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Save 77% On The Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds

TweakTown Deals | Apr 1, 2015 at 11:16 am CDT

Groove on the 30 feet of premium wireless Bluetooth connectivity, chat on the mic and even control your device with the touch of the remote--for just $24, down from $109! That's 77% off to enjoy a hands-free media experience while hitting the gym, making dinner, walking the dog... and the noise-cancelling outer shell allows for multiple sizes of gelled ear buds & caps (included) to comfort-fit your listening experience; you can even use the optional ear hooks.

With lightweight construction and clever design, the Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds are a surefire hit for both value and style. Sale ends soon!

Save 77% On The Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds |

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Enter for your chance to win the new 12" Apple Macbook

TweakTown Deals | Mar 31, 2015 at 11:16 am CDT

Win the new Macbook simply by entering our giveaway via the link below, and share your entry on social media for more chances to win (yep... we're askin'). Best of luck; the more you share, the better your chances! Enter the giveaway here.

Enter for your chance to win the new 12 Apple Macbook 1 |

With all-day battery life, visually sumptuous Retina display, dual-core Intel Core M processor and new USB-C standard of connectivity, you could probably also Slim-Jim your own car window with its 13.1mm thinness... sorry, AAA. What are you waiting for? Enter now for your chance to get the latest from Apple absolutely free!

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Meet The SKEYE Nano Drone The World's Smallest Quadcopter

TweakTown Deals | Mar 30, 2015 at 11:21 am CDT

Drones are delightful, yes. But have you ever actually used one? If you have, great. But most folks haven't, and if you'd like something to train on--something tiny, nimble, lightfooted and cost-conscious, the SKEYE Nano Drone is the way to go.

Meet The SKEYE Nano Drone The World's Smallest Quadcopter |

This puppy fits in your hand, your pocket, your... we'll stop there. It can do it's thing inside and out--flips, acrobatics, six-axis control--and now it can be yours for a 41% discount. That's almost half off.

Although it's wee, the SKEYE can hold its own in an open-air environment, even with wind. With its on-board stabilization gyroscope, you can do pretty much anything you want. It even has different modes for beginner, intermediate, and expert pilots. With the right amount of practice and man-hours, the SKEYE pulls figure eights and flips. Flight time per charge is around 7-8 minutes, enough to give you a good idea of your control in the field. The drone also has LEDs for night-time explorations.

We think our discount is the best you'll find. Give it a shot and practice your flying... you never know when you'll be called upon to battle for the Rebel Resistance. 41% is almost half-off. Seriously... this isn't happening anywhere else. Only we are nerdy enough. >> Get 41% off the SKEYE Nano Drone ($34.99 incl. shipping)

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Save over 70% on a lifetime of VPN protection

TweakTown Deals | Mar 25, 2015 at 11:05 am CDT

The only truly secure way of accessing public Wi-Fi and keeping snoopers at bay when you're online is by setting up a virtual private network. VPN Unlimited is one such service with unrestricted bandwidth and data - and a lifetime subscription currently has 70% off.

Save over 70% on a lifetime of VPN protection |

By routing your web traffic via intermediary servers, VPN Unlimited is able to disguise the identity of your device online. This makes it almost impossible for anyone to track your browsing, and it makes region-locked content available from anywhere in the world. To be worthwhile, you really need to run this kind of service full-time, so the limitless bandwidth and connection speed offered by VPN Unlimited is great. The subscription also covers you on up to five devices, with your data encrypted locally for safe transmission. To grab the discount, head for the link.

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