AMD HD 4850 X2 2 GB set to rival in price stakes

Sub $500 launch price set to tempt end-users.

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We covered reports of a $549 launch price for AMD's flagship HD 4870 X2 2 GB GDDR5 SKU, last week, yet today brings some more information, courtesy of Fudzilla, pertaining to a launch price for the HD 4850 X2 2GB part.

AMD HD 4850 X2 2 GB set to rival in price stakes

Let's recap. The HD 4850 X2 2 GB model is expected to feature GDDR3 memory, versus the mightily impressive GDDR5 counterparts on its more costly sibling, whilst two RV770PRO GPUs will form the foundations of the offering. The duty of counteracting the hindrance in performance stakes, against its behemoth sibling, will be taken charge of by some attractive pricing.

How attractive, is attractive though? If the report is to be believed, it is suggested that the HD 4850 X2 2 GB GDDR3 SKU will be ushered in with a launch price of $449 and is expected to make waves in the September/October timeframe.

Moreover, there is a possibility that we may see the marketplace flooded with yet another R700 derivative. A 1GB GDDR3 HD 4850 X2 part could see the light of day, thanks to AMD giving its AIBs some creative freedom. Such acclaim is likely to be a major initiative to more than one AIB to break out of the box and offer end-users some real variety.

At the end of the day, it is apparent that AMD aims to target as many market segments as possible with its HD 4000 series. From top to bottom, the Sunnyvale, CA based company's strategy revolves around making the most of its RV7xx trophy.

Why RV7xx? Time will tell, yet with the mid-range RV730 and low-end RV710 also in the pipeline, how much more performance and market presence will AMD extract out of this product generation?
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