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Samsung announce the world's first 1ms LCD panel

Anthony Garreffa | Oct 6, 2010 7:56 PM CDT
LCD's have come a very long way - from the original 20ms monsters they were, to now 30", 3D/120hz, Eyefinity/Surround Vision setups... Samsung are another first to the market with 1ms response time.

Samsung announce the world's first 1ms LCD panel | TweakTown.com

Samsung announce the P2770FH LCD which is rated at 1ms.

Young Bae, Samsung's director of display marketing issued a statement saying "a prime example of Samsung's leadership in display engineering, and creative professionals and computer gamers seeking the best possible viewing experience will immediately appreciate its benefits."

At the moment there are plenty of 2ms screens - but the Samsung P2770FH is the first 1ms screen to be announced - which is twice as fast as current competing models. Samsung claim that the P2770FH completely eliminates motion blur and ghosting effects.

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Samsung unveils new 31 Series LCDs

Shane McGlaun | Oct 6, 2010 10:02 AM CDT
The cost of LCDs for computer users is coming down all the time. I remember how expensive an LCD was back when most of us were still running CRT screens and today you can pick an LCD up for practically nothing. Samsung is huge in the LCD TV business and the company produces all sorts of LCDs for computer users too. The company has pulled the covers off a new series of displays for computer users called the 31 Series.


The series includes the 20-inch, BX2031, 21.5-inch BX2231, 23-inch BX2331 and 24-inch BX2431 screens. All of the screens use LED backlight tech to save power, provide nice colors, and image quality. The screens also use Samsung Magic Angle tech to make sure full contrast and color is available from all angles. The screens have many of the same features in common, save the small BX2031 that has its own specs like a 1600 x 900 resolution and only VGA/DVI-D inputs.

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Toshiba to tease with glasses-less 3D TV

Anthony Garreffa | Sep 28, 2010 8:18 PM CDT
Toshiba are set to show off a 3D TV on Monday that doesn't require 3D glasses.

Toshiba to tease with glasses-less 3D TV | TweakTown.com

3D TV's have been out for less than a year from the big manufacturers, all of them require the user/s to wear special glasses to see the 3D content. At the moment the technology involved in the glasses are presented with similar images, then rapidly change between each eye - this is how the 3D effect is shown to your eyes, but because it's going so fast - you don't notice the flicker, you just enjoy the 3D effect, albeit - with glasses on.

Toshiba's new technology throws the glasses away. Exact details of the technology won't be unveiled until Monday - but research by other companies has relied on a filter being placed on top of the TV screen - this filter sends a slightly different image to each eye.

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Panasonic and Charlotte Motor Speedway to install world's largest HD video board

Shane McGlaun | Sep 24, 2010 11:04 AM CDT
If you watch football games on TV, you have undoubtedly seen the huge video walls that many of the stadiums in pro and college football have giant screens that help fans in the stadium get closer to the action even if they are in the nosebleed section. NASCAR and racing fans that visit Charlotte Motor Speedway will be to see the world's largest HD video wall built by Panasonic.


The screen is set to start construction on October 13 and the schedule will have the screen finished by April of 2011. The gigantic screen will sit trackside between turns two and three. The size of the enormous screen is hard to fathom. It will have a total of 16,000 square feet of space. That is the size of some grocery stores.

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Dell UltraSharp U3011 30-inch LCD now shipping

Shane McGlaun | Sep 17, 2010 11:04 AM CDT
Dell has been shipping 30-inch LCDs for years now and I have been using one of the original 30-inch units and wouldn't give it up for anything. The new LCD is an improvement on the original LCD with a lot of nice new features and a big price tag. This may be the best LCD for gamers looking to play with high resolutions.


The screen has a 16:10 aspect ratio and uses IPS technology. The resolution for the LCD is 2560 x 1600 and it has a 1000:1 typical contrast ratio. The dynamic contrast ratio for the screen is 100,000:1 and the screen can display 1.07 billion colors, which is way more than my original 30-inch LCD can handle. The screen has a 7ms response time so ghosting should not be an issue.

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Samsung demonstrate USB-only powered 18.5-inch LCD

Steve Dougherty | May 31, 2010 5:45 AM CDT
SID 2010 - With lesser power consumption being a strong point of focus in the computing industry Samsung has reached a very impressive milestone in developing an 18.5-inch sized display that uses just 6.3w of measily power to operate properly.

Samsung demonstrate USB-only powered 18.5-inch LCD 07

Given such low power requirements, Samsung has designed it so it can be powered entirely from USB ports. That's right; this 18.5-inch TN-film panel display can draw all the power it needs from just a couple USB 2.0 ports, with one of those USB 2.0 connections also acting as the display connection.

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