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MLB The Show 16 suffers from crippling server lag, Sony apologizes

Derek Strickland | Apr 9, 2016 4:40 PM CDT

Gaming sure has a trend, doesn't it? Another week, another broken game release. This time MLB The Show 16 has been rendered unplayable at launch thanks to horrible server optimization, but Sony jumped in and promised fixes.

MLB The Show 16 suffers from crippling server lag, Sony apologizes

MLB The Show 16 released on March 29, and for over a week now, the game has been riddled with horrible server lag. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the game didn't have to sync to online servers for basic singleplayer game modes like Road to the Show and franchise. Even if you're trying to play singleplayer, you're pretty much out of luck.

Rather than issue out refunds for the broken game's launch, Sony is making up for player troubles with free DLC. The developers further acknowledge the server problems and affirm that a fix is on its way. "We apologize that the excitement of launch and the start of the season has been soured by these issues. Our team is taking every step necessary and working around the clock to stabilize our online servers as soon as possible," Sony San Diego said in an official statement.

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Are broken PC ports Microsoft's new strategy to sell Xbox Ones?

Derek Strickland | Apr 9, 2016 3:46 PM CDT

Remember when we kept saying there's no reason to buy an Xbox One now that all Xbox games are coming to PC? Well, Quantum Break seems to be the exception to that rule, and could be part of Microsoft's new plan to keep Xbox One sales alive and kicking.

Are broken PC ports Microsoft's new strategy to sell Xbox Ones?

Overhyped and over-marketed, Quantum Break was supposed to be a proud flagship exclusive for Microsoft's Windows 10 PC platform. Instead, the game released as a total mess on PC; it can't even hit 60FPS, the 30FPS hard-lock doesn't work, there's crashing, screen tearing, ugly texture pop-ins, and other performance stutters marring the game. All of that is on top of the awful roadblocks of the Universal Windows Platform.

The Xbox One version of Quantum Break, however, is running smoothly. There's no hitches or hiccups, just the designated 30FPS hard cap and 720P upscaled to 1080P graphics. Normally, I'd just chalk this up to standard industry practices. Developers have long been releasing unfinished PC games alongside their more-optimized console ports simply because consoles take precedence. More people own consoles, which means more sales.

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PS4K would be a 'gigantic pain in the ass', says BioWare founder

Derek Strickland | Apr 9, 2016 2:35 PM CDT

If the rumors are true, Sony is planning on changing the entire console industry with a mid-cycle PS4 refresh. While consumers have been buzzing about the prospect, the idea of PS4K or PS4.5 isn't too enticing to BioWare.

PS4K would be a 'gigantic pain in the ass', says BioWare founder

"I'd say that'd be a gigantic pain in the ass that flies in the face of the purpose of consoles," BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk told GameSpot. "It's funny, there's actually some stories behind that. For example, the original Xbox...Microsoft actually had multiple different DVD drives. They didn't tell anyone that, but as a developer, you discovered that you have different performance, and sometimes you'd have these boxes of refurbished drives and different brands and different equipment. It caused incredible variability."

The BioWare co-founder continued by saying that upgraded console hardware would make developer's jobs more difficult and confusing, especially the modular PC-like hardware swapping that Xbox boss Phil Spencer teased. "The whole purpose of consoles is the set of requirements that you work against from a hardware perspective. To change that is complete lunacy."

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Quantum Break is a gigantic mess on the PC

Anthony Garreffa | Apr 8, 2016 3:35 PM CDT

Well... the PC version of Quantum Break is a gigantic mess, and that doesn't surprise me one bit. Eurogamer's Digital Foundry have dug deep into Remedy's latest game, with nothing but problems reported.

During their testing, the AMD Radeon R9 390 smashes the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, with the NVIDIA driver constantly crashing under Windows 10. Quantum Break is also unable to run at 100% of the screen refresh rate, so if you're running a 60Hz display, you'll only hit 50FPS or so. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN.

The in-game 30FPS frame rate cap is broken, so you can't even receive the smoother performance that the super-underpowered Xbox One is capable of. The full-screen limitations of the Universal Windows Platform makes it impossible to use a third-party piece of software to get smoother performance. YIKES. Remedy has really done a number on the PC version of Quantum Break. Our advice? Don't buy it, yet at least.

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Official No Man's Sky soundtrack is an instrumental masterpiece

Jeff Williams | Apr 8, 2016 10:02 AM CDT

65daysofstatic, a UK based instrumental band is going to be releasing their first original soundtrack, No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe on June 17th, coinciding with the release of one of the most anticipated sci-fi space simulators ever, No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky is too big a production, and hyped way too much, to get just a normal soundtrack to be the backdrop for the vast, open, procedural generate masterpiece that it is. They've partnered with a UK instrumental band, 65daysofstatic, to produce a unique soundtrack that could only be good enough to grace your ears while exploring the space-lanes. Hello Games chose 65daysofstatic as their composers of choice after one of their singles, Debutante, was featured in the reveal trailer in 2013. Since then they've been hard at work composing the original music that'll be featured in-game.

The soundtrack is a bit unique when compared to other's of similar origin, in that it follows some of the similar practices of the procedural generated world that it'll be accentuating. They've compiled over two hours of music across 10 individual tracks, alongside a vast library of raw audio comprised of loops, sound textures and unique melody that currently being fed into the game's unique music engine, effectively creating a self-generating soundtrack that can mix itself into infinity.

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PS4 Update 3.50 has way more new features than advertised

Jeff Williams | Apr 8, 2016 8:03 AM CDT

The newest software update for the PlayStation 4, system software 3.50, seems to have some hidden, or unannounced functionality that Sony hasn't put into the official patch notes. The biggest change is support for external HDD's of up to 4TB, up from the previous limit.

There are also a few more features that have been uncovered by PlayStation 4 users in the Reddit firmware 3.50 megathread. This update was already a significant one, if not one of the larger updates, adding the rudimentary ability to stream games from the PS4 to your PC or Mac, but underneath they've found that the ability to play music stored on USB drives, also letting you play your stored music while you game. Along a similar vein, you can now attach 4TB external HDD's, just in case you want to download your entire library of games.

There are some smaller tweaks that have made their way into the update, too. It's easier to search for livestreams of specific games through the Live From PlayStation app, and you can actually pin up to three games at the top of the apps search field too. Screenshot notifications can be turned off, you can set a part limit from 2-8 people and there's plenty of stability improvements across the entire OS, including the PlayStation store.

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Dark Souls 3 Twitter uses the Sad Affleck meme to promote the game

Jeff Williams | Apr 8, 2016 7:08 AM CDT

Bandai Namco did something incredibly clever by using an already prevalent meme and using its popularity to promote their recently released Dark Souls 3 game. The official Dark Souls Twitter account used the viral Sad Affleck meme to advertise, and the result is actually quite entertaining.

Their marketing department and social media managers converged for what might be the perfect storm, something that itself went viral within mere minutes of posting. Sure, it's not to be outdone by the likes of their chicken wings eating contest and isn't quite the same as the great animated short video that they produced with the help of Eli Roth, but it's on the level of some of the most genius, and well timed, marketing stunts ever.

The original video is from an interview where Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are asked about their thoughts in regards to the negative criticism of the movie, where Affleck seems to go to a dark place and his facial expressions mirror his thoughts. Cavill seems to keep his cool, however.

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Cheating in The Division? Two strikes then you're permanently banned

Jeff Williams | Apr 7, 2016 6:32 PM CDT

Cheaters seem to be rampart in The Division, so during a livestream with the developers where they talked about some of the finer features of update 1.1, they revealed that they're going to introduce a strict two-strikes policy for cheaters on the PC version, which ultimately will end in a permanent ban from the game.

The first time you dabble in the dark-arts of cheating you'll be greeted with a no-notice three day temporary ban from the game. If you can't login, that's your warning that the next time you're caught cheating that you'll receive a permanent ban from the game. They aren't playing around with cheaters, but are giving them the rightful chance to do the right thing and simply enjoy the game.

To help catch these cheaters, they've implemented a new reporting system that simply requires you to enter "/report [username]" to report any suspicious activity you might come across, which Ubisoft is very serious about investigating. They do note, however, that a good portion of suspected cheaters are likely a power-gap between high-level and better skilled players and not necessarily actual cheating. They're going to be very thorough in their investigations before handing out those bans.

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Gears of War 4 reveal coming in three days, supposed to be huge

Jeff Williams | Apr 7, 2016 5:23 PM CDT

Something big is about to be announced in regards to Gears of War 4, but we're not quite sure what it is. They promise it's like nothing we've ever seen before, so what could this surprise be?

A user on NeoGAF has uncovered something in the website's source code that points to something called "The Nightmare Before", and two videos show a downed plane in the midst of a lightning storm. Those may be unconnected completely, or we may be getting a prologue of sorts to help prep us for current nightmare that we might find ourselves in. Adam Fletcher, the community director for The Coalition, did say that we should expect to see several "revelations" over the next months that'll help reveal what JD Fenix and his crew will be enduring.

The Gears of War 4 story follows the story of Marcus Fenix's son and his companions as they undergo a very stressful day, with the entire game unfolding over one 24 hour period. The story is said to follow a similar dark, bleak outlook that defined the originals and as a result will have language and gore that mirrors those early installments. For those that are a bit more sensitive to such things, a filter will be available for you to turn on.

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All the BAFTA Game Award Winners are listed here, see who won what

Jeff Williams | Apr 7, 2016 3:57 PM CDT

Today we saw the BAFTA Game Awards ceremony kick off in London, where games, their creators and those that participated in the process of making them great had the chance to vie for one of eighteen separate award categories to celebrate 2015's gaming successes.

All the BAFTA Game Award Winners are listed here, see who won what

John Carmack also blessed the stage to receive a Fellowship award for being a pioneer of 3D graphics with his historic and continuing work on video games. He was one of a few that helped to create the first person shooter in the form that we enjoy now. If it weren't for his relentless, rebellious behavior, then we might not quite have the level of graphical fidelity we do now. He isn't the only pioneer in the gaming industry though he's contributed and challenged more than we might give credit for.

There was much more that happened at the awards ceremony today, and below we have listed all the winners from the eighteen different categories that are represented. Rocket League has been well represented in this years BAFTA's for video games, taking quite a few wins while even Batman: Arkham Knight takes home an award for Best British Game, despite much better working alternatives on the list.

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