Nehalem roadmap gets clearer

Possible CPU+GPU/IGP solutions nearing.

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Expreview have acquired a fresh Intel roadmap which outlines the company's Nehalem launch schedule well into 2009.

Intel Nehalem Roadmap into Q3'2009

The first wave will hit in Q4 of this year with the top-end 3.2GHz Bloomfield part sitting in the Extreme/top-end segment along with 2.93GHz and 2.66GHz models entering the performance and mainstream markets.

During this time and possibly into Q1 next year, Intel will also go into the final phase with Yorkfield; squeezing out the last runs of the Q9650 and Q9400s.

Where things really begin to heat up though is late Q2/Q3'09 when Intel's Havendale arrives; a dual core Nehalem-derivative which takes over where the Wolfdale leaves off and should quickly become a highly attractive offering for overclockers. Also showing up around this time are the Lynnfield quad-core models which share the performance and mainstream segments with Bloomfield.

Intel Lynnfield/Havendale schematic

Expreview have also presented a slide outlining both Lynnfield and Havendale's key features. What's particularly of interest is the mention of "Integrated or Discreet Graphics", with a small graphic implying that we may be seeing the first CPU+IGP chip in the near future.
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