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Overwatch's Bastion reborn as epic 3D printed PC build

By Derek Strickland on Dec 21, 2016 at 02:17 pm CST

Armed with a 3D printer, a lot of gumption, and technical prowess, PC case modder Jan Erik Vangen has built a custom PC inside of Overwatch's favorite chirpy robot.

Overwatch's Bastion reborn as epic 3D printed PC build 5 |

Bastion was crafted piece-by-3D-printed-piece using a MakerBot Replicator, and was then assembled like a basic Gundam model and hand-painted by Vangen (yes, he even chirps!). The result is a stunning rendition that will have any Bastion fan in total admiration mode.

Since form factor is an issue, the mech-turned-chassis doesn't have a fully-fledged gaming PC with a dedicated desktop GPU inside, but it still is fully capable of playing Overwatch. Instead of a fully-fledged PC, Vangen fastened an ASRock Beebox-S mini-PC inside of Bastion's chest. The Beebox-S rocks an Intel Core i5 6200U CPU with HD Graphics 520, which is enough to power Overwatch.

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Thermaltake reveals Core X71 tempered glass PC case

By Derek Strickland on Dec 12, 2016 at 01:18 pm CST

Thermaltake has announced the Core X71 Thermal Glass Edition PC case, featuring a tempered glass window to show of your rig, modular components, and a spacious full-tower chassis with plenty of room for high-end enthusiast hardware.

Thermaltake reveals Core X71 tempered glass PC case 14 |

The Core X71 Tempered Glass Edition is a modified version of the Core X71 case that features 4 mm-thick tempered glass side windows. The chassis features a dual-compartment optimized for easy installation and modular expandability, and fits bigger HPTX/XL-ATX/EATX motherboards and video cards above 350mm. Users can also install a AIO liquid-cooling solution into the Core X71 as well as a multitude of fans for air cooling.

"Designed for high-end gaming system compatibility, the Core X71's modular drive racks allow users to easily install up to seven data storage devices, a dual expansion slot VGA of up to 420mm in length, and a tower CPU cooler as high as 180mm. Even with a high-wattage PSU stretching to 220mm in length, the Core X71 still leaves plenty of interior space for cable management. Moreover, a 480mm radiator can be installed at front of the chassis, delivering superior cooling performance."

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BitFenix reveals new enthusiast Shogun PC case

By Derek Strickland on Dec 9, 2016 at 12:16 pm CST

BitFenix has just revealed its new flagship Shogun PC case that's optimized for enthusiast and high-performance builds with ample room for 13-inch EATX motherboards.

BitFenix reveals new enthusiast Shogun PC case 11 |

BitFenix's new Shogun case features two tempered glass windows to show off your rig, and affords for tremendous cooling solutions, fitting a liquid cooling solution and a dynamic air-cooled setup in all of the following form factors: a 120mm / 140mm fan and radiator in the rear, a 240mm / 280mm dual-fan array with an accompanying radiator in the front, and a 360mm / 280mm tri-fan array and radiator at the top. The Shogun can also fit three GPUs up to 410mm in length, and features brackets to eliminate video card sag for higher-end cards while minimizing damage to motherboards.

BitFenix reveals new enthusiast Shogun PC case 14 |

"BitFenix Shogun is optimized for high-end systems with extreme water cooling for VR or 4K gaming dedicated systems. It supports up to three graphic cards with included 'GPU Safe' Graphic card supports. They can be easily configured to support different GPUs. This removes any possible damage that could happen to the electronic components due to bending. Shogun supports GPUs up to 410mm long and PSUs of up to 250mm (Can customize to fit longer PSUs by moving the modular HDD cages)," reads the official press release.

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MSI teases its new M.2 Shield SSD heatspreader

By Anthony Garreffa on Nov 30, 2016 at 10:24 pm CST

MSI is no stranger to cooling technology, with the company announcing it has added a heatspreader to the M.2 slot on future - and I'm guessing, Z270 motherboards - as M.2 drives have been running very hot in some PCs.

MSI teases its new M.2 Shield SSD heatspreader |

MSI will unveil the new M.2 Shield cooler with its next-gen motherboards that will support Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake CPU architecture, led by the Core i7-7700K - which seems to be running into its own temperature-related problems. MSI's upcoming M.2 Shield SSD heatspreader is a metal cover with a pre-applied thermally-conductive gap-filling pad.

It won't matter which M.2 SSD you have, MSI's new M.2 Shield will fit onto it as it is hinged at the bottom, clamping down onto the M.2 drive as it's the larger surface - meaning it can take more heat from the NAND flash.

MSI should better unveil the M.2 Shield at CES 2017 in January, 2017.

In Win and NVIDIA team up for a limited edition case

By Lana Jelic on Nov 7, 2016 at 02:25 pm CST

In Win and NVIDIA partnered up on a project that resulted in the beautiful case In Win 303 NVIDIA version.

In Win and NVIDIA team up for a limited edition case 01 |

The case itself is based on the same design as the original In Win 303, an elegant and modest design case, but the NVIDIA version comes with some extras such as the green NVIDIA design features on the front panel and a green LED fan at the rear of the case.

The chassis is crafted from SECC steel and 3mm tempered glass. The In Win 303 NVIDIA also features removable side panel and dust filters, as well as cooling options (space for two radiators, top and rear and three fans at the bottom).

In Win pointed out some unique features of the case such as separate PSU (up to 200mm), 2 x 2.5" SSD and 2 x 3.5" HDD chambers which sit above and behind the motherboard.

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NZXT launches Aer RGB LED fans

By Derek Strickland on Oct 12, 2016 at 05:45 am CDT

NZXT's new Aer RGB system fans are now available, offering a distinct stylish flair to any PC build.

The new Aer RGB PWM fans rock a dazzling myriad of HUE+ color combinations and effects, all of which are controlled by NZXT's CAM software. HUE+ is required to unlock all the different lighting effects, but the fans will function without HUE+. The 4-pin PWM Aer cooling fans can be daisy-chained together for convenience, have a max speed of 1500 RPMs, and come in 120mm and 140mm form factors for basic chassis cooling and radiator cooling respectively.

Aer fan blades have a winglet-tip design that offer "optimal airflow while keeping noise to a minimum," with the 120mm fans hitting 61.4 CFM airflow with a max of 31 dBA, and the 140mm model hitting 71.6 CFM of airflow at 33dBA. NZXT affirms the Aer fans are built with fluid dynamic bearing for "long-lasting silent operation," and have an estimated 6 year lifecycle. Aer RGB fans are now available starting at $29.99 for the 120mm fans and $34.99 for the 140mm sizes. NZXT is also offering Aer RGB starter packs with two fans and HUE+ for $80 and $90.

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Antec teams with Razer on a new mini-ITX gaming case

By Anthony Garreffa on Sep 21, 2016 at 01:21 am CDT

Antec has announced its new Cube case, designed by Razer in an "extensive collaboration" between the two companies. Antec's new Cube chassis is a mini-ITX gaming case designed for gamers who want a SFF gaming PC.

Antec teams with Razer on a new mini-ITX gaming case 01 |

Inside of the new Antec Cube is 1 x 3.5-inch bay, up to 4 x 2.5-inch bays, 3 expansion slots, and it can take graphics cards that are up to 350mm. The Razer-designed Antec Cube also goes above and beyond most mini-ITX gaming cases, with a separate compartment for the pSU, allowing for improved cable management.

Antec teams with Razer on a new mini-ITX gaming case 02 |

On the outside, Antec's Cube chassis features a hybrid structure consisting of 3mm aluminum and 0.8mm of cold-rolled steel with Razer's iconic Triple-Headed Snake logo on the front. On the left and right of the Cube we have LED under glow strips with the signature Razer green color, with a green LED on the rear exhaust fan, power button, and USB 3.0 ports.

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ZOTAC's new Mini PC feature GeForce GTX 10 series GPUs

By Anthony Garreffa on Aug 16, 2016 at 09:32 am CDT

ZOTAC has just announced its new ZBOX Magnus Mini PC variants powered by NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 10 series, which will see ZOTAC's small gaming PCs being quiet, powerful and even more power efficient and faster, too.

ZOTAC's new Mini PC feature GeForce GTX 10 series GPUs |

According to ZOTAC CEO Tony Wong, the new Magnus Mini PC will "inherit the small but powerful spirit of our ZBOX. With lower power output and higher performance, we can deliver a new level of gaming and VR for enthusiasts without expanding the footprint". ZOTAC has designed its Magnus gaming PCs for both gaming and entertainment, and they also act as smaller gaming PCs that are ready for VR gaming, too.

ZOTAC's Magnus series have always been "small, powerful and whisper quiet," and this continues with the new GeForce GTX 10-powered versions, pushing the limits of what is possible with a small gaming PC.

Thermaltake's new Toughpower PSUs can be turned off remotely

By Anthony Garreffa on Aug 3, 2016 at 12:40 am CDT

If you've got one of Thermaltake's new Toughpower DPS G RGB Series power supplies, you can now turn your PC off remotely if the situation arises.

Thermaltake's new PC Off Remote Control is a piece of software you can install onto your smartphone that will send you notifications if your PSU is acting up - where a fan fails, it's running too hot, or there's over/under voltage issues. The software notification will come up, then you can turn off or restart your PC so that your PSU doesn't run the risk of dying.

The company explains: "The SPM platform provides three alert functions: fan failure, over temperature (over 140℉/60℃), and abnormal voltage level (over/under 5% of normal level) warning alert. That will help users to reduce the possibility of overheating your internal components and burning the PC. When the abnormal activities occur, the warning message will be pushed to the mobile devices and email. The SPM platform allows users to turn off the computer remotely via mobile app when users receive the warning message".

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Lian Li continues its desk domination, with automated standing desks

By Anthony Garreffa on Jun 9, 2016 at 01:48 am CDT

Computex 2016 - Lian Li was in force at Computex this year, unveiling two more "conventional" desks, in the form of the new DK-12 and DK-16. These new desks from Lian Li are automated standing desks, with a "similar console and customizable height presets to the DK-04".

Lian Li continues its desk domination, with automated standing desks 01 |
Lian Li continues its desk domination, with automated standing desks 02 |

The desktop on the other hand, is a particle board with a waterproof, leather-like surface mounted on aluminum. The standing mechanism itself can lift, and handle up to 264 lbs (120kg). The big difference between the DK-12 and DK-16 is that the DK-12 is 140cm wide (55 inches) while the DK-16 is around 200cm wide (78.7 inches). Lian Li will have a planned accessory for mounting under the desk, with an adjustable arm that can hold any shape/size PC, so that when the desk moves up and down, so too will your PC.