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Cases, Cooling & PSU News - Page 96

Cooler Guys Wind Tunnel III Case Review for September 23, 2001

By TweakTown Staff | Sep 23, 2001 09:37 pm CDT

For those who want some great cooling without the hassle of doing it themselves, there is the Cooler Guys Wind Tunnel III Case. here's a snip:

"With the great success of the original 'WindTunnel, Todd over at the CoolerGuys released the WindTunnel II, and most recently, the Wind Tunnel III and IV. Based upon the Fong Kai FK320, this is visually one of the most beautiful cases one will ever find. For this reason, I chose to review this instead of the WindTunnel IV. So how does this latest work of art from the CoolerGuys perform in an everyday environment? Read on to find out!"

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Cooler Guys Wind Tunnel III Case Review for September 19, 2001

By TweakTown Staff | Sep 19, 2001 09:54 pm CDT

Overclocker Cafe has just posted a review of the Cooler Guys Wind Tunnel III Case. here's a snip:

"I do have to say this is one of the better cases I have had a chance to get my hands on. Its sleek sports car like appearance is very pleasing to the eye. The case is a mid tower with three external 5 1/4" bays and one 3 1/2" bay. Internally, it has three more 3 1/2" bays (it has four sets of mounting holes, but only three are usable at a time with standard HDD's.) It has a total of 4 fans not counting the PSU. I have listed the specifications of each fan above. The total CFM of these babies is 256.6 (Ouch), and the loudest is 42 dBA. I do not have to tell you this thing is circulating some serious air."

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CS-INWIN ALASKA FT Computer Case Review

By TweakTown Staff | Sep 17, 2001 10:48 pm CDT

For those who want a drastically modded case, but don't want the hassle of doing it themselves, there is a lazy way out. If you'd like to know what I'm talking about here, then just head on over to Inside-Hardware and check out their review of the CS-INWIN ALASKA FT Computer Case. here's a snip:

"So how did the Computers Divine case compare after 3 weeks of constant use? To my amazement it absolutely destroyed my Addtronics in every way imaginable! The entire case was so quiet that one 90mm Delta fan in my Addtronics case was louder then all the fans in the Computers Divine! Even better, the Computers Divine case kept almost every component in my case 15-20 degrees cooler at all times! This is simply amazing. The way that they do it,is by using slow moving fans to keep the noise down, yet place them well enough, that cool air is always in every part of the case. Most interesting though, is the way they setup the CPU cooling. The Cold air enters from behind the case (I have never seen this done before) and is sucked back out through the power supply. Although, this was an unusual method, it worked out to become the best cooling design I have used."

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Cooler Guys Windtunnel IV Case Review

By TweakTown Staff | Aug 23, 2001 10:14 pm CDT

Cooler Guys have been making the Windtunnel model of cases for a while now, and each seems to get progressively better than the last. Can the newest model keep up the reputation? The only way to fond out is to head on over to and check out their review of the Windtunnel IV Case. here's a snip:

"After our excellent experience with the Windtunnel II Gamers case, I thought that CoolerGuys couldn't get any better cooling-wise since the case performed so well. Now that the new Wintunnel III and IV are out, we may see even better cooling at a less expensive price. Today we look at the newest case, the Windtunnel IV."

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2CoolPC System Cooler Review

By TweakTown Staff | Aug 18, 2001 11:37 pm CDT

2CoolPC has a couple of coolers that they have designed that are meant to help keep the entire setup cool and not just a single component. Overclocker Cafe has gotten both of them and have written up a review of them so that we can see if they work or not. Go see what they found about the 2CoolPC System Coolers Review. here's a snip:

"As we said before, differences between heatsink performance is measured in 1/10 degree increments anymore. High performance sinks seem to be pushing the edge of what seems possible with air cooling a CPU. With this in mind, we saw a staggering 2.4 degree Celsius drop."

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Macase MS-10 "Hermannator HDD Cooler Review

By TweakTown Staff | Aug 14, 2001 07:44 pm CDT

OCAU has a new HDD cooler that they just finished testing. Go see their take on the Macase MS-10 "Hermannator" HDD Cooler. here's a snip:

"At the front, behind a removable dust filter there are two 40mm Sunon ball-bearing fans. These are very thick, much more so than the 486-cooler type 40mm fans more commonly seen. Being Sunon they give you some reassurance of reliability and as there's two, should one fail your drive will still be cooled. However, there is no facility provided to monitor the RPM's of the fans so you won't know if a fan fails unless you are actively monitoring the HDD temperature or removing the dust filter while the unit is powered. The air is directed both along the top edge of the heatsink (among the fins) and straight into the back of the drive. This means that some air flows under the drive as well, helping to cool the electronics. Realistically though, most of the heat from a HDD is generated within the HDA area so that's where the focus should be - and is, with this design."

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