens of millions of health records. But why? Google is said to be using the data to feed into new AI-driven software that will be able to make accurate suggestions for patients. It's said that Google wants to eventually be able to develop a searchable cloud-based tool that will be able to examine patient data at large.

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Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins signs $10M deal with Netflix

Anthony Garreffa | Fri, Sep 6 2019 12:20 AM CDT

Netflix has just secured Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins for a multi-year overall deal that will see Jenkins get behind the camera to create original TV shows exclusive to Netflix.

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins signs $10M deal with Netflix |

Variety reports that the deal between Netflix and Jenkins is worth $10 million over 3 years, and pales in comparison to the huge 9-figure ($100M+) deals with the Game of Thrones writers and Netflix recently.

Netflix VP for Original Sales, Channing Dungey, said in a statement: "Her trailblazing work has pushed boundaries and she confidently tells stories that leave an unforgettable mark. We look forward to fostering her many ideas and helping them come to life".

Patty Jenkins' next movie is Wonder Woman 1984 and due out in mid-2020, but she has directed episodes for TV shows like Entourage and Arrested Development. Jenkins hasn't said much about the Netflix deal, but she did say she's "excited to embark on a great journey of making the new world of television with a company and group of people (she) admire(s)".

iBand+ helps you lucid dream, sleep better

Sean Ridgeley | Fri, Oct 7 2016 3:00 PM CDT

The Kickstarter gadget iBand+ wants to help you lucid dream as well as sleep easier and better. A three-part solution, it requires a headband, pillow speakers, and an app, all of which combine to monitor your mind and body.

Once you hit REM sleep, audio-visual cues play which make you aware you're dreaming without waking you up, which should result in better sleep. Additionally, music plays during different stages of sleep to help you achieve more satisfying rest, each carefully chosen for the given stage.

Finally, the app offers "a glimpse into [your] physical and mental state that could disclose potential health and sleep problems."

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Google wants to make your bathroom more intelligent

Sean Ridgeley | Wed, Aug 10 2016 7:36 PM CDT

Google has applied for a patent on bathroom devices that monitor your health. Among them: a pressure and electrical-sensing mat, a color-sensing bathroom mirror, an ultrasonic bathtub, a pressure-sensing toilet seat, and a radar-field device.

Some monitor your body by sending out sound waves, electromagnetic waves, electrical signals, and various forms of radiation, among other techniques, the data from which could be sent to health professionals. The devices can monitor your blood pressure and various parts of your body to determine specific health issues, like an impaired knee or overworked heart.

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Apple smart jump rope has leaderboards, tracks jumps, calories

Sean Ridgeley | Mon, Jul 18 2016 9:11 AM CDT

Apple will begin selling the Tangram Smart Rope in its stores starting this week. A jump rope that displays your jump count in front of you with the magic of embedded LEDs, it also tracks your calories and features leaderboards via an app.

The extra features over the traditional $10 jump rope rope will cost you an extra $79. Worth it? Probably not, unless it really helps you to track your progress or be competitive. If so, you can pick it up at an Apple Store now or soon, or from Tangram's site anytime.

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ECG's on a business card could change your life, the world

Jeff Williams | Wed, Mar 2 2016 12:01 PM CST

Someone has integrated an actual, working electrocardiogram onto a small business card. You heard right, a company called MobilECG has done something startlingly clever, giving the diagnostic power to everyone. And it's an open-source design that anyone can play with.

The card uses sensors built into it that measure the electrical signals created by the heart through your thumbs. It's not quite the most accurate way to do it, but as a first-line diagnostic tool when you're not quite feeling well, it might be a life-saver. A blog post from the company says that it should be accurate enough to provide cursory information from the P, Q, R, S and the T waves to prompt people to go to the hospital.

The innovation coming from different startups for integrated and smaller technology is just astounding. Just imagine where medical devices can go if something like this is just on the boundary of our imagination. At the moment, they're gauging interest in their product, and you can request one if you'd like. They'll sell you one for $29, or less if more people start showing interest.

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CW debuts DC's 'Legends of Tomorrow' trailer, debuts January 21, 2016

Anthony Garreffa | Tue, Nov 24 2015 3:00 AM CST

DC Comics has been having quite the run on TV with its comic book heroes on CW, with 'Arrow' and 'The Flash' being quite successful - even up against Agents of SHIELD. But there's a new superhero show coming out in January that is shaping up damn well; 'Legends of Tomorrow'.

Legends of Tomorrow has quite a number of stars, with Brandon Routh - who played Kal-El/Superman/Clark Kent in Bryan Singer's not-so-great 'Superman Returns' starring as The Atom/Ray Palmer. Also starring are 'Prison Break' brothers Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold and Heat Wave, respectively.

Legends of Tomorrow sets its premise in the trailer, in 2166 "immortal DC staple villain Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) rules the entire world. So time-traveler Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) puts together a team of superheroes to traverse spacetime in order to prevent Savage from seizing total control" explains Wired.

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Paramount pictures says 'Hasta La Vista, Baby' to Terminator sequels

Anthony Garreffa | Fri, Oct 2 2015 4:27 AM CDT

With the underwhelming performance and reviews of Terminator: Genisys, it should come as no surprise that Paramount Pictures has put any future sequels on hold, indefinitely.

Paramount pictures says 'Hasta La Vista, Baby' to Terminator sequels |

Even though the studio pulled in $440 million worldwide on a budget of $155 million, marketing costs have to be put on top of that, and I'm sure Paramount really splashed out on marketing for the new Terminator movie in hopes it would win big at the box office. The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Terminator: Genisys is still losing money, even with the $440 million box office haul.

China tired of so many cybercrime accusations from US government

Michael Hatamoto | Mon, Sep 14 2015 10:30 AM CDT

President Barack Obama recently met with officials from China to discuss the fragile relationship between two global superpowers.

China tired of so many cybercrime accusations from US government |

After Director of National Intelligence James Clapper urged the United States to improve cybersecurity - largely because of suspected Chinese-led cyberattacks - Chinese officials want the United States to stop pointing fingers towards Beijing:

"Maintaining cybersecurity should be a point of cooperation rather than a source of friction between both China and the United States," said Hong Lei, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, while speaking to the media. "We hope that the US stops its groundless attacks against China, start dialogue based on a foundation of mutual respect, and jointly build a cyberspace that is peaceful, secure, open and cooperative."

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