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The Final Revolutionary Gaming Event Set To Rise in Beijing - KODE5

Steve Dougherty | Sep 18, 2006 at 7:37 pm CDT

Following a series of gaming events to have taken place in over 20 countries around the world, KODE5's "Global Gaming Revolution" has reached its final stages with the Global Finals to take place at the Beihang University Sports Center in Beijing, CHINA from September 28th ~ 29th.

All the worlds best gamers to have fought their way to the #1 spot in their respective countries will converge to provide each other with some VERY serious competition at this massive e-sports event.

For all the details incl. the full list of players to have qualified, grab KODE5's latest press release here folks.

KODE5 Lester here with a very special KODE5 announcement. After a series of exciting KODE5 events around the world, we are proud to announce the KODE5 Global Finals in Beijing, China!

From September 28th ~ 29th, the KODE5 Global Finals will bring together some of the world's top gamers for one final battle to determine the KODE5 2006 Global Champions. In keeping with our message that e-sports are as much a sport as more "traditional" sports, we will be holding the event at the Beihang University Sports Center - an official venue for the 2008 Olympic Games.

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Building A KICKASS Gaming Rig (Part 1/3)

Steve Dougherty | Sep 5, 2006 at 7:23 pm CDT

Need a bit of guidance on how to go about building yourself up a sweet new gaming rig? 3DGameMan have the first of a three part video up which helps steer you onto the right track!

This Video is part 1 of 3 on "Building a KICKASS Gaming Rig". In this video, I will outline how to select the correct hardware. The average computer user still purchases pre-built systems. The reason for this is that most find selecting the right components and installing them a very daunting task. This Video is intended to help you build your own high end gaming computer system. Please remember though, that this video is intended as a general guide. Watch the Video to find out more...

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PowerColor X1950 Brings Gaming Graphics to yet another Level

Steve Dougherty | Aug 23, 2006 at 8:19 pm CDT

Tul Corp are quick to lift the curtain on their variant of the new flagship X1950XTX/CrossFire cards, launched earlier today by the ATI guns.

Grab their official announcement here.

Taipei, Taiwan - August 23, 2006 - Tul Corporation, a leading provider of ATI-based graphic cards, today announced the PowerColor X1950 XTX and CrossFireTM graphic cards; raising the bar for the world's fastest graphics solution. The latest from PowerColor uses state-of-the-art architecture with a powerful graphics processing unit along with a revamped cooling system and incorporation of GDDR4 memory.

"The PowerColor X1950 XTX and CrossFireTM catapults us to the forefront of top performing graphics solution." says Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. "The visual experience from this setup is absolutely amazing, leaving no compromise for any details with today's most demanding resolutions."

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Gamers Storm Dallas for QuakeCon 2006

Steve Dougherty | Aug 3, 2006 at 6:24 pm CDT

QuakeCon is now underway! This HUGE yearly gaming event kicked off just a short while ago in Dallas, Texas, and will run through until sunday. In a supporting press announcement, it's been said that there's $100,000 up for grabs in cash and prizes, these awaiting talented gamers who have what it takes to kick some mega butt during the course of the action-packed event.

Alongside the official opening announcement, links to broadcasted footage and other tid bits can be sourced over at QuakeCon's official website.

DALLAS, TX - August 3, 2006 - The most passionate and competitive video game fans from across the country and around the world along with industry leaders will invade Dallas, the birthplace of first-person action PC gaming, at QuakeCon 2006. Gamers will vie for $100,000 in cash and prizes over four-action packed days, August 3 - 6 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel - Trinity Exhibition Center.

QuakeCon 2006 is organized by a dedicated group of volunteers and Texas' own video game icon, id Software, and offers 96 hours of round-the-clock parties, entertainment, fragging and, of course, plenty of adrenaline-pumping action.

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CREATIVE Releases The Ultimate In Gaming Weapons

Steve Dougherty | Jul 25, 2006 at 3:30 am CDT

Pro gamer Jonathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel has assisted Creative in designing a new gaming mouse and headset which each sport a number of distinct features for gamers alike.

For instance, the mouse includes the "G-Weight™ Interchangeable Modular Weight System", each weight module is balanced to provide an optimised center of gravity and includes light caliber (3.5g) for extra agility and quick movement, medium caliber (11g) for all around gaming and heavy caliber (26g) for extra precision and balance.

Grab Creative's official announcement for the full details folks.

Sydney, 25th July 2006 - Creative Labs, the Australian subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for PC users is excited to announce the release of what promises to be the next level in gaming accessories. Jointly designed by Creative and with every last detail examined by world champion FPS PC gamer Jonathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel, the Creative Fatal1ty 1010 gaming mouse and Fatal1ty professional series gaming headset are a new generation of gaming accessories that are optimised to give gamers that critical edge against their opponents.

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AMD & ATI - Conference Transcript

Steve Dougherty | Jul 24, 2006 at 8:19 pm CDT

I have obtained the transcript of AMD's conference which took place a short while ago, this in relation to the acquisition of ATI. It's been posted up in our forums for your reading pleasure folks.

Hector Ruiz:
Good morning, in fact this is a great morning. Pleased to announce AMD and ati are joining forces, creating a processing powerhouse. Passionately believe this acquisition makes sense for both companies, shareholders, partners, employees and industries. We are both customer focused.

What is happening in the market place right now. Consumer devices are becoming increasing sophisticated, entertainment and information anywhere, anytime. Enterprises are relying upon collaborative. Customers are asking us how they can grow more successfully, gaining simplicity, differentiation, global reach.

Our customers and partners are more excited as to what we can do together in a market long dominated by one company. We have years of experience working together, common culture of technology. Our commitment to ati's customers, employees and Canada is strong.

We feel confident that company's and cultures will integrate well together. Our products occupy adjacent real estate on a motherboard, we're now more than just neighbors, moving towards a family. Fast growing consumer electronics, innovations to multimedia handhelds, game consoles and htdv.

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Evo: Phase One - Video Game Entertainment System

Steve Dougherty | Jul 17, 2006 at 9:43 pm CDT

This strange looking box by company "Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation" caught my attention a short while ago over at Nordic Hardware. They've announced details of a unique offering set to enter the gaming console market later this year which they call the EVO: PHASE 1. It's essentially a disguised PC running a Radeon HDMI X1600 Pro graphics card, Athlon64 3200+ processor, and customized liquid cooling.

It'll be interesting to see how well this thing sells....

Anniston, Alabama JULY 11, 2006 - Today the Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation announced that the Evo: Phase One media entertainment console will go on sale via the internet October 20, 2006. The suggested retail price is $679.99. (80 GB HDD) The system will ship with the Akimbo video on demand application pre-installed, plus, customers can apply an additional discount on over 1,600 games from the Evo: Direct store upon purchase of their EVO unit.

Evo: Phase One combines computer, media center, and PC gaming into one unit. The system will also boast amazing graphics supported by the Sapphire RADEON HDMI X1600 Pro graphic card.

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KODE5 Storms CeBIT 2006

Steve Dougherty | Mar 22, 2006 at 7:13 pm CST

An update with stacks of info and photos has been handed round just a short time ago regarding the launch of the Global Gaming Revolution, "KODE5". It kicked off with a real bang during the opening stages of CeBIT at Hannover recently, and you can get the full rundown on what took place via this slideshow presentation in .DOC format (weighing in at 3.40MBs).

Further coverage on KODE5's happenings can be sourced at TSNCentral folks.

(HANNOVER, Germany) - March 15, 2006 - The revolution is upon us. News of the KODE5 Global Launch at CeBIT Hannover spread quickly throughout the Internet and beyond, as gamers crowded the Foxconn booth to catch a glimpse of the start of the Global Gaming Revolution. With Team Sportscast Network doing the play-by-play, Giga TV hosting and covering the event, and Team Dignitas on deck to challenge the crowd, the event was a rousing success.

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NVIDIA Enhance Game Physics via SLI

Steve Dougherty | Mar 20, 2006 at 6:21 pm CST

The big talk of today is that with the support of physics guru mob "Havok" (the master minds behind the majority of awesome physics found in gaming titles to date. As an example, Half Life 2), NVIDIA have announced plans to introduce a physics effects solution via their SLI platform; thats right folks, dedicated physics processing for games by means of your GPU(s).

Mid last year AGEIA were the first to announce plans to release a dedicated physics processing card (dubbed the PhysX), but without any competition or momentum in order to make it a big happening thing, the process to get it off the ground has been painfully slow.

Now that NVIDIA have stepped up to the plate it will be interesting to see what comes of this next big move to push the envelope further in terms of how immersive and realistic our gaming experience is yet to become.

NVIDIA's official press release can be found here. There's also some coverage on the subject at PC Perspective, RojakPot & HardOCP.

Furthermore, the lads at FiringSquad have conducted an interview with Havok's vice president of product management, Jeff Yates regarding their move to support NVIDIA with "Havok FX".

SANTA CLARA, CA-March 20, 2006-NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, and Havok, the game industry's leading supplier of cross-platform middleware, will be demonstrating a physics effects solution that runs completely on a graphics processing unit (GPU) -an industry first-at this year's Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Jose, California (March 21st through 24th).

The result of an ongoing engineering collaboration between Havok and NVIDIA, this new software product from Havok-called Havok FX™-enables the simulation of dramatically-detailed physical phenomena in PC games, when powered by GPUs such as NVIDIA GeForce®7 or 6 Series GPUs and further amplified with NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU technology. The Havok FX product is currently in early release to select developers and is expected to be available this summer.

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KODE5 - CeBIT Launch Update

Steve Dougherty | Mar 6, 2006 at 2:03 am CST

The massive 16 country spanned world gaming tournament "KODE5" is drawing closer upon us now (coinciding with the opening of this year's huge CeBIT event in Germany on March 9 where KODE5 will be officially launched). An announcement from the KODE5 event crew working hard to make this monster event possible had popped into my inbox last week, in which I of course proceeded to post up for everyone to see.

Since then, another update with more spicey details on all the preperations having gone into making this a very memorable tourny is now available for all to read.

(HANNOVER, Germany) - March 6, 2006 - Last week, gamers from around the world were told of a revolution about to begin - a global gaming revolution known only as KODE5. We were told KODE5 will mass gamers in 16 countries in a series of regional events to find the best gamers from around the world. The best then fly to an undisclosed location to square off against the world's gaming elite. On March 9, CeBIT, the largest IT-related trade show in the world, will host the KODE5 global launch. Supported by Foxconn, Intel and ATi, the KODE5 launch will see dozens of professional gamers helping KODE5 bring gaming to CeBIT. The KODE5 launch at CeBIT will see the pros playing pros, as well as the everyday gamers taking each other on for some cool prizes.

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