This new pocket-sized PC features an Intel N100 'Alder Lake-N' CPU, fanless design

MeLE launches its new fanless stick PC featuring an Intel N100 'Alder Lake-N' processor, will fit in your pocket and weighs just 184 grams.

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MeLE has just revealed its new stick PC, featuring an Intel N100 "Alder Lake-N" processor, which will fit in your pocket. Check it out:

MeLE's new pocket-sized PC with Intel N100 inside (source: MeLE)

MeLE's new pocket-sized PC with Intel N100 inside (source: MeLE)

The new MeLE pocket-sized PC measures just 146 x 61 x 20mm and weighs only 184g, which makes it about the size of a regular smartphone. Inside, we've got the Intel N100 "Alder Lake-N" processor with 4 cores -- all Efficient cores --operating at between 800MHz and 3.4GHz.

We've got 8GB or 16GB of LPDDR4X-4266 memory and either 128GB or 256GB of eMMC storage, which isn't expandable. MeLE includes two USB 3.2 ports for external storage if needed. On the GPU side of things, the MeLE pocket-sized PC features Intel UHD graphics with 24 Execution Units, which support dual 4K 60Hz displays. There's no DisplayPort here, but there is USB Type-C, which unfortunately doesn't have DP Alt mode.

MeLE's new pocket-sized PC isn't available just yet, but depending on the configuration, it will retail for $270 to $290. For example, 8GB RAM + 128GB storage will cost $270, or 16GB RAM + 256GB storage will cost $290. MeLE will also offer cheaper variants of its new pocket-sized PC, featuring Gemini Lake and Jasper Lake chips, for between $190 and $210.

MeLE's new pocket-sized PC with Intel N100 inside (source: MeLE)

MeLE's new pocket-sized PC with Intel N100 inside (source: MeLE)

MeLE says its new pocket-sized system features outstanding cooling performance, super polymer material with high specific heat capacity and omnidirectional efficient heat conduction. MeLE adds that there's only a 2C temperature difference between teh CPU core and outer shell surface. Not bad.


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