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Microsoft not interested in giving 360 3D support right now

Steve Dougherty | Jun 15, 2010 at 3:06 am CDT
3D this, 3D that; as time goes by the push for 3DTV in the household looks to be cementing itself deeper and becoming a new standard. There are several early adopters already in the way of 3D-enabled displays and Blu-ray player updates. Even Sony is getting all serious about it with firmware updates for the PS3.

But how about Microsoft and its more beloved than ever Xbox 360 (thanks to a little known add-on called Kinect)? - Well, in Microsoft's opening press conference at E3 they made no mention of making 3D a standard feature on the 360 and were 100% focused on Kinect.

Microsoft not interested in giving 360 3D support right now |

This is not to say they've turned a blind eye on 3D, but apparently their reasoning for not showing interest in it at this time is due to slow adoption rates. Microsoft don't feel 3D support would be demanded enough on a whole and would rather leave the decision up to game developers to implement it for their specific titles.

In the future as 3DTV grows Microsoft promises to take notice and add support. "We closely and constantly evaluate consumer trends. If there is demand, we've demonstrated in the past that we are able to quickly dedicate resources to respond to consumer interest."

Kinect for Xbox 360 to rock lounge rooms on November 4

Cameron Wilmot | Jun 14, 2010 at 2:43 pm CDT
We just got done telling you about how Microsoft will begin selling its new and improved Xbox 360 later this week, but let's go over some of the Kinect for Xbox 360 details right now.

Kinect for Xbox 360 to rock lounge rooms on November 4 66 |

Kinect pronounced like 'konnect' will go on sale starting November 4th in the United States. It was interesting that Microsoft did not announce a price during its recently concluded E3 2010 press conference. That may suggest that a price has not yet been confirmed by the software giant.

What we can tell you about Kinect or as it was formerly known Project Natal is that it totally kicks ass. Using the Kinect sensor that includes not only three cameras (by the look of the below press image) and microphones, it is able to really change the way you think of gaming. You see all kinds of futuristic movies and see some cool (yet fake) technology and wonder how far we are away from reaching it. Well, I'd say around 5 months and we'll be there.

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Xbox 360 Slim going on sale for 299 USD this week

Cameron Wilmot | Jun 14, 2010 at 2:13 pm CDT
Folks, I can safely say look for Microsoft shares to sharply rise after a fantastic demonstration of the newly named Kinect (formerly Project Natal) technology. Think of it as Nintendo Wii technology on enough steroids to send a man into space. In a word, incredible!

Xbox 360 Slim going on sale for 299 USD this week |

Anyway, right at the end of the press conference that just concluded, Microsoft unveiled the brand new Xbox 360 Slim. It's a new, sleek, smaller and sexy 360 console that will go on sale at the end of the week (it's already shipping to shops) for the same price as the current 360, yep - 299 USD.

The model unveiled comes in a glossy black finish and comes with a 250GB hard drive and built-in 802.11n wireless networking. Of course it is also Kinect ready, but so are all existing 40 million Xbox 360's that have already been sold.

We will follow-up with a Microsoft Kinect summary article this week, but come November 4 when it goes on sale, they will surely fly out of stores at record pace. The future is here. Microsoft just showed it at E3. Take what you know of current gaming and throw it out the window.

Vogel TwistDock for PS3 surfaces

Shane McGlaun | Jun 14, 2010 at 2:06 pm CDT
I have had my PS3 for years and it is one of the first generation devices with WiFi and the 60GB HDD. The machine runs very hot and the clutter of cables drives me crazy. A new dock for the PS3 called the TwistDock has surfaced.

Vogel TwistDock for PS3 surfaces |

The dock lifts the PS3 off the surface and holds it on its side at an angle. It looks like the stand would let more air get to the bottom of the PS3 making it run cooler too.

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Can't make it to E3? No problem - YouTube's giving uninterrupted coverage

Steve Dougherty | Jun 14, 2010 at 4:54 am CDT
In collaboration with gaming partner IGN, YouTube will be giving full live streaming coverage of E3 across all four days at the official E3 Channel, ensuring you won't miss a thing; be it press conferences, product demos, developer interviews and everything else in between.

Not able to watch it live? No problem, there will be playlists made available with all the event highlights thanks to IGN's heavy involvement and lots of hot-from-the-floor E3 reports by games-media partners like Machinima.

Some time with Microsoft's Kinect (Project Natal) up close

Steve Dougherty | Jun 14, 2010 at 4:16 am CDT
The lucky folks at Gizmodo got a chance to go back stage after the opening E3 party last night where Microsoft officially lifted the curtain on Project Natal, now known to be finalised as "Kinect". It was whilst backstage they were able to get up close to Kinect and take some nice shots as well as trying out some of the initial release titles to support the new technology.

Some time with Microsoft's Kinect (Project Natal) up close 11 |

Looks like it would be better suited to the Sony camp, but at least it will match up with most plasma and LCD TVs.

Some time with Microsoft's Kinect (Project Natal) up close 12 |

You can check out Gizmodo's full gallery of pics at the source link.

First sighting of Microsoft's Slim Xbox 360

Steve Dougherty | Jun 14, 2010 at 3:28 am CDT
In hastily fashion, 2 days prior to E3, Microsoft has already let loose some of its tricks it plans to reveal at the show through several posts and video advertisements.

This short advertisement below, posted up by an international gaming site gives everyone a first look at a new Slim Xbox 360 console coming out.

This upcoming model won't only be smaller, but is also shaped differently with a more angular design on the front and back to give more of an X shape. Not only this, but it's said to come with WiFi built-in, saving people from buying a costly adapter for what should have been a standard feature to begin with. The internal HDD capacity will also be larger at 250GB as standard.

New PS3 models hit FCC

Shane McGlaun | Jun 11, 2010 at 11:04 am CDT
It's been a while now since we have seen any updates to the PS3. The newish PS3 Slim was the last major change to the Sony console. A new listing over the FCC shows that some new models are coming.


Details are scant on the new models right now. What we do know is that there are four new versions including the CECH-2501A and the CECH-2501B. These two are identical save HDD capacity.

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Tech-Facts Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse Survey Contest Update

Cameron Wilmot | Jun 9, 2010 at 7:33 am CDT
After two weeks, we have a 6-way tie for first place!

Mark, Brandon, Jonathan, Don, Jacob and Chad are all tied for first place! And the rest of the guys are hot on their tails with one each. Remember, the top 5 win a free Razer Abyssus gaming mouse, so this contest isn't over yet!

Tech-Facts Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse Survey Contest Update |

Learn more about Tech-Facts here and how you can make money and win a Razer gaming mouse.

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Nintendo 3DS more powerful than Wii?

Shane McGlaun | Jun 8, 2010 at 11:02 am CDT
E3 is just around the corner and Nintendo has been saying or a while now that it will unveil the 3DS at the show officially and offer up more details on pricing and specs. The machine is very anticipated and thought to be landing on the market in time for Christmas.


IGN has offered up a list of everything that it knows about the 3DS. Much of it is stuff we already heard like a 3D screen that needs no glasses. However, the publication has talked to several developers who have stated that the device is more powerful than the Wii.

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