Windows 11 again fails to make headway attracting new users - and gets outdone by Windows 10

Microsoft's newest operating system is struggling to make meaningful progress in terms of adoption, with Windows 10 gaining more users last month.

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Windows 11 is once again finding it hard to push forward with gaining market share, although the OS has picked up just a little in terms of adoption.

Windows 11's system requirements have been a blocker for many would-be upgraders (Image Credit: Microsoft)

Windows 11's system requirements have been a blocker for many would-be upgraders (Image Credit: Microsoft)

According to the latest figures from Statcounter, Windows 11 edged up to 28.18% as of February 2024, with the OS only witnessing an increase of 0.35% compared to January.

That's a fairly meagre uptick and we've seen a fair few of those in recent times, with Windows 11 not quite stalling, but coming close to it, when it comes to growing its user base.

Windows 10 made more progress, increasing by 0.76% to reach 67.23% in February.

That means Windows 10 has close to 2.5x the number of users that Windows 11 has managed to accrue, after the latter has been around for about 2.5 years (funnily enough). Not a good state of affairs, really.

We know that adoption is a stumbling block not just because folks may not be all that keen on some aspects of Windows 11, and prefer Windows 10, but also because in some cases, they simply can't migrate.

Due to the hardware requirements being a steeper climb with Windows 11, some Windows 10 PCs just aren't eligible for the upgrade - mostly likely due to not having TPM functionality (or perhaps too old a processor).

If you're wondering where the gains for Windows 10 and 11 came from - after all, both operating systems moved up a bit with market share - then the answer is Windows 8.

Well, mostly Windows 8.1 which fell from 1.73% to a rapidly dwindling 0.66% in February. Windows 7 is still maintaining its user base at just over 3%, even though it is well out of support at this point, so diehards are taking a chance sticking with this platform.

Before too long, next year in fact, Windows 10 will run out of road for support, and while we'll see the usual core of users sticking around past the sell by date - potentially well past it - a lot of folks are going to be wondering what on earth they'll do to stay secure with an updated OS.

At that point, they'll have to make the necessary changes to their PC, such as installing a TPM module (or finally finding out how to enable TPM in the BIOS), and shift over to Window 11 (perhaps Windows 12, if it arrives in 2025).

Or switch to an alternative operating system, like Linux, and try to find a Windows-like distro (perhaps Zorin, or Mint). It'll be interesting to see what happens to Windows market share numbers when 2025 rolls onwards, with the end of support for Windows 10 set to happen in October next year.

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